Goods: Sweet Pool one-coin chibi figures! (Kotobukiya)

Sweet Pool Chibi

Simply impossible to resist… Time to bleed your wallets!

I was disappointed Nitro+Chiral didn’t release a full set of Yu-pon style Sweet Pool chibis… but along with this completely new set of the four main characters from Sweet Pool, we also get new Togainu no Chi Shiki and Akira, as well as Lamento chibis of three characters.

Titie: Nitro+ Chiral no Mori (ニトロプラス キラルの森)
Damage: 5,500 Yen (w/o tax)

Lamento Chibi

These new generation Kotobukiya one-coin chibis still comes with an illustration card each. The new feature is that their heads are now removable and can be attached onto any of the chibis in the series.

Togainu no Chi Chibi

There’s a secret character in the collection and our guess is that he is Yukihito, a new character introduced in the Togainu no Chi PS2 version. There’s also a special “Regalia(?)” version of Akira, where he wears a striped Y-shirt. Not exactly sure how it works… does that mean we need to buy more than one set to get the two versions of Akira?

Update Oct 2009: Ok, its confirmed. Each box will have only ONE version of Akira (You &%$# $$$ blood suckers!) so we have to buy more than 1 box to get both versions of Akira. Btw, a cute feature is that the oversized T-shirt can be removed to reveal a naked Akira… well, that does give us more incentive to buy another box at least… doesn’t it? Lol~

There’s also an Animate store-only exclusive of the Akira figure. Read post here. I’ll update when more information is released.

Thanks to Sigma for the heads-up about the chibi’s being sold on eBay! Don’t panic cos preorders are now open at CDJapan and HLJ and they’ll be released in November 2009 ^^

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65 thoughts on “Goods: Sweet Pool one-coin chibi figures! (Kotobukiya)”

  1. One thing I love about nendoroid (especially nitro+chiral’s) is the detailing of the dolls. I could study them for a whole day. *_*

    I can’t wait to get myself a job soon, save up cash, and get myself at least one nitro+chiral nendoroid. *_*

    1. @hirochan: There are Nitro+chiral Nendoroid yet but there’s an upcoming nendoroid petite of Akira from Togainu no Chi in December that is bundled with the PSP game. Let’s hope for a normal Nitro+Chiral Nendoroid release in the future!

  2. The only chiral no mori figures I can find right now are of the guy with the hat from sweet pool XDD. Haven’t searched online… just wait for the re-release I guess.

    Ahh~ I was lucky I guess? I saw all four of them at the figure store one day and first I bought Konoe then I went back a week or two later and got Rai XDD. Before I saw Rai around quite a bit (This is a year or half a year after they first released though) but I was afraid they’d get sold out soon so I just got it~ At that time I don’t think Lamento was very well known at all (this figure store was in America) so that’s why there were a whole bunch I’m guessing..

    1. @Suimu: They’ll definitely re-release the chibis again I’m sure. They are generally more popular than PVCs among female collectors. Lamento statues PVCs I’m not so hopeful to be honest :( Anyway, I’ll slowly hunt the cats down. Not a big priority for now since many new figures are coming up ^^

  3. I wish they would reissue the lamento one coins again as well!!! ahhh the only one i want from the togainu series is the chiral mori one with y-shirt akira XDDD. ahhh cute /// but everywhere i went they only had that one guy from sweet pool orz.

    lmao and also everywhere i went they still had those 1/8 figures of Bardo that got released years ago at like over 50% discount ;__; poor bardo, noone wants to buy him (i only bought rai and konoe XDD)

    they also need to re-issue 1st gen sengoku basara one coins ): grr the new ones have weird looking clothes. though i bought a whole bunch anyway orz.

    1. @Suimu: They did! I think last year ^^ Probably would do that again end of this year or the next?

      If you buy Chiral mori chibis separately you’ve got to be pretty lucky to get him lol~ Even if Y-shirt Akira pops up in auctions, he would be at least 3 times the original price ^^ might as well save more money and get the whole set of chibis.

      ^^;;; yeah, Bardo is the least popular if we judge his sales. Asato is ok so I still managed to find him. Rai and Konoe is rare tho. I got into the figure scene a little late, so I missed them.

