Goods: Reversible JJ dakimakura cover (Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~, Karin Chatnoir, comiket 82)

Update 17 August 2012: Good news! -Sold out- JJ dakimakura cover to be reissued end September 2012! Preorders are now open!

From what we know, JJ’s hugging pillow cover was sold out on the first day during comiket 82 within ONE HOUR or less. The high demand took the staff by surprise. With overwhelming request for a reissue, Karin Chatnoir announced on their blog that we can now order the reissue on their online shop.

However, the price is now at 12,000 Yen (12,600 Yen w/tax) SIGH. But that’s the price we would end up paying our proxies if they managed to get it during the event. I understand they have to make it more expensive due to various reasons (like probably to be fair to people who turned up at the event specially to buy it and also to make some extra money) I’ll be ordering one from their store since my proxy failed to get it for me during comiket. It’ll still come with the special paper that has a short comic drawn by the chibi character artist, Pekoha ぺこは.

Title: JJ daki dakare makura Reissue JJ 抱き抱かれ枕 再販
Price: 12,000 Yen (12,600 w/tax)
Available: 28 September 2012
Karin shop order:

They don’t ship internationally nor accept credit cards. So you still need a proxy to buy it but you can choose from probably cheaper ones than event proxies. Good luck everybody! Last checked, there are still 72 left in stock.

Title: JJ daki dakare makura (JJ 抱き抱かれ枕) Which means hugged and be hugged (i.e. reversible JJ (^o^)/)
Price: 9,000 Yen (w/tax)
Available: Comiket 82 (10 – 12 August 2012) Remaining stocks after the event, (if any) will be sold at the online store.
Size: 180 cm
Description: Comes with a special paper.
Official page:

Latest update: 26 July 2012

There we have it, seme and uke JJ on the dakimakura! Seme JJ doesn’t look that strong from the small image but I sure love that bod! Uke JJ sure is sexy. I feel that the posing reminds me of Kichiku Megane’s Saeki Katsuya dakimakura released by Spray. Can’t believe that my prediction was this close ^^;; Placed side-by-side. What do you think? I’m a little disappointed in a way but overall it is still smokin’ hot! Must get :D

Last update: 16 July 2012

Apart from the price, no other information was provided about the dakimakura. I hope it’s a full-sized one with new illustration :D From the title, I think it’ll be double sided with seme JJ on one side and uke JJ on the other. Probably something like the Saeki Katsuya dakimakura from Kichiku Megane. Can’t wait to see the final artwork!

Other items like drama and music CDs will be on sale during the event but only the dakimakura is new. I’ll update this post if there is new information!

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71 thoughts on “Goods: Reversible JJ dakimakura cover (Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~, Karin Chatnoir, comiket 82)”

  1. ; ; abuu im looking for this. (this is the only Dakimakura that i really WANT with all my PERVHeart ~ !!! ) I wanted to know if it has a deadline to preorder ; ;?? im saving money to him… but i dont know if i can save enough to the first week of september!
    (i have august preorders on waiting! ;A;)
    asdasd. Thanks for all ponyT ;w; <3

    1. @Kyo: The official page did not state a deadline and so far quantity seems to be sufficient. The delivery date is slated for 28 September but do make sure to check on it periodically in case they decide to stop taking orders! I’ll update my page too if I discover a deadline. Hope you can save enough in time!

  2. I don’t understand why this is so much more (a 3000yen difference).
    For other companies, the sale after event is usually 500 yen more than event price or no event freebies given (flyers, bags, cards or what not)
    This is too much.. Normally dakimakura are 10000yen..
    but I still bought it T_T

    1. @urusaiii: yeah it’s a great way to make a killing orz;; And cos of this, JJ will be my most expensive dakimakura yet. I hope they don’t make this price the norm in the future. Really sucks!

  3. love the design…but 12k? plus proxy fees and shipping…omg…karin used to have a US division…why did they have to close it down?????

  4. hi ponytale
    i send many twiiter messagge to karin twiiter
    is working in the end and i got him via proxy
    so happy ^^

    1. @lucy4: luckily you didn’t buy it! There’s a reissue! Although more expensive than the event price but still cheaper than auctions.

