Goods: Smexy bishonen to keep you warm in bed (Prince of Tennis Blanket ~ Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Yukimura Seiichi)

Yummy come hither expressions…

First, we get smexy bishonen cushions, pillows (dakimakura) and bedsheets… and now blankets to complete every fan girl / otaku / fujoshi’s bed! My~ it’s going to be a riot with so many boys vying for your attention during bedtime! lol~

Title: The Prince of Tennis Blanket Seiichi Yukimura Ver.
テニスの王子様 うたたねの王子様ブランケット 幸村精市 Ver.
Title: The Prince of Tennis Blanket Kuranosuke Shiraishi Ver.

テニスの王子様 うたたねの王子様ブランケット 白石蔵ノ介 Ver.

Price: 3,800 yen (w/tax) each (10% off at CDJapan)
Release date: 31 January 2011/Reissue: June 2013
Update March 2013 Reissued again! These boys sure are popular!

Material: Satin on printed side and fleece on the other.
Size: W70cm x H100cm

To be honest, I was completely out of the anime/manga scene when Prince of Tennis was all the rage at that time… so I have no idea who these characters are and what BL fan pairings are available. Anyway, let me make a guess… are these two characters both seme-types? lol~ Yukimura Seiichi looks like a tsundere to me while Shiraishi Kuranosuke looks like the King type . Anyway, I would enjoy seme x seme anyday :D

Btw, I read that China actually banned Prince of Tennis in the country and classified it as pr0n. Hmm… I wonder why… ^^;; Overt BL overtones? Someone enlighten me please.

Update!: Pop by TatsukiHoneyBunny’s blog for a review of Yukimura’s blanket!

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41 thoughts on “Goods: Smexy bishonen to keep you warm in bed (Prince of Tennis Blanket ~ Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Yukimura Seiichi)”

  1. sorry to double post ^^;; Forgot to add that there’s also a chinese Prince of Tennis drama, which was popular enough to be 2 seasons.

  2. That’s odd. Do you mean banning the POT manga? We get Chinese TV channels via satellite and they show the POT anime (dubbed), albeit quite a bit censored (randomly in my opinion).

  3. @Nagara9 – I LOVE YOU!!!! TEZUKA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! I just order a Tezuka blanket!!!
    What a great way to wake up! I would have order atobe one as well because me is my fav non-seigaku player. But I just paid for my Yukimura blanket….. Darn you Ami Ami!! LOL

    GRRRR the tenipuri universe wants me broke! ;o)

  4. They’re for September re-release! Yayyy!! Big doubt, cos dunno if I’ll have the money til there, and also Chiral Gakuen is for sep too… and as much as I love Shiraishi, Yukimura looks so smexy! I want both! Well, let’s see.

    And for PoT fans, Kotobukiya will give us cute one coin grande set with the boys,

    1. @Planck-chan: thanks for the heads up! I guess there’ll be more stuff announced since wonderfest and other events are coming up. Hopefully we can all afford the items we want the most when that happens!

      Yeah! I’m looking forward to those chibis too! The designs look fab. Made a post when they revealed the first character hehe but haven’t found the time to update the rest of the new characters.

  5. @ Ponytale: The relationships in POT really can go either way, but believe me fangirls don’t have to try to hard. When asked about two certain pairings the author didn’t deny a thing…..he also didn’t validate it either. I think POT is deliberately written right on the fence. There is something kind of fun about that though.

    1. @KittyAzura: lol~ I can understand it can get annoying when BL fangirls try too hard to create couples out of a series which is not supposed to be BL XD Forbidden love in the BL world definitely is attractive. I’ll definitely try to catch POT! X3

  6. yeah, i’m a HUGE Prince of Tennis fan and there are a few more than 3 girls in the show, but there are only about 4 AVAILABLE girls in the show. though it really isn’t BL at all because there really isn’t a romantic aspect to the show or the manga (the only thing being one of the girls having a really big crush on Ryoma, the main character). They ARE only in middle school after all. There IS, however, lots of deep friendships that can be interpreted as BL cuz some of the characters had known each other since elementary school, and sharing the same ambition, tend to have either strong rivaling ambitions, or deep bonds of trust towards each other.

    it being labeled as BL is new to me too.

    but this series IS the one that broke through my anti-homo views cuz the trust can get a little heartwarming sometimes. =v=
    I suggest you try it.

