Goods: Tiger and Bunny Adorable Sleepyhead Pillow Case (Doujin dakimakura)

UPDATE: You can now order the exact same pillow at the Doujin circle’s store at a cheaper price 4,800 Yen! :D Order period till 15 December 2011.

Wake up Kotetsu-san! XD
Kotetsu: huh… Zzz… ySAJIDUSHEKJbe…. ZzZzzzz…

Title: Tiger & Bunny “combi-sandwich” (double sided) pillow case TIGER&BUNNYコンビサンド枕カバー
Price: 6,000 Yen (not including proxy fees) 4,800 Yen at the doujin circle’s store :D
Doujin circle: 星芋野
Preorder period: now till 15 December 2011
Available: mid January 2012
Size: 50 cm x 70 cm.
Material: 2-way spandex
Order links:
1) Toranoana:

2) Direct order from the Doujin Circle:
(International payment via paypal. You can email the doujinka in English (change the at ☆ to @) kaburagi_t_kotetsu_wt☆

UPDATE: You can now order the exact same pillow at the Doujin circle’s store at a cheaper price 4,800 Yen! :D Thanks yshtar-san from 星芋野 for informing us. However, if I’m not wrong, we might have to write our credit card details in the form for payment since we don’t have a Japan bank account. I’ll try to check with the artist and see if they’ll take paypal. They’ve confirmed that they accept paypal and can ship SAL small packet (cheap shipping and no proxy fees) :)

This is a doujin or fan-made merchandise sold at Japan’s Toranoana website. It doesn’t ship internationally, so if you want to get it from them, you need a proxy to get it. Otherwise, you can try ordering from the doujin store.

Sample pic of the couple grown up. This not official goods but *_* when I saw the next pic… I couldn’t resist posting it.

Kyaaaa~ blame my motherly instincts lol~ \(^o^)/

I love the artist’s adorable concept where kids version of Barnaby and Kotetsu are hugging a cat and a rabbit respectively. If I have children, I want these two lol~

More sample pics of the pillow case. The pics were taken from the artist’s twitpic and my… they’re so adorable! It’s a refreshing look at pillow case illustrations, a nice change from sexy covers that we’ve come to expect. If only it doesn’t cost that much… I would have ordered it straight away.

The size 50 cm x 70 cm would fit a usual pillow like my Boys in Summer Lalaparadise pillow.

You’ll be paying 6,000 Yen (excl. proxy fees) if you decide to get it. The price does not include the inner pillow stuff. I’m trying not to succumb to the T$B hype and this is painful (*x*) Oh~ and what an adorable cat :D

And the nice effect of this pillow case is that when you sleep on it, it’s as if you’re sleeping in between Barnaby and Kotetsu!!! Clever xD

Sigh… It’ll be so nice to have (;_;)

Gaaaa… Bunny-chan

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29 thoughts on “Goods: Tiger and Bunny Adorable Sleepyhead Pillow Case (Doujin dakimakura)”

  1. Sorry for my poor english.
    I’m one of doujin circle hosiimono(星芋野). I found this page from google.
    If you want to buy this makura-cover, please feel free for visit this place.
    You can have your makura-cover for 4800 yen.
    We feel sorry about our high price, but the production cost was too expensive. orz
    Hope you like it, indeed.
    Have a nice day. :)

    1. 本人ですよ…(´・ω・`)

    2. @yshtar: Thank you for informing us! I’m really glad to know we can order the pillow cover directly from you at a lower price. Many of us are very excited about it!
      For payment, do you accept Paypal?


    3. now you have to excuse my poor japanese lol xd
      sorry for being mean, but you never know all those evilness around the internetz!

      this is good for all of those who are interested in the pillow :3
      finding it at a lower price and without having to use a proxy is certainly very good luck o.x

      good luck on your business yshtar~

    4. @ponytale
      Hi, Mz. ponytale. We’re very glad with your interest.
      6K yen, it includes t*ra*oana shop’s commission. We wanted TB fans could get it at a cheaper price, so we made circle shop page.
      We will support International shipping, and also PayPal. In fact, we can’t support credit cards so PayPal is the only way for payment from your home country.
      You should consider product’s price & international shipping fee, it’s still pretty expensive, I think. But if there’s someone wants our product, we will respond as possible.

    5. @yshtar: ご説明をありがとうございます!海外のファンのみんなを知ってたら、きっと嬉しいです。

      でもお金が足りないで、悔しい。 (ToT) 今お金が集めています。。。OTL;;

      yshtar-san, Thanks for the explanation and your thoughtfulness. I’m sure overseas fans of your works will be very glad! Hopefully I can afford the beautiful pillow case before the preorder deadline *_* And may you gain huge success :D

    6. @Shirokaze

      It’s all right, Mz. Shirokaze. I had a little dent frankly, but I also know very well about evilness(lol) too. Your suspicion is proper. #! / SuR_JP/status/136827875444785152
      ↑It’s a tweet of my friend who made the pillow cover’s illustration. I think Mz. ponytale already know her tweets and her twitpic images. :)
      Her Twitter account is @SuR_JP, mine is @yshtar. There is also a link for Pixiv, and I think it can be a proof for ourselves. maybe?

    7. aw~ it’s all good now
      *hug hug*
      don’t feel bad x3

      i have your twitter account now, time to stalk you!

      well, i’m not a fan of BL T&B, so i hope to see other future projects of you guys that i might be interested in the future :3

      ps: @ponytale
      edit buttonnnn @___@
      k, done proofreading now ~.~

    8. “We will support International shipping, and also PayPal. In fact, we can’t support credit cards so PayPal is the only way for payment from your home country.”

      That is very considerate of you, thank you very much for the concern : ‘D

  2. This is so cute .///. as is your kitty. >3 Ahh the art is so nice as well… I really like looking at the pictures too, hehe.

    1. @momo: Indeed… it’s almost a price of a full dakimakura even without proxy fees. Should save the $ for a Shukan Soine dakimakura cover? (;_;)

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