Goods: Tantalising Saeki Katsuya dakimakura to satisfy both the seme and uke in you (Spray, Kichiku Megane)

Spray updated the final artwork. My my, aren’t they delectable!
Yep, semi-nude with smexy poses. Sex sells!

New goods revealed as part of Spray’s 10th Anniversary (Spray10周年記念) celebration project goes underway. And with the increasing trend of demand for male character dakimakura (Hugging pillow), they’re finally releasing one of Saeki Katsuya 佐伯克哉 from their hit boy’s love game series, Kichiku Megane 鬼畜眼鏡!

Kichiku Megane Saeki Katsuya Dakimakura Hugging Pillow and mini drama CD
鬼畜眼鏡 描き下ろし佐伯克哉抱き枕&ミニドラマCD

Drama CD Voice actor: Hirakawa Daisuke (平井達矢/平川大輔)
Price 10,000 Yen (w/tax) Lol~ ^^;; Actually I think we should be crying…

Description: Misasagi Fuuri みささぎ楓李 illustrated Megane (眼鏡克哉) and Normal Katsuya (ノーマル克哉), double-sided life-sized hugging cushion. Also included mini Drama CD with scenario written by TAMAMI with lots of Katsuya x Katsuya (self-cest) scenes! Lol~ XD

Size: W500xH1700 (Same size as Takaba Akihito dakimakura! Now I kinda regret not buying the custom made stuffing :-\)
Material: A&J manufactured standard smooth. Fastener included. Full colour.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer seme glasses (megane) Saeki Katsuya 佐伯克哉 or the uke Saeki Katsuya in the game, because the dakimakura has both of them. One on each side. But unfortunately it is only sold during the event.

1) Event only sale: 29~30 April 2011 (during event 『10周年だよ!Spray大文化祭』)

It’s definitely a collectible for a fujoshi. Love the Seme / Uke pose + expressions :D According to the note below, the colours may not be exactly as shown in the sample illustration.

I think the final artwork seals the deal. Must try to get hands on it :D

Previous roughs first shown on 23 March 2011


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26 thoughts on “Goods: Tantalising Saeki Katsuya dakimakura to satisfy both the seme and uke in you (Spray, Kichiku Megane)”

  1. @ponytale Doing the right this is often not that easy, evil is easy xD. I’m thinking in getting at least one original game for my DS, maybe one of the pokemon games, but again they’re soooo expensive >.>. But I’m saving my money for an R4, more games and it’s less expensive, mmmm… Desitions, desitions….

    1. @Asamisa well you’re not earning your own money yet so it makes it more challenging :) it’s never easy but just try your best.

  2. @ponytale Yeah, I mean, the money from that stuff helps the developers, not only the game. Now, I admit that most of the games I have are not originals, but because I dn’t have enough money to get them. All this controversy with Sony, I agree that they’re getting a little hyped with prices over their products, if they want people get the original, reduce prices a little, for the sake of us all T-T. Anyway, those gamers critize us who buy the merchandise, but I can bet that many of them didn’t buy the original game (correction: FFVII have THREE CDs), what’s their contribution? None. Tsk, they really get a little cocky sometimes…

    Cloud/Sephiroth not only smells nice, hears nice, and reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally looks nice xDDDDDDDDDD.

  3. @ponytale sweet! It looks that white gold is the best choice :)

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure of that xD, but the original fans of the game hate that, though. FFVII it’s soo overused to get money that the first gamers think all this marketing is ruining the franchise xP, it kinda does, I admit that, but some here like merchandise WITHOUT forgetting about what it’s good about the franchise. Usually those guys (and sometimes girls) see us fan girls who gets merchandise as much as trash u_ú. Nah, I ignore them, and happilly will get my FFVII stuff :D, if the demand for the parfums allows it XD (yeah, kinda bring “unfortunate” implications smelling like Cloud/Sephiroth xDDDDD, adding the accesory xP)

    Mmmm the problem is that the game come in TWO CDs, so I doubt that the PS2 read them, and I seriously think that I can get them ToT, PSOne died, so my hopes are in the emulator.

    1. @Asamisa: Yeah but I don’t usually shop for them cos I don’t wear much accessories now.

      I think merchandising helps the company earn more $$$ that can be used to fund more games research and development. Every bit of $ earned counts. If those gamers look down on fan girls who buy the merchandise but they themselves aren’t even -paying- to buy the original game, then they deserve a double big kick in the butt.

      Hehehe well, I would like to believe that Cloud/Sephiroth smell nice XDD

      Good luck on that! ^^

  4. @ponytale Wow! I want something made of white gold xP, acutally, I’ve never seen white gold XD.