    1. @KittyAzura: Anti-homo views? :O Don’t all fangirls love heartwarming moments between their favourite boys :3

      I’ll try to watch it when I can! Once I clear all the work and stuff x_x There are so many episodes to catch up on.

  7. @ponytale – I think the manga is a little better personally, but the stories really do run pretty parallel. I’m almost done with the anime myself, but I don’t reaaly wanna see the last arc. I think I love Rikkai too much :D

  8. The anime and manga are pretty much the same BUT Konomi-san purposely made some things anime only and manga only. I have watched all of the anime and have read what has been release in english. There is not too many filler episodes. what ones they do have are great!!! I love them. If you can’t tell I really love my POT.

    I took the quiz and I got “TEZUKA” YATTA!!!

    1. @Tasuki_Honey: Icic… that gives the fans even more motivation to watch the anime and vice versa huh. Lol you’re indeed a major POT fan XD Do you play tennis IRL too? :D

      Hahaha that’s great! Is your own personality close to that of Tezuka’s too?

  9. Oh poo. My picture didn’t show up. I must have copied the wrong link :(

    @Ponytale- Maybe a little, but overall probably not. There are a couple aspects in common, but that could just be coincidence. If there were a Prince of Tennis Character that I was most like honestly it would probably be Ryoma, or maybe Shishido…I’m not sure that’s a good thing;)

    1. @Nagara9: I can duplicate the pic since its the same as my result :D

      Hmm I wouldn’t know since I haven’t watched or read the title ;3 Now there are 200+ episodes to catch up if I want to start watching the anime OTL Is the anime true to the manga or are there many filler episodes?

  10. I’m a really big Prince of Tennis fan too. I’ll be ordering Seiichi’s blanket for sure, but I’m sure I’ll feel like a traitor because my favorite is Atobe Keigo.

    1. @Nagara9: Hahaha… don’t be ^^ I’m sure you’ll get Atobe Keigo’s blanket soon!

      I went to do the What Prince Of Tennis Character Are You? quiz and got Seiichi ^^;;; lol But why is this pic so girly looking? I think he looks so yummy on the blanket.

      Choosing a favourite character at the end doesn’t seem to matter cos all of them gave the same result anyway. I thought it wasn’t accurate so I tested all of them lol~

      Congratulations, your result has been determined. You share this result with 23% of our members.
      What Prince Of Tennis Character Are You?

  11. I being totally addicted to Prince of Tennis, I would LOVE to have a Tezuka Kunimitsu Blanket/Body Pillow/ or anyway that I could hug and snuggle with Tezuka!!!!

    yeah 95% of the characters are lots of hot guys.

    It is news to me that it is now classified as a BL.

    Please keep up date on Prince of tennis items that you find. Thanks!

    1. @Tasuki_Honey: I saw your post about Tezuka’s single. He should be one of the more popular characters, right? I’m very sure you’ll get your Tezuka blanket soon and I’ll definitely update when it happens :D Yeah a body pillow would be even sweeter! XDD

  12. i was just getting into anime when prince of tennis was getting popular, i think it’s now classified officially in japan as a BL anime, b/c i think there’s a total of 3 women in there, and 2 of which are over 30…the rest of them are all guys, team after team of them :D

    china is banning yaoi/BL in general, something about corrupting the younger generation, which is pretty b.s., since communism is doing an awesome job all on its own~

    i wish they would release shiki blankets, that would be insanely awesome.

    1. @iced_wine: Really! :D I didn’t know that. Bishonen paradise lol~

      Corrupting the younger generation OTL;;; yeah there are way more things out there that can do a better job than yaoi/BL ^^;;

      Shiki blankets as in Togainu’s Shiki? XD What kind of pose would you like? Who knows… be careful of what you wish for cos you might just get it! lol~

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