      I bought the first 3 series of Sengoku Basara chibis (original colour). Decided to stop buying the new one too even though there were a few I liked. It felt like I was being suckered into buying for the sake of buying. :P

  4. Whaa 40 yr old!!X_X I can see why he was jailed thats alot of…..*shivers*. Yea some states are hardcore on the rules.
    I can see why now, someone who doesn’t know the game would definitely get the wrong thoughts.
    That reminds me of the loli/shota ban going on in japan at the moment. Did that law go out yet? I remember reading some were about the article in a lj community there are some artist in japan trying to fight against it saying it takes freedom of expression in art away. I can’t find the article at the moment….

    Now that we bring this up how old is Akira? XD;;

    1. @sigma: well… in the end he was convicted for the more “obscene” and hardcore stuff I think most people even otakus wouldn’t go near.

      Hmm… I remember reading about it at aarin too. It seems that the law in Japan is still under debate. Like Tokyo trying to do loli/shota and Osaka govt trying to make laws to ban BL!!! DX

      Akira is definitely older than 18. I don’t have my TnC setting book with me now… I’ll try to check later ^^

  5. epp yea im just going to leave the chibi alone because i tend to put a lot of pressure (felt it tilting a bit) i might break it so he shall forever remain on his body. XD;

    yea about that im still questioning why they did it. I can only think because in most reagular bl stories they usually leave the goodies out.;

    1. @Sigma: Softening him in warm water is a must before we do anything to his neck joint since it is kinda stuck. But not doing anything to it is the safest definitely lol~ Makes me wish they release a removable-heads version of their old chibis too ( *3*)

      Mmm I think anything seemingly shota/loli is a very serious issue in the US but never would I thought it would extend to this. Come to think of it, I remember reading about a guy who was jailed for having hardcore lolicon/beastiality manga in his possession:

      Chibi akira is too cute and his tini bits probably made the authorities/parents think of little boys. Probably the fact that he from 18+ BL caused the final decision to put him under the knife. OTL.

  6. hmm looks like it’d work. thanks for tip! i don’t own that tool i’ll have to look for it in craft store. (can already see myself breaking it) XD

    i’m happy too i can’t image Akira without his micro goodies. XD;

    1. @Sigma: yeah, that tool is useful! But don’t twist or pull too hard… *_* I’m paranoid about breaking anything too.

      Hopefully there are still ways for people to get the “complete” Akira OTL… the poor boy. Mutilated like that. DX

  7. ~~”that has Akira coin figures without his peen! Dx;;”

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! *major shock* OMG you serious!? No way…no way why!? X_X *speechless*
    I don’t think there is anything that offends, it’s like micro lol! XD
    (I don’t understand why many shy away from the “peen” like its the devil.;;;;;;)

  8. Wah, there was a post about these cuties?! *w* They are all so wonderful! I’m happy to have them too!

    Also, I found out today that we should be pretty happy and lucky that we are not American, and that we bought our sets as soon as they came out! I read today that Koto has made a special release (upon request, appenantly ‘:/ ) that has Akira coin figures without his peen! Dx;; I mean, what’s up with that?! Boobs and naked girl figures are OK but super small chibi peens are unaceptable? DX It looks really wierd! Somebody posted a pic of theirs at TB. How sad for them… :(

    1. @sigma: Hahaha poor zenya :3 He would have made a better figure if his cap can be removed.

      Ah~ icic… the ball-joint you mean. Mmm I didn’t notice what it was like for the other heads. I’m at office now. I’ll check it later when I get home kekeke Well, there’s a way to remove the ball-joint. You can try this method. Dip his upper body in warm water for a short while to soften it, then use the a fine craft plier to slowly pull it out. But if it doesn’t seem to budge, then don’t force it in case we break anything.

      *update* I’m so glad you bought your chibi Akira early Sigma!

      @imacatlover: I can’t believe it… DX I feel really bad for people who didn’t buy the first shipments :(

      Does that mean that the online stores will specially send the non-pp version now if the delivery address is located in the US??? I think as long as we are not in the US, we should still be able to get the normal versions right? Otherwise we definitely have to go thru the Y!Japan auctions way to get a complete Akira now.

  9. his head so doesn’t look right on lamento body but i just couldn’t leave him there hanging. XD (i have to hide him behind the others so i don’t see him;;)

    i got your email. i had seen your photo my figure looked like yours i can take his head off, but that’s not the problem. It’s his neck piece that is stuck in his body. (the nude colored circle thing) without it it’s pointless because i can’t stick him on the other bodies.(because they all come with there neck pieces attache to there heads, so if i had wanted to put there heads on him it wouldn’t work because his neck piece is still in body.(i hope its not confusing if it still is i’ll take a picture an explain XD;)

  10. ah…so his head can’t be changed. ;_;
    Aww, oh well…at least i know he isn’t broken. Thanks! ^^

    lol i changed there heads because i got bored with them being on the same bodies after awhile. I took some pictures.

