Goods: Spray Premium Hits! + Kichiku Megane Yukutoshi Kurutoshi (Comiket 79)

Spray announces two new items for Comiket 79

1) Spray Premium Hits! スプレープレミアムヒッツ!
Spray’s Booth: No. 211 (West Hall 4)
Event Price: 2,000 Yen

  • Limited edition special box (2 Disks and Booklet) 特製BOX(CD2枚+小冊子)
    Limited edition special box and booklet (Spray Character Premium Book) Booklet content: Q&A with Spray’s 40 characters, Message for lover, etc. Sprayのキャラクター40人に一問一答! 『恋人へのナイショのメッセージ』等、読み応えたっぷりです。
  • CD Jacket illustrated jointly by Misasagi Fuhri みささぎ楓李, You Higuri 氷栗優 and Akana Meiko 赤名芽衣子
  • Spray Premium Hits! Disc 1 features main themes from Saikyou Kareshi 最強彼氏。, Soshite Bokura wa そして僕らは、, Piyo-tan ピヨたん, Gakuen Heaven Okawari! 学園ヘヴン おかわりっ!, Kichiku Megane R 鬼畜眼鏡R, in and
    Yoshida Katsuya Collection Disc 2 features soundtrack, BGM from the games
  • Each purchase comes with event only Spray shopping bag.

2) Event: Autograph Session with C.G. mix (C.G mixさんサイン会)
Time: 2010/12/31 11:30~12:00
Location: (West Hall 4)
Requirement: Purchase one copy of Spray Premium Hits! to take part.
Also features autograph session with C.G mix who did the vocals for the yummy Kichiku Megane main theme :D

3) Title: Drama CD Kichiku Megane de “Yukutoshi Kurutoshi -Katsuya x Honda hen-”
ドラマCD「鬼畜眼鏡で“ゆく年くる年”―克哉×本多編―」 (1 Disc)
TEAM Entertainment’s Booth: No. 254
Event Price: 2,100 Yen
佐伯克哉 x 本多憲二 (Hirakawa Daisuke x Yasumoto Hiroki ) + Mr R.

Yay~ more Kichiku Megane :D

Spray’s Comiket 79 page:

Some information about the event (Click map for larger image)
Event: Comic Market 79 (also known as Winter Comiket 79 / コミックマーケット79 / コミケ79)
Date: 29-31 December 2010
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight 東京国際展示場(西地区4階:企業ブース)
Time: 10am-5pm (31 Dec till 4pm) For Doujin circles, they end at 4pm daily.
Official website:
Admission is FREE.

C79 map

But generally, I’ve read that it is advisable to buy the event catalogue so that you can plan beforehand how to get the most out of the event because there’ll be queuing and queuing and more queuing. The event catalogue (2,400 Yen) is available from Animate Japan.

Also, if you have friends to go with you, you can split your routes so that you can cover more areas and have a higher chance of securing the items you want to buy. Since it is winter, you should also bring warm clothing and wear them in layers because it is cold outside but can be warm inside the venue. Wearing them in layers means you can easily remove or put them on when required.

How to get there? (Please kindly double check your routes if you’re going down in case I’m wrong below. Thanks! ^^)

1) By Train 電車でのご来場
a) Rinkai Line. Walk 7 minutes from Kokusai-tenjijo Station.
りんかい線 「国際展示場駅」より徒歩約7分
b) Yurikamome Line. Walk 3 minutes from Kokusai-tenjijo Station.
ゆりかもめ 「国際展示場正門駅」より徒歩約3分

2) By Vehicle 車でのご来場
By Toei Bus 都営バス
a) 東16 Line (By way of the Toyosu Station front): Get off at Tokyo Teleport Station.
b) 海01 Line (By way of the Toyosu Station front): Get off at Tokyo Big Sight Station.
c) 虹01 Line: Get off at Tokyo Big Sight Station.

3) By Airport Bus 空港バス(リムジンバス・京急バス)…
a) Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) to Tokyo Big Site 羽田空港←→東京ビッグサイト
b) New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) to Tokyo Big Site 成田空港←→東京ビッグサイト
c) Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT) to Tokyo Big sight 東京シティエアターミナル(TCAT)←→東京ビッグサイト

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