Goods: Review Official Orihara Izaya BIG pillow case high-school version (Durarara!! DRRR!! Dakimakura)

♥ ♥ ♥ Time to wake up Izaya! *pokes cheek* ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Durarara!! BIG pillow case. Set of 2 デュラララ!! BIGピローケース 全2種セット (臨也&静雄)
Available: Late April 2011
Price: 2,400 Yen per set
Size: 160 cm x 50cm
First reported in this post, the set includes both Izaya 臨也 and Shizuo 静雄 covers. It is a game prize for amusement centres and not available for sale in stores. I’ve had the covers for quite some time but haven’t used them because I didn’t buy the inner stuffing then.

This review is only about Izaya’s cover, since I haven’t used Shizuo’s yet. I’ll write about Shizuo’s cover when I use it.

Packaging of the cover.

Back view

Unwrapped. The print quality is pretty good and sharp.

The material feels different from the Shukan Soine Reo and Takaba Akihito covers. It is 100% polyester. Reo’s cover is 83% Polyester and 17% Polyurethane which probably contributes to the smoother and finer texture.

Although it is not as soft and smooth as those covers, this material feels much more durable and probably more resistant to scratching. Generally crisp printing overall.

Official label, stating it as a game prize. This cover doesn’t have a zip. Instead, there is an opening for you to insert the inner stuffing.

Made in China. 100% polyester and some washing instructions. No ironing!

I wonder how is it possible to squeeze the whole inner stuffing through the opening in the middle. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the opening nearer to the ends?

Anyway, here goes!

After some minutes of heave and ho, I finally got some parts of the stuffing inside ^^;; I think it’ll be quite challenging if your inner stuffing is fat like mine.

Some more minutes…

Okay… I think the cover is quite durable and very well-stitched. No issues even after being stretched to this point by my inner stuffing.

Care for some Izaya dumpling, anyone?



Close up of the opening.

Stretched area shows no signs of damage. Durable stuff!

Izaya giving me the side eye.

As my eyes travelled down to his cute belly exposing his belly button.

And more…

School boy socks?

Wider view. The dakimakura cover is 160 cm tall so Izaya’s illustration is not life-sized. He is slightly smaller.

He looks pretty cute on the bed like this though. As I mentioned before, I love Izaya’s pose cos it looks like you are hugging him from behind.

Although the fabric is not as fine as the type used for Shukan Soine Reo dakimakura cover, Izaya’s cover shows no hint of wear or damage after a week’s use. It is comfortable to hug too. I would recommend it cos I love the illustration :D But do note that squeezing the inner stuffing into the cover can be a small challenge if you have a fat inner stuffing.

Great to sleep with and wake up to Izaya’s morning call voice alarm clock :D

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24 thoughts on “Goods: Review Official Orihara Izaya BIG pillow case high-school version (Durarara!! DRRR!! Dakimakura)”

  1. lol orz still after years i’ve been trying to find this for a decent price lol
    provide scans so i can print my own please!! lmao shot
    desperate measures now

    1. @Mayon: nope, I have only 1 on my bed lol xD no space to sleep! Anyway the stuffings are really expensive, so one is enough for now.

      The Spray Kichiku Megane and Shukan Soine ones are coming out in end of march!

  2. Cuteee! I want a new inner stuffing. Mine sucks but its so expensive! :(

    Izaya is a cutie~ I’m using him now as I have no other ones. -__- I missed the buy-out period again for the Shukan Soine dakimakuras. I didn’t know they extended it!! Boo but I don’t feel too bad (ok, I’m lying to myself) as I was so pooorrr then LOL!

    But its ok, I know they’ll come out with new designs :D Then I’ll actually get one (save save save!!!) or maybe some other male dakimakura will come aloooong! :) (I hope so!)

    1. @momo: The one I bought was the cheapest I could find including proxy and shipping. Cospa ones are expensive to begin with even without shipping costs orz;;

      Aww… look out for them in auctions! Male dakimakuras are the trend now so I’m very sure we will see more. Hopefully the artwork gets better and better :D

    2. lol. That’s pretty good! Yeah, Cospa ones are expensive but they look pretty nice.

      I’m trying, but its pretty hard to find them since the majority of dakimakuras are females. And yeah, I’m excited that there’s more male ones now! I hope to see more pop up with pretty art so I can grab some!

      I’m not too disappointed since I know they’ll continue to make more :3

    3. @momo: Just found out that is having a Rakuten promotion and you may be able to get international shipping discounts up to 4000 Yen off! For example, 5000 Yen shipping, pay only 1000 Yen. Usually it is the shipping that can be a killer for inner stuffing. Give them a try They only ship EMS tho.

      Where I bought my inner stuffing:×50

    4. @ponytale

      Oh really? That’s so cool! Can you view the site in english and use it like that.

      I’ll def have to take advantage of this and get a new pillow :)

    5. @momo: Yep, it can be used in English. I’ve written in to the support to double check if the dakimakura store is eligible for the offer. It should be but just in case.

    6. @ponytale

      Oh really? Thanks! Could you tell me if the dakimakuras apply as well? If they do, I might take the chance and get one.

      Hm, looks like the even last until Feb 28! Should decide soooon!

    7. Haha. Well I currently only own Izaya’s Dakiamkura right now~ So probably going to buy a 160x50cm one, and it seems like most of the bishies are in the size.

      Though! I’d love to get a 170×50 one! LOL in the case I ever decide to buy Akihito but! I wouldn’t dare to actually use it though.

      Hm, but I’m looking for a 150×50 for my brother haha.

      Goshh! I can’t wait to see what Shukan Soine will release next time :D And w/e else dakimakuras that will be released. O btw, which ones did you get from the shukan ones?

    8. @momo: yeah I noticed that 160x50cm is the most common size until the BL ones came along. Also the fact that all the 170×50 covers I have or going to have are all the yarashii poses is also discouraging me from investing in the inner stuffing.

      Recently my dad finally noticed my Reo dakimakura!!! Lol. I think he didn’t know what to say. So as usual I reacted like nothing is out of the ordinary xD

      I think you can find the 150×50 ones on rakuten from the same seller too.

      In the end I bought the covers for Junjun and Midorin. Their poses are the best from the lot!

  3. Hey could you please recommend me a place to get the inner stuffing with reasonable price?
    I’ve been wanting to get a dakimakura but the price of the inner stuffing is making my wallet suffers… OTL

    1. @es0805: I got mine from this store:. Link-×50/
      After proxy and shipping fees, it costs less than Cospa dakimakuras. You can give them a try. Pretty good quality :)

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