Goods: Sasuke x Naruto, Naruto x Sasuke Project BM! 1/6 Action Figures (Medicom Toy)

Doesn’t matter how you ship this pairing, may all your yaoi dreams come alive with these highly poseable and -strippable- Naruto action figures.

Title: PROJECT BM! No.63 Uzumaki Naruto project BM!: うずまきナルト
Title: PROJECT BM! No.64 Uchiha Sasuke project BM!: うちはサスケ
Series: NARUTO Shippuden NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 –
Price: 17,800 yen each. Diffierent stores have varying discounts.
Available: March 2012
Description: 12 inch figures made with Medicom Toy’s modified RAH301Kai body and additional parts.

Considering how popular and long-running this series is, I’m surprised that Medicom Toy didn’t pick them up earlier. I don’t follow this series but these boys look fabulous to me as a collector :D I won’t be pre-ordering them so soon since lots of things can transpire during this 6 month period. If budget allows, they’re definitely going straight into my shopping list when the release date draws nearer :)

Naruto has a beautiful and well-sculpted face. He comes with an extra smiling face as well as accessories to make this a very worthwhile buy for the collector. And with the extra option of the ability to help him get naked with Sasuke, you’ll agree he is any BL fangirl’s dream come true.

Not sure if his shoes can be removed but I don’t think that’ll be too much of an issue for delusional fujoshis out there.

Oh my, this boy is quite a beauty here. I think Sasuke’s sandals are removable. Hmm.. and they did well with the zipper. Some of the older/earlier Medicom Toy RAH figures have ridiculously huge and awful looking zippers, like two to three times bigger than the proportion you see in the images here.

More pics :) It’s obvious I like him better lol ^^ I hope both Naruto and Sasuke are wearing removable tights inside so that we can barbie-fy/ken-doll them and make them wear other nice casual clothing and yukata for the fun of it. (Having the two go for a Summer Festival date wearing yukata would be quite nice isn’t it?)

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  1. I meant online stores. I only found one store and everything is in Japanese. They didn’t even have an English option, so I’m guessing they don’t ship internationally.

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