  5. hi everyone
    send reply to karin on tweeter
    and very big hope they will reprint this dakimakura again
    and write this word 再版を強く強く希望いたしますお願いしますJJを抱きたいんですっっ
    and the meaning from this word JJ smoked ~Tsu Nde want to cherish a strong desire to please will be strongly reprint.

  6. @ponytale: I feel the same! I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get JJ but then, I’m like “I saved money and I can use that to pay for the fees + shipping). So my bank account didn’t take a heavy damage (I still have some August Pre-orders to pay for). Conflicted feelings indeed!

    Ah! I sent her an e-mail a few days before the event so she was able to go on the first day for me. I’m glad I did that or else I probably wouldn’t have gotten Konoe since I really really wanted him!

    1. @momo: they have reissued him!!! More expensive than event price (which we would have paid around the same or more due to proxy fees) orz;; are you going to get him?

      I think our proxy is getting too busy :( She doesn’t even bother clarifying my questions about whether my dmmd artbook is ok before she shipped it. I hope it doesn’t have missing pages as indicated on nitro chiral’s website.

    2. @ponytale: That’s great! But ugh, I’m not happy with the price. That’s SO expensive. I don’t think I’ll be getting him sadly :< I used the refunded money to pay for the service fee + shipping (and for some other stuff).

      Yeah. I noticed that our proxy doesn't reply back much. Like I asked her for shipping services and i had to send her about 5-6 e-mails before she replied with all the different shipping methods. Usually, they'd provide you with a list of different methods + price. But either way, she did ship out my items pretty fast so I'm excited to get them! She may be quite busy with all the orders.

      You're so lucky to get JJ though! I want him but…he's SO expensive.

    3. @momo: I’m upset when I saw the price too but I’ll probably regret if I passed it up.

      Yeah, she used to be a lot more responsive, fast and helpful. I usually try not to bother her after ordering/events ended but I really wanted to be sure my artbook was ok before she sent it. Exchanges will be difficult (and costs extra money) if it is already shipped. She sure ships them out fast like you said though.

  7. @ponytale: seriously? One hour??? :X I hope they have more in stock or I was able to get one! Ill be asking my proxy when the event ends I guess :O but now I’m worried cause he sold out so fast!

    1. @ponytale: I hope soooo! I didn’t think he’d sell out so fast! Or they might have no made enough stock? I used the proxy you recommended me and I was no.3 on her list. But idk if she was able to get it or not. Well, the event ends Sunday o; so i’ll wait till then!

    2. @momo: maybe they didn’t expect the high demand. I thought usually they would keep some stock for each day but it wasn’t the case.

      This has a chance of a reprint though. I saw a number of tweets from Japanese fans requesting for it.

  8. spray and their reversi reversible dakimakuras!
    /lame pun

    now, back to the topic… xD
    why are you disappointed on it? =o
    im loving the uke one <3 (obviously) i love how they kept his clothes on, it's much sexier that way *drools*
    btw, not that i can afford dakis, but are these SAL-able?

    1. @Shirokaze: I think the uke side JJ looks fantastic but his seme side is not strong enough. Both sides look uke to me lol. That’s why I was a little disappointed although i like them both.

    1. @MisakixUsami: too similar though still gorgeous :P I wonder if they could have come up with something better and different.

  9. Oh yay! The picture is out! It looks nice and holy shit, it’s THAT big? I mean, long lol.

    I agree that JJ’s seme face isn’t AS hot but still nice. His uke is really sexy. I missed out on the Saeki pillow :( I wish I got it cause I adore his uke one!

    But nonetheless, this dakimakura is a must get!

  10. I check everyday a certain time and I didn’t see the update!!
    But this is gorgeous- of course not as gorgeous as the megane one- but good observation they do look similar lol!

    1. @Urusaiii: I happened to check when they updated I guess. Gorgeous find! I wonder if they did market research and ended up with similar poses :P They should have a bigger illustration so that we can see more clearly.

  11. Oh my, so want this. Might even try the event proxy for the first time. Knowing the gorgeous art for this I almost don’t need to see the samples.

    1. @Prettyvillain: If they don’t manage to sell all the covers, we can still get him from the online store later. But its a risk.

    1. @Lehanan: Usually they do that latest 2 weeks before the event? Let’s hope they do that earlier. So excited to see the images :D

  12. I think there will most likely be remaining dakimakura From the event for sale, or a reproduction of the dakimakura. I’ve spent alot of
    Effort and money in the past to find someone and pay a high commission to get these things only to discover that later on they carry them online anyway.

