Goods: Official Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Male Hugging Pillows vols 1 to 8! (dakimakura cover)

Good news for all who missed out on ordering Omerta’s smexy dakimakura! You can pre-order the reissues now!

A quick list of all the dakimakura available for preorder.
As they don’t ship international, you can use an online JP buyer like fromjapan or a forwarder to get them :)
Re-release: 15 April 2016
Order before 28 March 2016

1) JJ’s JJ抱き抱かれ枕カバー

2) Liu Jien/Ryuuzen オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.1 劉漸

3) Toudou オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.2 藤堂

4) Tachibana オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.3 橘

5) Azusa オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.4 梓

6) Luka オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.5 瑠夏

7) Ugajin オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.6 宇賀神

8) Reiji オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.7 霧生

9) Mitsurin no Tora オメルタ 抱き枕カバー vol.8 密林の虎

Last updated: 8 March 2014

What an angel!

Love Azusa’s angelic sleeping face and that tantalising tsundere uke pose… *q*

and those n.i.p.p.l.e.s

Title: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Hugging Pillow Cover vol. 4 Azusa
オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ 抱き枕カバー vol.4 梓
Rating: all ages
Release: 11 July 2014 (Order before 20 June 2014 to secure a copy)
Price: 12,000 Yen (w/tax 12,600 Yen)
Size: 180cm x 50 cm
Material: 2-WAY tricot
Product code: c-omega-14
JAN code: 4571138251368
Manufacturer: Karin Chatnoir 花梨シャノアールオメガ
Order at:

Azusa is short, so they should have just made him a 160cm dakimakura and charge less! SIGH Would love to have him.

Last update: 25 Feb 2014


Title: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Hugging Pillow Cover vol. 3 Tachibana
オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ 抱き枕カバー vol.3 橘
Rating: all ages
Release date: 27 May 2014 (Order before 9 May 2014 to secure a copy)
Price: 12,000 Yen (w/tax 12,600 Yen)
Size: 180cm x 50 cm
Material: 2-WAY tricot
Product code: c-omega-70
JAN code: 4571138251368
Manufacturer: Karin Chatnoir 花梨シャノアールオメガ
Order at:

THIS IS HHHHOT! Instant buy!!! Gomen new year resolution orz;;; The T ♥ J on the underwear is a little tacky tho lol~ :~D

Last update: 19 February 2014

Update! Guess who’s next?

Title: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Hugging Pillow Cover vol. 2 Toudou
オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ 抱き枕カバー vol.2 藤堂
Rating: all ages
Release date: 21 April 2014 (Order before 26 March 2014 to secure a copy)
Price: 12,000 Yen (w/tax 12,600 Yen)
Size: 180cm x 50 cm
Material: 2-WAY tricot
Product code: c-omega-68
JAN code: 4571138251344
Manufacturer: Karin Chatnoir 花梨シャノアールオメガ
Order at:

The back pose looks great! Reeeeally sexy. :D But the front side expression isn’t really doing it for me ^^;; Anyway, I’m not a fan of Toudou but I’ll keep this in consideration.

Last update: 14 February 2014

I hereby declare 2014 as the year of sexy male hugging pillows…

Get ready your wallets, brothers and sisters!

Thanks to accummulated work stress and a bad immune system, I’ve been kept away from doing blog updates for more than 1 month this year… Checking Omerta’s site today for Valentine’s Day specials and lo and behold… there will be EIGHT NEW MEN SMEX PILLOW COVERS coming our way. (And not to mention other relatively recent hugging pillow covers/bedsheets/wall stickers announced/already released, including K (Suoh Mikoto x Munakata Reisi Animate/Movic exclusives), Prince of Tennis (Shiraishi/Yukimura), Brother’s Conflict (Natsume Asahina), Samurai Flamenco, Angel Beats re-release, and THE UNLIMITED Hyoubu Kyousuke, etc, all of which I didn’t have time to make proper posts of…)

So here’s the deal for Omerta dakimakura covers. Each new illustration by Tateishi Ryou 立石涼さん will feature the characters in sexy shots (woohoo!). And the covers will be released on their birthdays. So we have a confirmed, nearly whole year’s worth of sexy men pillows to look forward to. Each dakimakura cover will also come with limited edition clear folders with illustrations from Omerta song series CD package 「オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ステージソングシリーズ」.

