Goods: Sweet Pool Official Visual Fan Book

This really is a MUST buy for all fans of this BL game.

Sweet Pool Official Visual Fan Book
Damage: 2625 Yen (w/tax) Get it from Comi-comi, CDJapan or Playasia (free shipping XD)

The artbook was released on 1 June 2009.

The lovely book cover is matte-laminated and I love the texture of it. The pages inside are made up of very high quality full-colour prints. The artbook features typical content of fan books which includes character profiles, various game graphics (where the in-game censored 18+ pics can be seen… but somehow it looks very much clearer? Oops! ^///^) and detailed capture guide flowchart. Other interesting content include history of the cult that Zenya’s father worships, an awesome 19-page full-colour art gallery of sweet pool artwork used for the game, brochures, magazine covers, telephone cards, etc, and staff interviews.

The cutest feature of this artbook is the “Little Story” chapter: After school, that has completely new art created by Yu-pon.

With that, I’m so looking forward to the Sweet Pool versions of One Coin chibi. Start saving for it now cos I forsee a release VERY soon! XD

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Sweet Pool Official Visual Fan Book”

  1. I have just pre-ordered the set from HJL . It will be released sometimes in November.
    Thanks for your page that give information. I got my Night Head genesis brothers after I saw the sets from your page. I think the secret will be akira in his shirt no pants other color.

    Thanks again for supply us with good information of these goodies !

    1. Hi Wilhelmina, thanks for dropping by and commenting! I’m glad my posts helped ^^ Let’s spread the love for these beautiful boys XD

      Do share your Night Head brothers pics if you have them too!

  2. Wow factory direct….*_*

    lol itd be funny if they did like mandarake did an give my lamento figs instead of togainu XD

    Out of all the yupon fig sets this one is my personal favorite *_* i Love them all i hope for another release like this one of other character yet to be made~ *shot*
    Also whats with the diff in Akiras shirts?(is it one of those dip in cold water color change things lol! XD) I’m kinda wondering if secret fig is now the akira dress as shiki one.;

    What was yukihitos weapon in togainu no chi true blood? i

    Aww makoto eating is the best i’d put him right on my router! XD;(never learns)

    1. Yeah but that’s just my guess ^^;;; but what mandarake did was quite a surprise *_*

      Maybe Nitro+ has been receiving requests to make other characters from Lamento hehehe… I find the new Shiki x new Akira very amusing cos Shiki has a sly/hentai-yaro look while Akira is all shy and blushing XD Wow, warm/cold changing color Akira versions would be great! XD

      If I remember correctly, Yukihito wasn’t shown with a weapon :O

      Makoto is SO CUTE! Gaa~ besides giving your router air-flow, I’ll try not to put the figures near heat either *_* you never know what that could do to our PVCs hehe…

  3. I’ve had no luck finding them at any store….Went through all your shop links; TT_TT
    I’m kinda wondering if the preorder for the togainu set at that one place is maybe the new set an not old. The person selling them at ebay sell thems o expensive…are they supposed to be that expensive. How much did you pay for your frist set of togainu figs?
    I uploaded the picture of them. The Sick Akira rocks XD
    I’m really happy yupon did my three favorites from lamento, it been neat to see the twins as secret charas. ;v;

    Who do you think the secret one will be for this set? I’m kinda guessing that one character from the true blood. If not i hope kurosuke(evil Keisuke with his screwdrivers XD)

    1. Don’t panic! Most online preorders are not out yet. That’s probably scanned from a figurine magazine reporting about upcoming figures. I also have a feeling that these maybe direct from the factory (^^;; the figures are officially produced in China and the seller is from Hong Kong)

      I’m not sure of the October release of the one-coin is for the new set or not *_* But since you don’t have the 1st version, there’s no harm placing an order hehe. I bought my first Togainu set for quite an expensive price too (US$79.95?)… cos I was still new to online shopping for figures.. Anyway, I’ll update you when I spot the sets on preorder like CDJapan or HLJ. Usual prices should be around 5000 Yen. We can usually get it cheaper than the price listed on ebay. ^^

      I agree. The secret maybe Yukihito from True Blood XD And our guess about Makoto eating pose is correct too! Kekeke… overall a lovely new set huh. Can’t wait to get my hands on ’em!


    I see them on ebay but were else!? I want to order the set! Omg *heart Attack*


  5. OMG! How I envy that you could lay your hands on the sweet pool art book. I’m still looking for friends to assist with online purchases.

    Thanks for the little previews.

  6. This installment of yu-pon’s sweet pool artwork is absolutely adorable, especially those of Makoto! Every character was given a yu-pon style treatment, including Youji’s sister! She’s in the pic on the bottom-left where they visited the aquarium together… very sweet. Zenya is so cute walking his pet iguana lol~ And Makoto as usual is surrounded with food!!! XD Well, I think full book scans will probably pop up on aarin soon ^^ tho’ I still think this book is a must-buy for fans.

    With so many yu-pon goodness, I have a strong feeling that our sweet pool one-coin chibis are probably in the works this very moment! Can’t wait! XD No worries, I’m sure you’ll be able to get them when they are released too!

  7. AHH you kill me~! Love the pictures!! I want so bad now *loves yupon* This yu-pon definitely needs to have a website sometime in near future.

    Just when i had given up any releases of figures from this series…i hope its released when i have money *saving up for college* TToTT

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