    Togainu group
    Sweet group
    Lament group

    the one with red hair (yukio?) though his chibi didn’t come as out as nice it sure does well for the more serious characters. As for Zenyas head im not to happy about becasue it ends up looking weird.; Konoes friend i love though his head an makotos go well on alot.

    1. @sigma: Hahaha so cute :3 Youji on Akira’s body is perfect hahaha… the TnC gang look good on SP bodies XD I think Zenya’s cap limits his “swappability” he doesn’t seem right wearing Lamento type clothes.

      No, no, you can change the magician’s head too… you just need to tug really firmly but gently at his head area cos just when I thought I couldn’t remove his head, it did come off! Did you manage to see the photo in my previous comment? It should look like that. If not, here’s the link ^^

  11. i’m wondering if you had any problems with your coin-chibis? I’ve had only one problem an that’s with konoes fathers head being broken; i recently went to change all the characters heads an only he had his neck piece stuck to the body really tight that even my teeth can’t take it out.OTL;;;

    1. @sigma: o~ well I only plucked out Shiki and Akira’s heads once or twice lol~ I didn’t touch the other guys at all… okie lemme try… hmm I believe he is the only one whose head we can’t change *_* don’t try too hard… you might break him :O Ahh… I did it… I’ll upload the pic and show you how he should look after his head is off (LOL) Slowly and gently tug at his head… it should come off eventually.

      chibi head

  12. Yay~
    oh;; i thought both akiras come in box i recounted an yea i see.TT_TT;
    (lol don’t break it that’s his only pride!XD)
    that’s neat that shiki can be removed from chair.
    i cant wait to receive my package i want to see yukihito im sure hes not that bad.;v;
    I’m hoping to get a white t-shirt akira but there is something about the strips.

    1. XD Received yours yet? I’m a collect-them-all-if-possible-sucker (well, if I really like it). I’m going to hunt down the rest of Akira chibi. Try XP

      Maybe I expected too much for a few of them cos they looked so cute in the illustrations! Let me know what you think after you get yours ^^

  13. LOL! That was a very good pun!XD

    lol you so funny!

    Hmm yea the chibi part makes its really K-kawaii factor, but for realistic….i wonder if that will ever happen? O_O (Curious too;;;)
    I did see one figure a year back that would have probably been the first male figure to have realism down there….but it was exaggerated so much! An the effects*cough*….I was shocked for a bit. It was made by a master sculpture though i don’t remember the name.

    1. Hehe XD The package arrived yesterday! I got the white shirt version Akira ^^ Took me a while to figure out how to strip him properly *sweat* cos I was afraid I might break something hahaha. Ooo his chibi self has a chibi sized package too… small lol~ XD but cute lol~ Shiki is also very lecherously cute (he and his chair is removable from the base! At first I tot I accidentally broke it… phew *_*) Yukihito is a little disappointing… but the detail is there. This time round, the chibis seem to have smaller heads than the prevous generations. But Lamento proportions are the same and VERY beautiful! Sweet pool Youji and Tetsuo doesn’t seem as cute as the pics but Makoto is spot on hamburger-chomping awesomeness. Zenya looks very good too! But they should have made his cap removable as well.

      I saw pics of that controversial sculpture too… lol~ interesting! But not something I’ll want to have on display at home HAHAHA The effort needed to explain why I have it would be too much XD Anyway it was not cheap right…

  14. lol i find it highly amusing/detailed i never would have though they could sculpt so small. W-what if it breaks off—!? *shot*

    LOL! omg the whole line of nakid figures~
    yup i definitely know someones going to be busy doing that i wouldn’t be surprised to see photos of it soon on the internet. I’d be so cute to see~XD
    I now understand, it was there plan to do that from the being!

    Makes me kinda want to get a nya akira.

    1. HAHAHA XD I think he is nitro+chiral’s darling~ cos he gets all the “perks” doesn’t he XDD Still waiting for my package to arrive (ooo~ “package”! Pardon the pun)

      Yeah, by making 2 versions of Akira (striped and white shirt) and only having 1 type in each box is already an evil plan they have hatched! Then they upped the ante by releasing Animate-only Nyanko Akira! My wallet is going to bleed all the way to space. Looking forward to the naked bishis chibis pix! lol~ I think the best we can do is photoshop. Insane to buy so many *_* but you never know… insane people are out there lol~ (hope I’m not one of them XD )

      But OMG… I’m happy they did naked (thankfully chibi) Akira! (Not sure how to react to realistic naked tho’ but curious to see) *dead* Anyway, such a breath of fresh air in naked girls saturated figures market.