Prices will be adjusted up after 1 April 2014 due to goods tax increase in Japan to 8%.

Btw, JJ’s dakimakura cover will be re-released as well, so if you missed it the previous times, here’s you chance again. But sorry about the prices tho… these babies will cost us up to at least US$150 bucks each (shipping/proxy). All available for preorder from Karin’s official store. Proxy or forwarding service required for JJ’s daki but others are available at

Title: Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Hugging Pillow Cover vol. 1 Liu Jien
オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ 抱き枕カバー vol.1 劉漸
Rating: all ages (Ooi, where is the sexy shot promised? lol~)
Release date: 28 March 2014 (Order before 7 March 2014 to secure a copy)
Price: 12,000 Yen (w/tax 12,600 Yen)
Size: 180cm x 50 cm (life-sized… explains the price but troublesome AND expensive to get the inner stuff =_=;;)
Material: 2-WAY tricot
Product code: c-omega-67
JAN code: 4571138251337
Manufacturer: Karin Chatnoir 花梨シャノアールオメガ
Order at:

Good thing for me is that I don’t feel it for Liu Jien’s expression in the designs… much as I like his yukata side… for a steep price like this, it has to be perfect! So money saved for now. Wonder if the rest will look good enough like JJ’s to make me bleed my wallet.

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31 thoughts on “Goods: Official Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okite~ Male Hugging Pillows vols 1 to 8! (dakimakura cover)”

  1. Oh, sorry for the late reply, Ponytale… Wait! I saw the link for amiami at one of the previous comments. I don’t have an account myself to confirm this, but I guessed if it is on the page then it can be shipped? So it’s a “no”? I’m taking a loooong look at their terms, etc, before making an account. >.>
    Well, it did said “age restricted category”… Which made it worse than “adult” since it almost sounded illegal… ahaha ^^; But you are right. Only JJ’s and Ugajin’s poses are a little extra spicy. They are the sexiest, pants down! (bad pun, sorry)
    Really? 4 times, already?! I wasn’t active in- well, pretty much general due to RL for quite a while, but wow~ 4 times! However this one is open for pre-orders for what? 2(?) years now? It feels a bit like a final major service from Karin. That’s why I wanted to get it now. I got back on track with my old loves last month and I was like, “wow~ if I had missed it I wouldn’t mind that much but now, I’ll be beating myself over it if I don’t get it”. I really wish you’re right, because I don’t want to rush things, but still I’d love to buy it. I’m just very unsure of how to use these services… –A–;;; Ah~ Why should all nice things be so difficult to get? TwT

  2. Ah, Thanks for the reply Ponytale ~

    Well, I checked at amiami, too, but there will be huge problem with the delivery… ahaha ^^
    The site says that they ship the items with the same titles(?) as they are presented and I can’t really have that… I mean, is it really gonna have [male hugging pillow, adult item] written on it?! For real? WHY??? DX

    Plus there will be a hell to settle at the custom, considering how things have become a little hectic here, lately.
    So I’m really torn about this…

    Ah~ I really want Ugajin… He’s just SO sexy~ T^T

    1. @Nix: They’re taking orders too? That’s great :D I didn’t know that. I don’t think they’ll write “adult item’ since these hugging pillows are not categorised as 18+/adult items. They have sexy poses but nothing questionable is exposed teehehe XD Probably just “hugging pillow”. I think these pillows are Omerta cash cows, considering they have already rereleased them for at least 4(? can’t remember exact) times. If you’re not ready to get them now, I believe they’ll still be released again in the future :)

  3. Oh my gooosh! I want to buy Ugajin so bad, but it’s already 2016…
    And the shipping… I have never ordered through a JP buyer or forwader.
    How does this thing works? DX

