Goods: Shizaya Come-smex-me Hugging Cushions (Shizuo x Izaya, Anikuji Durarara!!, DRRR!!, Animate)

Side A of Izaya and Shizuo in come-smex-me poses and they cost 500 Yen each!!!

… that is -IF- you’re lucky enough to get them on your first try :P

These cushions of DRRR!! Orihaya Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo are lucky dip prizes that you can only get from Animate Japan’s physical stores.

Title: Anikuji Durarara!! アニくじ デュラララ!!
Price: 500 Yen per try lucky dip (Lucky draw)
Available: 27 January 2011

Prizes: Set A~E
Set A: Hugging Cushion Izaya – A賞:抱きしめクッション(臨也)
Set B: Hugging Cushion Shizuo – B賞:抱きしめクッション(静雄)
Set C: Glass 2 types – C賞:グラス(全二種)
Set D: Rubber Keyholder 4 types – D賞:でかラバーキーホルダー(全四種)
Set E: Clear Folder set – 2 in each pack, 3 types – E賞:クリアファイルセット(二枚組・全三種)

Official info:

Side B of the same cushions. They measure 60×40 cm each, so are about the same size as Togainu no Chi Akira x Shiki Jumbo cushions (3,675 Yen)! You’re darn lucky if you can win them for 500 Yen each!

Cushion pics. Yeah I blew the original images below up to their pixelated glory for this post.

I think these keychains are rather cute too. The price is ok if you get them for 500 Yen each. Do you know if this is a sure-win lucky dip? I don’t see it indicated anywhere but it should be.

Images of clear folder sets and glass prizes. Not too bad lucky dip prizes for 500 Yen each as well. The cushions are still the best deal though they should be quite rare compared to the rest of the items.

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