  15. omg pony!
    (don’t click it if you don’t want to be spoiled for who the extra figure is!)

    It’s just so cute i can’t wait to receive mine~ ;A;
    estgweit2~ an i can’t believe theres actually something down there! lol micro sized anyone? XD
    omg i just wish the other figures had detachable heads i want to make stories with them too.;;;

    May i ask what is the big chibi version thats coming up?0o0

    1. Hehehe such cute pics! I love the author’s comments! Ah~ I already guessed that it was Mr Y so no worries about the spoiler XD I can’t wait to receive mine too… already shipped!!! XDD Lol~ I know Akira can be stripped but didn’t know about his tiny bits in front HAHAHA doesn’t it make him a must buy? I think we should get a few more of him and make more naked bishies out of the other boys HAHAHAHHAHA XDDD *getting hysterical*

      O~ it’s not a big chibi… I’ve confirmed it. It’ll be a normal sized one-coin Akira chibi who is wearing a cat-print shirt (Nyaaa~) + a set of “Karuta” cards. ^^

  16. Aw, its okay~;v;

    I wonder when nitros going to make new game…….*wants to play already*;;
    There games are always interesting i wonder what is going to be next. (*hopes for a togainu no chi secound* XD) ah togainu is like the longest series i fangirl on OTL;;

    1. I’m still fangirling about it too. I guess Togainu really left a deep impression. And like… they’re the first BL game that gave us HOT, drool-some male figures! XD Well, let’s keep hoping!

  17. lol did you ever get sebby? you must take a piccy~♥

    Yea thats why i didnt give the seller any hassle there not bad for the price. ^^

    (love the little makoto icon *squee~)

  18. Hehe I’m saving up for this Ciel (^///^) He makes me wanna pinch his chubby cheeks.

    Oo~ The bootlegs looks legit at first glance… but I guess it’s more obvious to spot if we can see the real thing huh. Oh dear… *_* hope the damage isn’t obvious!

  19. oh! it was for october im sorry i didnt know X_X (was thinking it was in july;; i think i got the pre-order date mixed up with its release.)

    Thank you~!^^

    1. Glad to help! It’s such a long time to wait, right! The new sweet pool/lamento/TnC chibis are only available end of Nov! Gosh *_* Anyway, I think Ciel’s Nendoroid should be up for order real soon. My guess is end of August. And he is really cute and looks like the brat that he is XD

  20. if they have them available to ship U.S maybe id just get a shiki XD but thats about it.

    Um can you tell me about pre-orders? I did two at that one site for the togainu coin figures but i never received a notice for the old chibis. how long does it usually take? i could have sworn they were getting more of them in during july?

    1. Going through a proxy to buy the plushies will cost us at least 30% extra… I’m still thinking about it.

      The original one-coin reissues that you ordered are slated for release around end of October ~ early Nov. Don’t worry! I’m sure the seller will post em out once they have it.

      As for the new chibis including sweet pool characters, they’re planned for release around end Nov ^^

    1. Yeah I’ve seen them! I don’t usually collect anime plushies but they look rather cute. It’s tempting ^^;;; Are you going to get them?

  21. omg it melted 0-o wow *keeps away from the sun*

    yea they might not make sweet pool pvcs…;o;

    hope you had a good 4th of july! ^^

  22. Remember to leave a bad rating for that bootleg ebay seller. Is it possible to lodge a complaint to both ebay and Square? If you paid with paypal maybe you can get your money back since you’re protected by the insurance policy? You can try to find out more about it. I think that seller thought there’s demand for the Seb & Ciel bootlegs so they decided to be greedier *_* I’ll be even more upset if I paid full price for a bootleg DX

    The bad thing about ebay is that we can only see the product when we receive it. I’ve seen bootlegs for sale at a couple of legitimate-looking shops here. They were selling Nendoroid Haruhi and Misa Misa which were long out-of-print at half the price! My other cousin (figure newbie) couldn’t tell if they were bootlegs but one look at the package and the figure inside, I could tell the inferior quality straight away.