    1. @Urusaiii: Usually they give out exclusive freebies if you buy items during the events. But I agree that there’s also a higher chance of them being available or made-to-order after events like comiket. My proxy wasn’t able to get the recent Kichiku Megane dakimakuras at the event and I ended up mail-ordering them after. However, Spray did mention that they’ll put the items for mail order after the event whereas the omerta one would only be for sale if they have leftovers.

      For more exclusive events, if I remembered correctly, Saeki’s dakimakura wasn’t available for mailorder after Spray’s 10 year anniversary event ended.

  13. Same here. I would usually never even consider buying a dakimura, but Omerta is one of my favorite BL games ever and I think we all know the image on it will be beautiful, considering the art of the game. Either way, same question as Momo, how would one go about getting one of these?

  14. I SO WANT THIS. AND I AM SOOO getting it! If its full size!

    Crap, even only huh? How would go about doing that proxy wise? :)

    1. @momo: I usually would use this proxy for events but she hasn’t opened orders for comiket yet, so I’m waiting :D Hopefully they make enough to go around orz;;

    2. Ah! I have seen her before. I haven’t used her service yet but I know she goes to most events. Maybe she will open up orders when its nearby. I would hope so because I definetly want this. :) I hope they update pictures soon as well as more info

    3. @momo: Yeah I think the illustrations will probably be up next week? XD Exciting! Check the proxy’s blog. She has announced the ordering.

    4. @ponytale

      I can’t wait to see the illustration!

      Oooh! I must check out her blog! I think I’ll take my chances of getting these at the event since they said only if there are leftovers it would be sold -.-

      Think I’ll end up spending a lot just for the dakimakura. I’m curious to see what other kinds of items they’ll be selling there!

    5. @ponytale: I just sent her an e-mail about it!

      I think I asked her a lot of questions >.< so I hope she doesn't find it a bother. I read her blog but I was confused about some things haha.

      Hope that she'll still order for me~

    6. @ponytale:

      Nice! I think I messed up in the form since I didn’t get a reply back yet so I’m going to send her another e-mail.

      What items did you order? I wanted to add some more stuff but I’m not really sure what’s being sold -.- Interested in Nitro+Chiral stuff or other BL things :D

    7. @momo: Maybe she received a lot of requests so it takes a while to get back to you. Don’t worry! I ordered JJ’s daki and N+C comiket set. I may add on stuff as more info is released :)

    8. @ponytale ahhhh! Okay. I sent her another email just for the jj dakimakura. Hope she replies soon! Oh what comes with the NITRO+chiral set?

    9. @momo: I have no idea what comes in the nitro+chiral set yet cos they haven’t announced any details. I just know I must have it ^^;; She charged me 3000 Yen for it lol~ if there is excess money, it’ll be used to pay for commissions etc so it doesn’t matter.

    10. @ponytale: Ah. I see. Were you able to get yours?

      I e-mailed the proxy but she hasn’t replied back yet -.-; Has she contacted you yet?

    11. @momo: I just received her email. She didn’t manage to get it. I think unless it was the first booth she went to, otherwise it’s not possible to buy since the covers sold out within an hour or 2.

      I hope she could get yours! And for the cover to be reissued (;_;)

    12. @ponytale: No. I didn’t manage to get it either. She just refunded me.

      I sent her an e-mail back to pay for my other stuff. Waiting for a response now. I bought some things from the Animate x Gift Collaboration :3!

    13. @ponytale: hehe. I got the refund first so just waiting for her reply.

      Neat! I was going to get the set but then I bought too much from Animate x Gift. I was able to get all the plush straps since I missed them all. YShirt Akira, Konoe (yay!), Rai & Youji. Then I bought a few other things. lol, the plush straps themselves are already pretty expensive -.-; But I’m glad I got them! Especially Konoe since I heard he sold out fast!

    14. @momo: I’m a little disappointed (JJ!!!! DX) but also a little relieved (I could hear my bank account cheering… very loudly orz;;). Sigh. Such conflicting feels… :-\

      That’s great! XD The little plushies will have a great time together <333 I haven't received her email about the Animate x Gift order yet cos I sent it after the comiket order (/_\) I hope she manages to get Rai for me.

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