Goods: Ouran High School Host Club DVD Tokuten Chibis

I took the pics of the chibis that were bundled with each first-press Ouran High School Host Club 桜蘭高校ホスト部 Region 2 DVD ^^

The DVDs were released from the period between 26/07/2006 ~ 21/03/2007. I bought Vols 1~8 from Amazon Japan in 08/2007 and Vol. 9 from HMV Japan when it was released and managed to get all the first-press editions. I think they’re still available from these shops.

The pic shows the chibis in their box packaging. I’ve not taken them out for display cos I think they look really nice inside their boxes that have lovely covers that complement the figures.

The pics to follow will show the chibis in close up shots. The original colours of the figures are not yellowish/bluish and look much nicer than what is shown. Photo-taking lessons needed ^^”

Above pic from left to right: Haruhi (boys uniform version), Tamaki, Kaoru

Above pic from left to right: Kyouya, Hikaru, Honey-senpai

Above pic from left to right: Mori-senpai, Renga, Haruhi (girls uniform version)

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8 thoughts on “Goods: Ouran High School Host Club DVD Tokuten Chibis”

  1. My sweatdrop was like MEGA MEGA to infinity XD

    At that time still very new to buying R2 DVDs and the only online stores I knew were Amazon JP and CDJapan (the first press were all sold out there) :P I wasn’t even sure if Amazon JP has all the first press editions cos they don’t list it clearly, so I took a chance. Luckily all there keke.

    Wah… the Gackt stuff you got were almost half the price :O So good!

  2. I hope you don’t break mega sweatdrop when u jot down those numbers. XD

    Anyway this is the price for “delivered directly by AMAZON JP” nee..

    I mean shipping cost can be lower if have relatives in Japan who willing to help.
    I also found that 2nd hand DVD can be lot cheaper-forgot the shop’ name but they don’t sell online so not good unless you happened to be visiting there.

    In 2006 and 2007, i bought Gackt Platinum Box IV and VI, original price are (w/tax) 6800Y and 7800Y but managed to get those 2 at 3500Y and 4500Y. The bonus + everything is intact.

  3. how much did you pay for all the 9 dvd volumes of ouran?
    i love ouran serie, and i have time searching the dvds but i found it at very expensive cost, i just need to compare prices.


  4. Prices I listed are excluding tax ^^

    Total cost of the DVDs was 41744 Yen + around 4600 Yen for shipping o_O

    I didn’t want to be reminded of that lol~

    Vol 1 was 3344 Yen (Amazon was having a discount) Original price is 3800
    All the other DVDs were at 4800 each.

    It is possible to get the licensed Region 3 version at about one-third of the price but they don’t come with the chibis.

    Hope this helps!

  5. (o~O) eee… oh~ I just realised that we both liked the ones with the big, round eyes. All the other chibis have smaller/more slanty eyes.

    Mmm, they must be place in alphabetical order, and/based on subject, volume number, height, etc? xD Yeah it’ll be nice to have a display cabinet… just that not much space at home. =_= That’s why my Togainu and Lamento Chibis were in boxes mounted onto the wall ^^

    Aww~ *hugs* glad cos he’s here but disapointed cos the wait is finally over? Kinda like one less thing to look forward to? Hmm soft vinyl oh~ the BIG chibi? No worries, I’m not planning on getting them. I debated over it and finally decided not to. I’m kind of attracted to the face of the recent uniformed Akira… at least from the prototype pics we’ve seen. I am quite tempted to get him.

  6. Well, tht honey-senpai is so cute and makes me wanna steal it from you, so don’t let me visit your room okay? Muahahaha….*evil laugh*

    We’re kinda different although i can be a really pain in the ass when it comes to organizing books. I’m more concerned with my journals and books..most of action/trading figures i’ve bought already find their own way in a custom-made cabinet.

    Ah, my Togainu ‘shiki’ soft vinyl figure arrived last week. I cannot say i’m thrilled becoz my feeling is somewhat between glad and dissapoint. (weird huh?)
    Of course i didn’t mean to discourage you if you’re already/going to buy it.

  7. hehe thanks~ well, they look very pretty in their boxes so I don’t feel like taking them out. I like Haruhi and Renga chibis best :D Honey-senpai chibi is also very cute and in-character.

    I like to be neater actually but there is just too much clutter now o_O and if I really have to begin, it is kinda overwhelming. I can be an organising freak once I start cos I’m a slow packer and I take a few days to think though how to arrange my stuff. Sometimes I’ll get tired and give up halfway. Then the clutter would remain and I get peeved. It is kind of disruptive. So I don’t want that complication in my life yet, at least not now ^^” (LOL~ sounds like some kind of a big life decision xD)

    Watch the anime if you have time. The animation and voice acting is very good! I laughed and enjoyed almost every episode. Fantastic stress reliever.

  8. Ho ho ho…
    They’re seriously cute and most important not everybody can have’em.
    you surely are neat person..they’re still in the box.
    Well the picture is not tht bad, give a little credit to yourself.

    i like the honey-senpai (most), and overall it’s something worth.

    i don’t watch OHSHC anime but i read the manga published by Chuang yi-SG
    not exactly a masterpiece but pretty much entertaining.

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