Goods: Sebastian-sensei x Belle Ciel (Kuroshitsuji)

Can you resist this?

I can… lol~

New Pulip (Taeyang) and Dal dolls of Sebastian and Ciel will be released in September 2009. Pre-orders open now :)

Both at 13,650 Yen (w/tax)

I think megane (glasses) Sebby (Tutor version) is pretty yummy. The blood red eyes have a seductive pull. Ciel (Robin version) in the puffy pink dress is quite adorable too but the dolls just don’t seem to capture the characters’ personality that well. The first release seems better?

I’m more interested in Sega’s EX Figure release of Sebby and Ciel.

They are sold together as a set at 2,200 Yen (w/tax), or you can just buy Sebby at 1,100 Yen (w/tax) each.

Sebby’s figure is standing at 18cm tall and pouring tea. I like that! XD and he’ll be taller than the Trading Arts version.

HLJ is taking preorders and selling them separately at 1,500 each. Only the prototype images are available for now. I’ll update when more photos are released.

These figures will be available in October 2009.

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10 thoughts on “Goods: Sebastian-sensei x Belle Ciel (Kuroshitsuji)”

  1. Ha-ha DDR affects you huh?
    Probably because GHOST is something done out of his usual style.

    Yeah no news on Yuya. I look forward for his album..could be he’s not that ambitious? hee hee hee.

    I’ve no idea about the lates one. Man, this seriously draining out my resources.
    Life will be easier if i’m satisfied with Re-ments only :D

    1. Yep, I probably appreciate GHOST cos it feels like a DDR track XD Oh yea, it seems like one of the tracks Yuya did was a cover of Neyo’s song. I like him too. I think you should check him out as well.

      Haiyo! How can you miss this bishonen *_* Please go see his lovely pics, Sasaki Kojiro: I love his face, hair, kimono and weapons. Gaaa, everything! Even more beautiful than the Yoshioka Seijuro statue.

      Nah, I don’t think I’ll only be satisfied with just Rements XP

  2. I think red-eyed Sebby may still be okie hehehe… at least he isn’t downright scary like some horror figures.

    Ooh~ lovely song, that one ^^ but I’ll probably wait and buy his full-length album. I’ve been waiting for Yuya Matsushita’s album… but no news yet huh. I love your recommendations. I think I like almost everything you shared with me so far keke.

    Actually, I’m into some electronica too and quite enjoyed Gackt’s GHOST. (Well, coming from a DDR mini-freak, that’s expected, no? lol~) But the PV sucks big time tho XD like trying to be Matrix (Neo’s long black trench) but just total fail.

    Same situation. I yoyaku some cute doll clothes and shoes a couple of months back. Altho’ they were supposed to be shipped one month after the other, due to understock and waiting, all of them ended up being shipped TOGETHER last week. OMG… over $250 bucks swiped at one go. (T_T) ruined the plan for spreading over of orders entirely.

    Square’s Vagabond statues are awesome huh… I saw the latest one available for preorder and I’ve like gotta exercise my willpower to NOT order it. HE IS SO HANDSOME!!!

  3. Maybe he accidentally got lemon juice in his eyes.
    Well, perhaps it’s just me not liking bloodshot red eyes…
    i’m not sure your mom will approve having tht kinda doll in the house :D

    Anyway i’ll be splurging my money for this single
    Lately i’m infatuated with his songs. I guess i’m upset over Gackt’s latest so-called electronica song (GHOST) it was noisy and plain bleah…

    I quit yoyaku for awhile after seeing my last credit card bill *faints*
    Uwaaa, it seems okay at first but then it sorta turning to horror when the statues shipped on the same month.

  4. The blood red eyes makes me think he had a bad hangover. LOL
    First release, in my humble opinion, is better.

    I’m impressed with Sebby’ shoes-bit remind me with Naoto’s.
    As for Ciel: Your doesn’t seem pinkie enough for me.

  5. I see i’m glad, i thought it was one of those build them and paint them yourself fig kit thing. I like the seb figure but the ceil one isn’t as good as the pvc one.^v^

  6. Yep ^^ I like Sebby in glasses too! Ciel in the dress is a little disappointing. Anyway, I wonder why they haven’t released his Nendoroid. I remember seeing his sample pic a couple of months back when Nendoroid Sebby was available for pre-order.

    Ah those pics of grey figurines are prototypes, like unfinished samples. That’s no colour. Better pics will be available after they finalise the designs and painting ^^

  7. Seb doll is cute.^v^
    As for the ceil one i agree with you;; He looks so girlish it doesn’t look like him at all… OTL

    I perfer the figures there nice, but do they come like that? Are do you paint in the color?

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