Goods: Review One Coin Grande Figure Collection Chiral Gakuen 1st Period (Kotobukiya)


I’m sugarcakey, sug in short. Some time ago, I promised ponytale to write a guest review for her, and this is the result!

Today, I’m going to present you the Chiral Gakuen Coin Figure sets 1 & 2.


Let’s start with no.1!

Title: One Coin Grande Figure Collection Chiral Gakuen 1st Period/Limit ワンコイングランデフィギュアコレクション キラル学園 1 限目
Price: 6,300 Yen (w/tax) for box of 10 figures (including the secret). Total 12 figures to collect because of the colour variations.
Available: 16 September 2011

On the backside of the main box, you can find a diarama to display your figures. Set 1 has a class room setting, even with props! :D


The individual boxes feature Akira and Keisuke upfront (the sides show the characters included in the set).


When you open them, the latches show Gunji and Kiriwar – which is a bit weird, because they are not even included in this set. I guess that’s the first signal for you to buy the other set as well ;)


I already unpacked the figures once, in order to see which versions I got. But I took the photos today in the random order when I took them out of the box.

First are Rin and Bardo!



Bardo looks as relaxed as ever – and just look at the nice details! In general, both sets’ figures are quite detailed, so you see the care that was put into the design and in the realization of it.

However, I’m a bit displeased with Rin – his hair colour really bothers me! It’s too dark and orange-y, and does not really fit the picture on the card, the stock photos, or his older figure. It’s sad, because he is one of my favourites…


When I took him out of the plastic case, I was really shocked, because his head fell off!


That’s when I realized that the card’s case also had an extra paper, which seems to explain Rin’s loss of head…


I guess you can have some fun with switching the characters bodies ;) But I was really shocked at first, because his head was so loose.

Next are…the “food brothers” – Keisuke and Makoto!


Again, Makoto has lots of detail (even the Bub-logo on his bag) and Keisuke just looks really cute!


Leaks and Rai both looks grumpy – I guess it’s because Shui and Konoe are in the other set (Rai probably doesn’t approve Konoe being alone with Asato ;D)

Following….The two main protagonists of this set – Akira and Youji!


I love how Youji smiles softly, and how both have headphones. As you can see, I got the black ‘n silver head phones for Akira. They are removable, but I don’t know if they’d fit any other character’s head.


Youji comes with an extra arm and instruction – you can remove his headphones and mp3 player.


But why does Akira look so displeased? I guess this is why:


Kurosuke is there as well (he’s the secret figure)! He looks creepy- and his knife is rea~lly bloody. As you can see, I got Motomi’s red version. The red looks very nice and I think it suits him.


Group picture time!


As always, each figure comes with a character card.


This time, however, the backsides are puzzle pieces! Let’s see the result of set 1…

It’s Keisuke! But it is not complete yet – another hint to buy set 2 ;) I will reveal the complete picture in the review of set 2.

As you can see, the figures are very lovely and cute; and in general they realized the design pretty well. Except for Rin. Maybe Kotobukiya had too many tasks at once and didn’t check the colouring properly? I liked the old Rin’s hair better…. (sorry for the whining, haha) Rai’s hair seems less silver-y than his old figure, which doesn’t bother me. I didn’t really compare them side-by-side with the older figures, though.

Ponytale: Thanks sug for the awesomely detailed and enjoyable review! \(^o^)/sug’s review of the 2nd set by is posted here! Hop over now! :D

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9 thoughts on “Goods: Review One Coin Grande Figure Collection Chiral Gakuen 1st Period (Kotobukiya)”

  1. Oh what a wonderful review! Looking forward to set 2~!

    I have to agree–Leaks and Rai are definitely looking for their other halves here. XD

  2. I regularly enjoy your reviews and other content! But I was really surprised and pleased to see that my friend had done one for your site, too! >U<

    Looking forward to part two, and more Ponytale regulars! ;U;

  3. Aww super cute figures. I only have some of them since I bought them at a con. I have the two Keisukes and Leaks. I also bought two figures from the other set. I got Nano and Gunji! I absolutely love the details on the figures super cute!!!!! I hope I can buy more!!!!!!

    1. @Len-chan: The quality is really good. I think the price is reasonable… though still expensive because they’re not a need orz;;;

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