Goods: Persona 4 Narukami Yu + Hanamura Yousuke Bromance Voice Alarm Clock (Namikawa Daisuke, Morikubou Shoutarou)

Voice Alarm Clock

Narukami Yu: Good morning, Yousuke!

Title: Persona 4 the ANIMATION Voice Alarm Clock Narukami Yu & Hanamura Yousuke
ペルソナ4 the ANIMATION 音声入り目覚まし時計 鳴上悠&花村陽介

Price: 7,140 yen (w/tax)
Release date: 20 September 2012
Animate/Movic exclusive: and

Size: approx. 145 x 145 mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)

Narukami Yu 鳴上悠 CV: Namikawa Daisuke 浪川大輔
Hanamura Yousuke 花村陽介 CV: Morikubo Shoutarou 森久保祥太郎

Celebrating good ole bromance by waking each other up in the mornings!

Voice Alarm Clock

Choose from 3 types of morning calls:

Pattern 1:
Yu: 「起きろ。起きろ~!Wake up. Wake up!
早起きというのはな―― Waking up early is about…
つまり、いいから 起きろ!」 Anyway, just wake up!
Yousuke: 「おまえ、時々 妙に強気だよな…」 You can be unusually firm sometimes…

Pattern 2:
Yu: 「おはよう。もう朝だ、そろそろ起きて仕度しないと」 Good morning. It’s day. If you don’t wake up and make preparations…
Yousuke: 「…あ――、全然起きる気配ねぇな、これ」…ah…… Completely not showing any signs of being woken up, this.
Yu: 「寝顔の写真でも撮っておくか」 Do you want me to take a picture of you sleeping?
Yousuke: 「やめてやれって」 Stop it.

Pattern 3:
Yousuke: 「おっはよ―――っす!!Good morning!!
きのうはよく眠れたか? Have you slept well?
~なんだよ、寝ぼけた顔して。 Why do you look sleepy?
そんなお前のために For your sake…
コレっ――!!朝飯に THIS……!! Breakfast take-out
「愛家」の出前頼んでおいたぜ!!」I ordered from ‘Aiga” (restaurant) before I left the house, ok!!
Yu: 「……朝から肉弁はちょっと…」…… Eating meat rice bowl first thing in the morning is kinda…

Cute, cute banter between the two :D Fujoshi bait when you imagine them in the same bedroom… *sprinkles fairy dust* lol~ I enjoyed the anime although I didn’t play the game it was based on. It is not exactly BL but has a couple of entertaining and comedic BL fan-service and bromance moments. Wishlisted!

About the game/anime: (from wiki)
Persona 4 takes place in the fictional, rural Japanese town of Inaba, which lies among floodplains and has its own high school and shopping districts. Unexplained murders have taken place in the small town, where bodies are found dangling among television antennas and their cause of death unknown. At the same time, rumor has begun to spread that watching a switched-off television set on rainy midnights will reveal a person’s soulmate.

Following the rumor, a group of high-school students discovered a fog-shrouded world accessed through television sets infested with monsters called Shadows. They also discovered each of their Shadow Selves, symbolizing their suppressed personalities.

Confronting their Shadow Selves awakened their ability to summon beings known as Personas. Using Personas, the students form an Investigation Team to investigate the connection between the TV world and the murders, and possibly capture the culprit.

Wife-in-training lol~ Nah, pic is here just because Yu looks cute in an apron surrounded by kids :D

And official artwork for the lovers partners mousepad…

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Persona 4 Narukami Yu + Hanamura Yousuke Bromance Voice Alarm Clock (Namikawa Daisuke, Morikubou Shoutarou)”

  1. aprox 90 dollars??? for that price i’d very much expect there to be a 30 min full-on sex romp, not some marginal fujoshi bait lol

    1. what a shame! oh well, i suppose there is where my imagination comes into play

      btw you probably don’t remember since this was so long ago but last year you helped me get a copy of the game Naked Butler by providing me with a link to the proxy service From Japan – well I finally managed to purchase it! so thank you

    2. @Beckiiii: That’s great :D Glad to help! They’re going to make a fan disk of the Hadaka Shitsuji game too. I’ll be making a post about it soon.

  2. Played the game and the one thing I hated the most was that when you gained enough EXP that you’re strong enough to over power your enemies in that level then they give you lower EXP than they previously did.

    Also there are probably more BL elements in the game than the anime. You get to hug Yosuke, give him a piggy-back ride and even pretend date him (though I make it sound a lot better than it really is), lol. Though you have to get the event to happen which is sometimes a little tricky.

    1. @bt_tara: they wanna make it challenging for players and force them to fight stronger enemies? Cos we would keep bashing up the weaker ones for the sake of levelling up XD

      Hehehe you sure make the game sound attractive XD I would love to try that out. If only I have more time to play games.

    2. Really?? O: I keep reading that people thought the anime had much more BL bait between Yu and Yosuke than the game (I only played the game myself). To the point where male-centric fandoms (where I mostly hang out) are even joking about Yu/Yosuke as the canon pairing of P4 lol

      will have to watch it one of these days

    3. @pony: Yeah, but you have like tons of other monsters you want to level up or merge to create better ones. This dramatically slows it down. Though I guess they didn’t want the player to win by grinding.

      I’ve only actually watched a bit of the anime so I don’t really know how much BL element is in it really.

    4. @bt_tara: It’s a good strategy to force the player to challenge themselves and discover new monsters lol~

      I really enjoyed the anime! The BL parts are entertaining and silly. Watch it if you have time!

  3. I’ve played persona 4 and I took an interest to this pairing. I really wish the clock wasn’t this expensive. I’d love to hear their voices first thing in the morning ; v ;)

  4. I’ve never played the game nor watched the anime but I’ve heard of Persona. The clock seems nice though and what they say to each other is kind of funny. I like it. ^ – ^

  5. lol @ price
    the game is good~~~ :3
    not as BLish as the anime tho lol the producers knew they were going to sell more if they did so xDDD

  6. I loved the game. Really enjoyed it. Then I loved the anime. hehe, it’s not BL but I do adore their bromance :3~ This would be a great clock to get! But movic exclusive is just too damn expensive and also…it’s a Sept release >.>

    1. @momo: i don’t think the clock will sell out so soon. Hopefully there’s enough moolah to get it. But you’re right about september release. My preorders for that month… orz;;; escapist mode.

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