Goods: Shizaya likes it from behind Hugging Cushions (Shizuo x Izaya, Anikuji Durarara!!, DRRR!!, Animate)

Aren’t these two the perfect accompaniment to our BL delusions.

Just when I thought there wasn’t anything I want to buy already. Pointless struggle, I know… it’s a love-hate relationship.

Animate Japan launched the second series of DRRR!! lucky dip prize items which you can now grab from their online store. I’m going to try my luck and waste more hard-earned money on these things OTL;; Wish me luck! DX

Title: Anikuji Durarara!! 2nd アニくじ デュラララ!!第2弾
Price: 500 Yen per try lucky dip (Lucky draw)
Available: 18 August 2011
Here’s the link to the products:

Prizes: Set A~F
Set A: Hugging Cushion Izaya – A賞:抱きしめクッション(臨也)
Set B: Hugging Cushion Shizuo – B賞:抱きしめクッション(静雄)
Set C: Record Bag 1 type – C賞: レコードバッグ(全一種)
Set D: Colour Box 3 types – D賞: カラーボックスBOX(全三種: ダラーズ, 黄巾賊, 罪歌)
Set E: Rubber Magnet Coaster 4 types – E賞: ラバーマグネットコースター(全四種: 帝人, 正臣, 臨也, 静雄)
Set F: Metal Bookmarker 5 types – F賞: メタルブックマーカー(全五種: 帝人, 正臣, 杏里, 臨也, 静雄)

Official info:
Information of the previous DRRR!! Anikuji series can be found in this post.

These cushions of DRRR!! Orihaya Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo are lucky dip prizes depict the boys looking coy from behind. Sheesh… that’s serious fan servce for BL fangirls/fanboys

Cushions measure 60×45 cm each, 5 cm larger in width than the previous release. You’re darn lucky if you can win them for 500 Yen each!

What’s a record bag? ^^;; The boxes look quite useful and I wonder what material they’re made of. But all of us know we’ll only be playing for the cushions.

Chibi charas of magnet coasters look cute! They’re smart to feature only the boys cos fujoshis will fall for the bait. I would love to have them decorate my fridge :D I like the illustrations on the bookmarks too.

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16 thoughts on “Goods: Shizaya likes it from behind Hugging Cushions (Shizuo x Izaya, Anikuji Durarara!!, DRRR!!, Animate)”

  1. LOL Shizuo looks like he doesn’t mind being in that position… but Izaya on the other hand… lol. He must think we’re up to no good~

    1. @Nipah-Nyaa: yeah Shizuo looks comfy heh

      Well as for Izaya being the person he is, he would be expecting something naughty wouldn’t he XD

    1. @Mayon: They’re just blatantly fueling fujoshi delusions lol~ but nothing explicit tho. The boys in the illustrations aren’t naked or doing naughty things to each other, you know? lol~

  2. Oh geez… These kind of lotteries are so impossible to win–!;; My bank account sobs at this opportunity… I want an Izaya datass cushion ;__;” Or maybe Shizuo’s ; u ; <33 I'm really liking how disheveled Shizuo looks there.

    1. @Puchi: yeah I love both. Shizuo has a lovely expression and Izaya is certainly seducing us. They should have made proper full size dakimakura with these illustrations.

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