Goods: Pillow Talk Eargasm with Tiger & Bunny 24-hour Sound Drop Cushion

For mornings, afternoons and evenings… Happy zzz!

Title: Sound Drop Cushion 24h Kaburagi T. Kotetsu サウンドクッション24h 鏑木・T・虎徹
Price: 6,930 Yen
Available: February 2013

Title: Sound Drop Cushion 24h Barnaby Brooks Jr. サウンドクッション24h バーナビー・ブルックス Jr.
Price: 6,930 Yen
Available: February 2013

Preorder ends: 25 October 2012

Each set contains:
Cushion x 1
Sound drop x 3

Main body: Polyester
Tag: Polyester
Button: POM
Sound drop: ABS
Includes 2 Button batteries (LS 44)
For ages 15 and above
Size of cushion: about 47 cm x 63 cm
Manufactured in China

How to use? Insert the sound drop you want into the special pillow pocket, then press it as and when you want to listen to Ojisan and Bunny do some pillow talk. ^^;; Kinda silly lol~ I think an alarm function might have been better. Have you purchased Bandai anime sound drops before? How is the sound quality? Is it something similar to these Code Geass chibi i-voice figures also released by Bandai?

Here’s a list of what each sound drop says. Please feel free to correct me if you have a better or more accurate translation! :)

T for Tiger (Kotetsu-san) and B for Bunny (Barnaby)

Kotetsu 虎徹A

  1. T「おはよう!今日も気持ちの良い朝だねぇ!」Good morning! It’s a pleasant morning today, isn’t it!
  2. T「ヒーローは、希望がある限り命を見捨てる訳にはいかねぇんだよ!」As long as there is hope, a hero will not give up on saving lives (I think)
  3. B「まだそんなは甘っちょろい事、言ってるんでか」(ランダムで) You’re saying such things again (randomly)
    T「たまには誰かを頼ってみろのも、悪くねぇぞ」Depending on someone sometimes isn’t so bad, you know.
  4. T「???」??? (not revealed).
  5. T「俺じゃなきゃ、駄目なんだ。俺じゃなきゃ、伝えられねぇんだよ」It can’t work out if I’m not the one doing this. If I don’t do it, the message won’t be sent across.
  6. T「早くいつものお前に戻ってもらいてぇんだ…」Hurry up and turn back into who you were in the past…
  7. T「地獄の底から戻ってたぜ!…あれ?今の決め台詞イマイチだった?」I returned from the depths of Hell! Huh? My chosen comeback line isn’t good?

Barnaby バーナビーA

  1. B「僕の人生の3分をあなたが無駄にしたこと、一生忘れません」I’ll never forget for the rest of my life how you wasted three minutes of my life.
  2. B「僕らの思い出なんて、この先いくらでも作れるじゃないですか」The memories that we shared, didn’t we create it together from before. (I think
  3. B「ヒーローにとって一番重要なのはポイントを取る事。『取られる前に取れ』業界で有名な言葉です」The most important thing to a hero is to gain points. To take something before it is taken away is a well-known saying in the industry
    B「???」(not revealed)
  4. B「だって…僕はあなたの、相棒ですから」Because… I’m your partner, that’s why
  5. B「無理はいけませんよ?」You can’t say it’s impossible ok?
  6. B「これ以上、部屋を汚さないてくださいよ!」From this point onward, please don’t mess up the room any further!
  7. B「???」(not revealed)

Kotetsu 虎徹B

  1. T「うるせぇな、人が気持ちよく寝てるとこに」You’re so noisy, I’m so comfortably sleeping (at that time)
  2. T「ヒーローにとって一番重要なのは、市民を守ることだ!その為にはビルを壊したっていい!賠償金なんて気にするな」Protecting the residents is the most important thing to a hero. Destroying a few buildings for this purpose is ok. Don’t be concerned about compensation and all that
  3. T「俺のことはいいから行け!ヤバくなったらキューティエスケープすっからよ!」Don’t worry about me, just go! If it gets dangerous, use Cutey Escape ok!
    「最後まで聞け!」(ランダムで) Listen to all of what I have to say! (randomly)
  4. T「???」(not revealed)
  5. T「…決めた。この問題にちゃんと決着がつくまで、俺も傍にいるって決めた。こういうときに支えんのが相棒ってもんだろ?」I’ve decided. Before this problem is solved, I’ll stand by you. In times like this, partners should give support to each other right?
  6. T「???」(not revealed)

Barnaby バーナビーB

  1. B「もうさっさと行きますよ、虎徹さん」Hurry, you better get going, Kotetsu-san.
  2. B「…耳遠いんですかおじさん?」…Are you hard of hearing?
  3. 「少しだまっててもらえます?」(ランダムで) Can you be quiet for a while? (randomly)
  4. B「僕はあなたをじんじられない」I don’t believe in you.
  5. B「相変わらす古臭いんですよ、考え方が」As usual, the way you think is old-fashioned.
    「???」(not revealed)
  6. B「久しぶりのお姫様だっこですね。ちょっと太りました?」It’s been a while since I carried you in my arms (princess style) Did you put on a bit of weight?
    T「うるせぇ!降ろせ!」Shut up! Let me down!
  7. B「僕を信じてください」Please believe in me

Kotetsu 虎徹C

  1. T「…んあ?もう朝か…朝っ!?今何時!?」Nnah? Its already morning… MORNING!? What time is it now!?
    B「???」(not revealed) (Whatever he says, having Bunny here sure is BL fan service considering the context lol~)
    T「えっ、もうそんな時間!?…ヤッベェ!」Eh? It’s already so late! Oh no!
  2. T「???」(not revealed)
  3. T「おっ、おかえりー。食べう?チャーハン。…えっ、いらないのォ?」Oh, welcome back- How about eating some fried rice? Eh? You don’t want to?
  4. T「なんだァ、まだ起きてんのか。早く寝て、ゆっくり休んだ方がいいぞ」Why, you’re still awake. Hurry up and sleep. It’s better that you have a good rest.
  5. T「おやすみ。いい夢、見れるといいな」Good night. Would be nice to dream of something good.
  6. T「ンガーッ。ンガーッ。」※ヒビキ Nga~tsu. Nga~tsu. (Sound of snoring?)
    「???」(not revealed)


  1. B「おはようございます。」Good morning.
    「まったく、まだ寝坊ですか。何分待ったと思ってるんです?」Good grief, you overslept again? How long do you think I’ve waited?
  2. B「僕のサウンドロップで悪戯しましたいね?金輪際、こういう下らないことは止めてください。じゃ」You’re playing a prank with my sound drop right? Such trival things are neverending! So long.
    T「おいバニー!バニー!バニー!…」Oi Bunny! Bunny! Bunny! …
  3. B「???」(not revealed)
  4. B「まだ起きてるんですか?早く休んだほうがいいんじゃないですか。」You’re still up? Isn’t it better to rest soon?
    「…っ!別に貴方の体調を心配しているわけでわ…」Tsk! It’s not like I’m concerned about your condition… (Being tsundere here lol)
    「また朝寝坊されたら、僕が困るわけですから」If you overslept again, it’ll be troublesome for me, that’s why.
    「おやすみなさい、良い夢を」Good night. Sweet Dreams.
  5. B「???」(Not revealed)

Bandai is really clever for not revealing all the lines that they will say. Sheesh… that made me really curious! The illustrations don’t attract me enough to make me want to spend $$$ + extra proxy fees. Please share with us if you decide to buy them! :D

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    kinda afraid asking proxy-chan how much the price tag will be….

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