    If something is sold out, they’ll only be available for sale again if the manufacturer decides to do a reissue. We can usually see that reissue information at the stores that are taking pre-orders. Nendoroid and Figma Miku is a good example. Kotobukiya’s out-of-print Sengoku Basara PVCs (those with voice keke, not the chibis) were also reissued after the anime was aired.

    Yeah, I think it’ll be helpful to take pics of these bootlegs and warn other figure collectors. Akiyama’s friend bought a bootleg once (at a very cheap price) and placed it by the window. It melted into a distorted pulp cos of heat from the sun ^^;;; We’re not sure if the bad PVC quality was the main reason it melted so easily.

    Anyway, I waited more than 6 months for Death Note’s L and Light Real Action Heroes reissue to arrive *_* and in between those 6 months, I ordered many more stuff ^^;;; The obsession got worse as I tried to catch up with lost time. Seeking out-of-print figures like Togainu/Lamento chibis, CLAMP figures, etc. It was a terrible time for my bank account XD

    Wah~ I think a big Makoto chibi with the hamburger would be so cute! Mmm so far they only released big sized Togainu chibis of Akira, Shiki and Arubitro… and no Lamento ones. I wonder :O

    Ooo~ those odin sphere PVCs looks very pretty and delicate :D Hope your wish comes true! Write in to the manufacturer and DEMAND that they make the boys too! XD

  23. lol my bad habit of collecting figs started with death note too when i got light nendoroid from friend. An then right after a miku figma. i was like *0* These are beautiful! I ordered my first figure being military shiki ^w^
    (as he sits on router XD; I’m going to try my best to buy some shelfs so i can get him off it;)
    I cant wait to receive sweet pool coin figures. Do you think they might make pvc like the others? I hope so…;n; *wants a big makoto eating figure*

    Here is the recent odin sphere release of velvet an mercedes
    They have a video clip from game but omg dub vocie are horrible Xx..(play the game in japanese is so much better, they even had chiba susumu in it playing as oswald~)

    Here is the must have *been dieing for*
    This is a figure thats worth that much moneys * * there already going out of print fast…

    I cant wait to see figures of the guys now sense all the girl are made for. Hopfully an ingway one will come too.;w;

  24. wow.0-0 atleast they stopped you from ordering from that seller.
    the seller i ordered from had very good feedback an everything, also at the time i ordered their were only one of each figure up on ebay…it wasn’t until i noticed after i placed my order the seller put up alot….=_=;

    i searched about the kuroshituji bootlegs after i received ceil. i read that it was sold at some place like a con/expo for over hundred dollers an only a set amount were sold there at event. soon after they came out of print. the company who made them never made reprints.

    sigh if i had read that before buy i would have know right away that these were knock off figures. i just thought there were pvc like the nitro pvcs that were under hundred;.

    They were listed cheap but the shipping made up for the product price. I still don’t think i payed much just a bit over because of that, but its okay. I’m kinda happy i ran into it cheap because i noticed lately that some sellers are now auctioning bootlegs as the real thing…i feel bad for the people paying so much for a fake. sense i own them i can now tell what the fake ones look like. also more different sellers are selling them to buy like the one i brought from.;

    i received sebby yesterday an even though i know he was bootlegged too he came out looking really good to my surprise. paint job is still dull looking with scrathes but he doesn’t lean over like ceil. XD;
    If from afar you could probably mistake it for the real thing but the standy hes standing on you can tell right away hes a fake. I should take pictures. Should warn others of the bootlegs…. X_X

  25. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh TT________TT
    I received the package today…..*DESPAIR*
    It is so bootleg….how/why in the world would someone want to bootleg a pvc figure!?
    The paint job……Makes me want to barf. Also the proportions of the figure is so off…i cant even fit it on the stand. not only that but the box was mimic to look so offical….when it is not…*was printed out!* i’m also surprised by the fact i ordered sebby first…but ceil came first..;;
    I’m only hoping for a miracle that sebby is offical (blackmarket;;) item are something…either that are it got lost an i can get my moneys back are something. OTL*shot*
    *will never buy figures on ebay again*
    I honestly dont want them. looking at it is…TT_TT not even if i tried to repaint it will it look better…

    Anyways im just happy that my nitro figures are the real deal. TTwTT
    When i get get done collecting them i’ll start on the odin shpere ones an that maybe it for me an figure collecting. Have you seen them? There really gorgeous they just released velvet. I hope they release a Oswald one soon~

    1. HUGZ… its scary how many bootleggers there are out there selling in ebay *_* Some of them even infiltrated Yahoo Japan Auctions! I once saw Nendoroid L on auction at a really cheap price. I didn’t suspect that it was a bootleg and tried to place a bid. But fortunately, the auction deputy’s bidding system stopped me from placing a bid cos they have blacklisted that seller. I only understood why after I read about the negative ratings given to the seller.