    Really? :O Yay! :D I was hoping to get a keychain of Sephiroth’s wing but, a re-issued Blu-ray movie would be great! Also I’ve been investigating and found this: (:O Sephiroth also has one! and both have those little things for cellphones xP)
    And this xDD

    D: I want to play the original game, but my mom gave my PSOne to my cousin, and he turned it into sh*t, so maybe I’ll have to get a new one, or maybe the PS2 can read the CD? Or maybe a pc emulator

    1. @Asamisa: White gold has the colour of silver, except that it does not tarnish (no cleaning required!). They use some kind of technology to fuse the metals ^^;; not to sure. So after many years, the gold inside may show up. But it’s been many years but I haven’t seen that happening.

      If you’re interested in the FF perfumes that come with accessory, don’t worry. They may be sold out now but they get reissued every other year due to demand :)

      See if you can try it on a friend’s machine or something before buying?

  5. @ponytale :O funny thing, I like more silver than gold, anyway, everything has it’s pros and cons xP.

    Yeah, I want a one winged angel keychain, or Muramasa :). About that, I’ve bgeen wondering around the web, trying to find the FFVII: AC Complete version, but I can’t find it anywhere >.>, damn, it only has 2 years, it can’t be that rare.

    1. @Asamisa: I prefer the colour of silver too :-\ that’s why I buy white gold lol ^^;;

      FFVII: AC Complete version? As in the keychain? Wait a little. They might reissue it. The turnaround for reissues if it happens are around 2~3 years for FF stuff.

  6. *___* That’s sexy. I love his uke look. But the price is…>__> LOL plus I can’t even own one. Too awkward to keep D: b/c ppl will be like…wtf :D

    Still, it’s lovely~

  7. @ponytale indeed xP.

    the same happens to me :O. My jewerly tarnishes too if I wear them a lot, so I don’t use them that much, only for special events. As for earrings, my left ear start to swallowen when I use them for too much time, even if they’re gold or silver, maybe my ears are more delicate than my neck skin. Yeah, i’m lazy too XDDDDD, but I’m using my fusion sword keychain and Fenrir’s pendant from FFVII: AC more often, they’re not silver or gold, but rocks anyway XD.

    1. @Asamisa: Ears are more sensitive :) I only wear the gold ringlet types. Otherwise I get rashes too. Silver needs regular cleaning so I’ve stopped buying them. With the cleaning expense, it’s ultimately worth it to pay a more for gold. The only problem is that design wise, silver has a lot more variety to choose from. FF accessories designs are awesome.

  8. @ponytale Yeah, good or bad, you get used to original stuffs xP. Well, it’s more good, you can show off to your friends xDDDDDD.

    Yeah, I only use gold or silver, its just that I didn’t think that it would give me rashes xP. I can use the pendant with another necklace, but the problem is that I missed the pendant xDDD dunno how xDDDDD, but I change pendants and necklaces between them, like with my Death Note pink pendant, I use the necklace that came with it with my TnC dogtag xP.

    1. @Asamisa: Can’te help it cos you can tell the difference very clearly when you put them together :)

      I get rashes too if it isn’t gold or silver. But I think my sweat is very acidic cos silver tarnishes very quickly when I wear it and I have to clean my silver accessories very often which is troublesome. I’m lazy. So, now I don’t wear much accessories. Unless they’re gold :P

  9. The whole issue is that the guy who sold it to me said that yes, it was fake, but that the original ones cost the double and this and that, bla bla bla. I said I didn’t mind that, I would save the money and surely buy it if he gets it, but anyway, we were at a convention, so I buyed him Pocky’s and a Fenrir necklace (from FFVII: AC), and other things.

    Yeah, the box hadn’t the same details as the original (it was the Sebastian Nendoroid), and the base said the clasical “made in China”, without the other thins about rights issues and that stuff. I admit that most of my anime things are fake, but I made myself a promess of getting original stuff when I can, and most if these things are from Kotobukiya, GIFT, all the good brands from Japan.

    That reminds me, I think the Death Note (my firts anime thing) that I bought is original, but the necklace that came with it gave me rashes u_u, so I had to stop using it. But I can use the Death Note! :D

    1. @Asamisa: Well, the thing is once you owned an original figure, it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to buy bootlegs again. So far the bootlegs I’ve seen have very visible quality issues. Even if it was 1/10 of the original price, I won’t buy it.

      Ah~ you probably need to wear silver or gold. I get rashes too if I wore other metals. Can you remove the pendant and use a silver chain?

  10. Asasdasdasdasdasdasda me wants, me don’t have money ToT.

    Ohhh news on my life, I almost buy a fake nendoroid ¬¬, I returned and buyed other stuffs. If i’m going to get my first nendoroid, it has to be original!

    1. @MisakixUsami: Those are some lovely poses indeed :3 but 10k! OTL. Just like how they “rip off” the male otakus ^^;; Most dakimakura targeted at male otakus also cost 10k each.

      If I had it, I’ll flip it over and back depending my mood lol~

    1. @hirochan: yes. MOAR self-cest BLCDs :DDD

      and yes again… TEN THOUSAN- FFFF-ing Yen lol~ not including middleman fees and shipping.

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