Goods: Origami Cyclone Ivan Karelin custom Nendoroid de gozaru (Tiger & Bunny)

I’ll definitely buy it if he looks this good…

This is a custom nendoroid a Japanese fan made during the Summer holidays lol~ Time well spent! Origami Cyclone in casual wear looks fantastic!

Origami Cyclone is the name of a hero character in anime, Tiger & Bunny. His real name is Ivan Karelin and he is voiced by seiyuu Okamoto Nobuhiko 岡本信彦 (Okumura Rin in Aoi no Exorcist, Kisa Shouta in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi etc). More information about the anime in this post.

Official character designs. Casual and hero suit.

OMG!!! (O_O) I just noticed for the first time after watching 22 episodes, that Origami Cyclone’s hero suit actually shows him using a stylised nipple sticker OTL;;;

Love that face. Origami Cyclone’s weapons include the shuriken used by ninjas.

The fan did awesome work with the paint job.

I think these faces are from Konata (Lucky star) and Miku nendoroids.

Blu Ray DVD cover design of Origami Cyclone’s episode.

Tiger & Bunny (English Subtitles) / AnimationSource:

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Origami Cyclone Ivan Karelin custom Nendoroid de gozaru (Tiger & Bunny)”

  1. Gosh, if only I were skilled like this my own Nezumi and Sion custom made nendoroids would show up for sure! But all I can do is dream on T__T

    Very impressive work! I guess the body is one of those Bakuman nendos, more like Moritaka and his mprego belly – I can’t look at it and don’t remember that joke XDD.

    1. @Planck-chan: yes! We would’ve made so many cute boys who don’t have figures yet :3

      That’s very observant of ya XD mpreg belly lol. The fan did such a fantastic job with the base body.

    1. @Seimi: Tiger & Bunny is really popular but its Bandai, so I think they may only be sold as Ichiban-Kuji style nendoroids and not the ones that Goodsmile distributes. But let’s hope I’m wrong about this one.

  2. @ Levi
    did you even read the article? ~_~
    it says a fan made ~_~

    me wants D:
    i want to know how to make nendos!!! Dx
    i googled it, but got nothing useful T_T

    ps: im hungry and having a bad week, so yeah im kranky sdfasfasf xd

    1. @Shirokaze: Usually the sculptors use clay to sculpt the hair and clothes on top of another nendoroid they already have. Then they would repaint the faces. Hobby stores also sell stickers that have different types of eye designs that they can stick onto the nendoroid face too.

      Have a chocolate cookie X3 let’s hope the post office get back to us with good news.

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