      I hope you didn’t pay too much in total for the bootlegs. Was the shipping free?

      Oo~ do you have a pic of the Odin Sphere figure? I started noticing figures cos I helped my cousin place a few orders and found them kinda cute. But it all really started after I fell in love with Death Note’s action figures ^^ Light and L’s plastic counterparts were too handsome lol~

    1. Hmm, sweetie, this salesmanb2b is selling bootlegs… probably high quality ones. Static Arts Sebby and Ciel cost more than US$70 each and he is selling his bootlegs at 15% the price. For out-of-print figures like these, its very unlikely you can find them on sale at such low price. Google salesmanb2b + bootlegs and you’ll pull up forum discussions about that seller :O

  26. Wow sold out….TT-TT
    Thanks thats so sweet but its okay i’ll wait on that figure also i need to save i spent way to much on kuroshitsuji figures *dies* there this seller on ebay selling them really expensive pvs figures for damned cheap price (i hope there not bootleg). I’ll have to see when i get them.

  27. @sigma: he-he

    @ponytale: that’s a great idea! Mind you, i’m gonna remember that and bring the spare to SG muahaha…
    I finally made up my mind to hunt for Henry Jones MEDICOM. My dad sorta support me and he’ll be paying half ot it. LOL~
    I hope we don’t have share the product later XD

    Better hope this Sweet Pool ver. comes with nice bookmarks too (printed on the bottom side of the box)

    1. Yep yep! Let’s trade XD I’ll remind you when you come. Oh~ Medicom Henry Jones should be quite easy to find in the market. Try mandarake. I remember seeing him on sale at seriously low price 0f 8000 Yen. Gaaa… sold out.

      I think the Sweet Pool box should come with the bookmarks too. Interestingly, Sengoku Basara chibis box came with “Japanese screens” like dividers that can be cut out used as backdrop for photo taking. Neat!

  28. @ Akiyama: *tackles*

    @Ponytale: I didn’t know about basara had removable heads~ I just want a dante and yukimura fig maybe one day someone will sell on ebay. ;v;

    Aww if the shirt akira is random in box then that will be big bummer…i do like the plain shirt but then the strips add something.; i love shikis euro expression!XD

    1. The one-coin chibis of Date and Yukimura goes for 2000Yen and up each in Yahoo Japan Auctions. I wasn’t expecting that o_O tot I might be able to pick them up for you or something. They’re supposedly sold-out in Japan and shops are taking preorders for a July re-issue. Anyway, I’ll go monitor mandarake too.

      Yeah, Akira in that oversized shirt looks coy and sexy kekeke… Kyaaa~ *pushes him down* lol~ and I agree with ya… the stripes are very appealing too. I know times are bad but they’re trying kinda hard to squeeze $ from us :(

  29. @Sigma: yeah, Kotobukiya’s innovation for one-coin chibis since Hiiro no Kakera seems to be the trend for their new releases. Sengoku Basara chibis also have removable heads ^^

    I hope the striped shirt also comes together! Problem is… these one-coin full boxes are usually shipped with 10 figures each. If we add the secret, the total is 11 figures :( If you notice, the striped shirt and white shirt version Akira is standing on different bases… so possibility of it as a removable shirt is quite unlikely.

    @akiyama: Hehe… it is quite a nice additional feature to have just for fun, altho I don’t think I’ll switch their heads much. I don’t mind trading my extra Indy/Dad for one of your Mutt fig cos I dropped mine accidentally and he detached from his motorcycle lol~ but it turned out to be pretty cool too XD

  30. Uwaaa…so cute!

    I’m not too sure with the new feature “removable heads”, it makes me feel like those are play-thing instead of collectibles.
    Well as long as i don’t have to ended up with two spares juz like Indiana Jones one coin figs.
    (i’m still grieving over the fact that i got two Mutt and Mola Ram, none of my friend wants to trade with thiose two!)

  31. Kya~! Removable heads!XD there like the hiiro no kakera ones now thats neat.
    Thank you for info~TTWTT

    There so cute. I’m also guessing maybe the shirt thing might come in the set(aka might be removable/attachable) if not then i guess its a surprise.;

    *Wallet bleeding time…*

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