    1. @Nix: It’s still possible to order from here
      For proxy buyers like fromjapan, you just have to give them the link and they’ll help you get the goods and ship to u (extra fees etc apply). Forwarders would be like biginjap, you place your order at the actual shop yourself (own credit card) and use the Japan forwarding address provided. After they receive your item, they’ll ship to you :)

  4. Oh my gosh! That Tachibana one and the potential Ugajin daki! Gonna save up for both of them because they are my favourites! My only concern is if they come with the cushion body or not since I am looking through amiami and so far they do not have 180cm x 50 cm cushions for these covers. =/ Anyway recommendations or suggestions in regards to this Ponytale? Since I recall you buying a dakimakura before…

    1. He sure is *o* Just wanna hug him hnnggヽ(♡‿♡)ノ
      Btw about the limited edition clear folders~ Is the illustration for the clear folders the same for every dakimakura cover or is it different? O:

  5. I feel lucky that I got JJ the first time ’round (and it is awesome..). It was so much cheaper to be a fangirl 5-6 yrs ago when the companies hadn’t quite caught on to the appeal of bishie goods. I have received or have preordered a number of the other items you mentioned because I am a sucker. Tachibana is definitely on my list, and I’m really hoping Ugajin’s design is hot because I have a megane fetish.

    1. @Prettyvillain: That’s true. There are so many fangirl-oriented bishie goods noawadays we have to be even more careful with our expenses. I’m totally wishing for a perfect Ugajin too! Megane BL charas like him are an absolute fav… XD

  6. If I’m correct, Liu wears a bathrobe actually. From what I see until Toudou’s, the second designs are based from the good end scene/CG of the game. :DD (woot, so sexy there, Master! *__* )

    1. OMG YES INDEED!!! The pose plus the so much skin exposure. Yum! 8)))))) *super excited since Tachibana is my bias. \o/* Trying so hard not to snort at the underwear. XDDD

    2. @SnowMiyu: I just noticed that Tachibana is wearing different underwear (with a letter J as well) in the front and back illustrations XD

  7. Thanks for the reply~ ^^^

    But I don’t know why I can’t seem to view both of the website you’ve sent>< Well I need to buy the 180*50 one because of those loveable Omerta dakimakura *o* And I still don't know where to get it T.T

    1. @Shuri: That’s strange. What browser are you using? Or maybe you just try and search for dakimakura and see if it works :) You can also try too but try entering 抱き枕中身 but I have to say that Amazon Japan’s shipping rates are VERY expensive *o* cos they only allow courier delivery.

    1. @Shuri: You can try Rakuten Global (Example link: There are quite a number of sellers who stock 180x50cm pillows. The prices are quite reasonable. However they don’t vacuum seal the pillow body, so it’ll most likely add to the delivery and forwarding cost.

      I didn’t buy a 180cm pillow body partly due to this reason ^^;; I bought a 150cm and 160cm one from this store before cos they vacuum seal their pillows.×50/?s-id=borderless_browsehist_en

  8. Liu’s thigh got me sold though! \(o///A///o)/
    I may not be able to get them but I’m excited to see what other sexy shots for the next characters will be. :D (and saving the sample pic for keeps :p )

    1. @SnowMiyu: They’re definitely on the right track here by dressing the guys in yukata for the sexy shot XD Although the thigh is still not good enough for me hehe (wallet is safe) Excited about the rest of the designs too <33

  9. …$150 X 8…1.2 grand to collect them all…..0_o

    yeah…not going to happen. nice to know BL games are getting some products though XD

    1. @iced_wine: Yeah, its crazy. And my resolution this year is to save $$$! So the design has to be PERFECT in order for me to shell out my hard-earned cash :P 2014 will be a grand year for bishie stuff. Honeybee just announced that made-to-order new bedsheets costing 12000 Yen for each Starry Sky boy is now open for preorder lol. Designs are not up yet but I’m quite sure it’ll be awesome.

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