Goods: Sonohara Anri DRRR!! Durarara!! Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)

Sonohara Anri 園原杏里 (CV: Hanazawa Kana 花澤香菜)

Info from wiki (Beware of SPOLIERS!): A spectacled girl who attends the same school as Mikado and Masaomi. She is the class representative along with Mikado. She is rather quiet and timid and seems very close to Kida and Mikado, but she tends to keep to herself. Though she knows Kida and Mikado’s feelings for her, she considers herself unable to feel “love” towards either of them. She is very busty and cute, which makes her somewhat popular, even though she feels uneasy about it. She feels as if she needs to rely on somebody to move on, and thus considers herself a parasite. Instead of Niekawa Haruna, Anri is revealed to be the real owner of the blade “Saika”. She has shown great control over it as she is not possessed by it. This is due to a traumatic experience during her childhood, when her mother killed her abusive father and then herself with Saika. Her inability to love negates Saika’s “love” for humans and thus makes Anri able to control the blade. She seems to be a skilled swordsman, being able to handle Saika with great skill. After defeating Haruna, she gained control over the “Saika-children” that Haruna created. After a talk with Celty, she decides to use this ability for the best of the city. Anri also becomes aware of Kida’s identity of the leader of the Yellow Scarves, but does not understand why he has taken the position. Her online chat screenname is “Saika” (罪歌).

Title: Durarara!! Trading Voice Mascot
「デュラララ!!」 トレーディング音声入りマスコット 6個セット (フィギュア)
Price: 4,200 yen (Box of 6 figures)
Available: November 2010

Very well-made and cute character with glasses :) Yep… and her nice big oppai looks good too lol~

Front view and base.

Anri’s figure is about 6 cm tall and has a 1cm base that comes with the voice feature. The figure cannot stand on its own because of the two little “protrusions” under the feet made so that you can put her onto the base. You press the button on the left to play her voice. Anri’s seiyuu is Hanazawa Kana 花澤香菜.

Back view of the figure and her base. Little on/off switch on the bottom left. Batteries included.

Front and back view.

Her face is very cute and her head sculpt reminds a little of Disney’s Incredibles character Edna lol~

Angle views. Ooo~ busty!

Side views. More oppai~

Angle views. And oppai~

Since Anri is a girl, we get a up-skirt shot lol~ White pantsu as usual. Oh and we get a view of the two protrusions under her feet as well.

This is the small scenery card for Anri. Pink!

Two lines from the anime:
「あの、すみません」 “Erm, excuse me/I’m sorry” and
「誰も…傷つけたくない…」 “Don’t want anyone… to be hurt”

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