Goods: Review GRANRODEO one-coin capsule figure straps (Kotobukiya)

Ninja run!

What… maroon Dragonballs? :D

I bought these GRANRODEO one-coin figure strap capsules from Kotobukiya online store almost 2 years ago but never had the time to post a review. So here they are!

Design of the figures is more or less based on this look.

Title: One-coin capsule GRANRODEO Limited edition わんこいんかぷせる GRANRODEO 限定版
Date available: November 2011
Price: 952 yen (w/o tax)
Height: about 50 mm
PVC complete mini figure
Sculptor: 松本江永
Description: A must have for RODEOBOY & RODEOGIRL! GRANRODEOxKotobukiya Collaboration goods. Granrodeo is a musical unit formed by popular seiyuu “KISHOW” (Taniyama Kishou 谷山紀章氏) and guitarist “E-Zuka” (Iizuka Masaaki 飯塚昌明) New face illustrated by Yu-pon (different from the normal capsule edition)

Taken out of the plastic bags. The details look great as expected from Kotobukiya one-coin figures.

There is no base since they are straps. No way they can stand on their own without help.

Another view.

Paint work is well-done. Look at the detailed multi-coloured swirls in the eyes, belt-buckles, etc.

Black durians :D

More views. Some imprint on side of KISHOW’s hair tho :( Probably just this one.

More views.

The “eyebags” are captured perfectly lol. So bad ass *o* and those leopard printed pants <33

E-Zuka looks just as awesome. Lovely details.

More views.

Capsule effect looks pretty cool I think. Gotta LOVE those pants and tiny feet! XD

Guitar painted details are great!

And their heads are removable too!

View from the top. Strap can be removed by screwing it out. But it’ll leave a hole in the head.

Haha. I find this so adorable :D

And I had some fun with Togainu no Chi’s After School Akira and Keisuke figure set.

Perfect fit! Though you’ll wonder why the lead singer is munching on Solid snack while performing XD

The limited edition above that consists of just the 2 figure straps may be out-of-print, but you can still get the normal edition at Kotobukiya Shop (which features a different face for the 2 figures plus additional decorative parts. But be prepared to pay much more for the set of 10 items).

Normal edition shown below with 2 mini figures and add-on items. They cost a lot more.
Info page:
Btw, Kotobukiya online store doesn’t ship international, so you’ll need a proxy.

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2 thoughts on “Goods: Review GRANRODEO one-coin capsule figure straps (Kotobukiya)”

  1. omg so cute Togainu rocking it out!!>v< I never heard of this group. I will have to check them out.*v*
    I really like the evil open mouth face in the last pic.

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