Goods: Sleeping with Tiger and Bunny Official arm pillow udemakura bedsheets (Kotetsu x Barnaby)

Fan service galore! Now you can sleep with this couple every night!

And my prediction was right!

Title: Tiger & Bunny arm pillow bedsheet Kotetsu TIGER&BUNNY 腕枕シーツ 虎徹
Title: Tiger & Bunny arm pillow bedsheet Barbaby TIGER&BUNNY 腕枕シーツ バーナビー
Price: 10,500 Yen each (w/tax)
Available: 28 January 2012
Currently open for preorder on Animate Japan but I’m sure that like the Shizaya bedsheets, these will be available for general release. There’s probably no need to panic since these are not figures which almost always sell out within 15 minutes lol~

Each bedsheet measures 140cm x 210 cm, so you have more than enough space to get comfortable with each guy. And because of the way the new illustrations are designed, you’re highly encouraged by Bandai to buy both of them and fit them next to each other on your bed. The whole idea is similar to the Shizaya bedsheets.

For the first time, you’ll see the two guys with naked … … feet!

Yeah, this time I shall not fall into the hype. I actually bought the Shizaya bed sheets the last time they were released and I kinda regretted it a little ^^;; BUT if you’re a T$B fan, I’m sure you’ll not want to miss these. Happy $pending :D

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Sleeping with Tiger and Bunny Official arm pillow udemakura bedsheets (Kotetsu x Barnaby)”

    1. @Levi: I’ve resolved not to buy any more T$B figures ^^;; don’t want to be sucked into the hype. But the fried rice chibi arts are so cute tho D: I’ll see how it goes.

      As for Yupon’s chara fortune figures, I’ll wait and see. Cute as they are, the quality usually isn’t as nice as Kotobukiya one-coins.

      You are going to buy all of them?

  1. Wow this is very cool. I like all the (expensive) T&B merchandise coming out! super nice!

    They both look very sexy, especially Kotetsu! *nosebleed*

    there’s a bishie every way you turned around..

    wished there was naked version one (let us see those 6packs) (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

    wish i can get my old bed back, nevertheless, i’d have my mom and dad sleeping on both of them.. lol

    did other anime/game charas did sth like this before?

    1. @mai-chan: yeah if you watched the anime you’ll be able to see Barnaby’s six packs since he had a photoshoot wearing only his speedos xD it’ll be interesting if they released a dakimakura of him wearing only that lol

      Yes they’ve done this for Shizuo and Izaya as well as Hijikata and Gintoki.

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