Goods: New versions Togainu no Chi Akira & Shiki Plushies revealed (Gift, Wonderfest 2011 Winter)

Togainu no Chi Akira’s new plushie versions with him in work outfit and normal wear.

Title: Nitro+Chiral Plushie Series 16 Akira White Tsunagi ver.
「ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみシリーズ16 アキラ 白つなぎver.」
Price: 2,800 Yen (w/tax)
Available: May 2011

Revealed during the recent wonderfest 2011 winter! Akira’s face doesn’t look very different as expected. He is still so adorable. Can’t wait to see Keisuke :D in his work outfit as well. Photo of Keisuke doesn’t seem to be available yet. If you have the pics, do share!

Title: Nitro+Chiral Plushie Series 15 Akira ver. 2
「ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみシリーズ15 アキラ ver.2」
Price: 2,800 Yen (w/tax)
Available: March 2011

Comparison of first version Akira plushie (left) and new version on the right. Which version do you prefer? I think the first version has a mopey appeal and is rather adorable. The new version is cute too but something’s missing… like… character?

Title: Nitro+Chiral Plushie Series 15 Shiki ver. 2
「ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみシリーズ15 シキ ver.2」
Price: 2,800 Yen (w/tax)
Available: March 2011

Comparison of first version Shiki plushie (left) and new version on the right.

They will be presold first at Super Comic City 20:

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22 thoughts on “Goods: New versions Togainu no Chi Akira & Shiki Plushies revealed (Gift, Wonderfest 2011 Winter)”

  1. @ponytale – Yeah, I choose 7 of spades because of Samurai 7 and Hakuouki xDDDD. Akira’s tag is awesome, if I find a talented jewel maker, maybe I don’t need to but it from Nitro+. but getting it from Nitro+ means that you will have the original XDDDDDDDD.

    Man, I feel my froggy purse (like the one Naruto has XDDDDD) gets lighter and lighter when I go to conventions xDDDDDDDD. I’m a compulsive buyer xDDDDD, I want it all XDDDDDD, may the heavens protects my PayPal account when it has founds XDDDDDDDD. I spend money as easily as I get it XDDDD, that why even I have money, I’m always in bankrupt xDDDDDDDDDD.

    It’s not that they “copy” cosplay, it’s more like they copy the idea when they see you; or mabe it’sjust bad lucky and someone thought of it too. It depends on the person, some don’t bother about others with the same cosplay (it’s for fun anyway), but for me kinda bothers me because I’m a little competitive XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, besides I’m gonna be in a cosplay group and we’re serious about this year’s theme. In 2010 I was Raven from Teen Titans, it was kinda troublesome to do it, but it was awesome when it was finished; when I went to cosplay Complex… another girl was Raven! And to make it worse, we were the only two Ravens XDDDDDDDDDD; we pointed at each other with surprise and frustration, laughed and take a couple of pictures. It kinda bothered me, but my girl-friend told me that my cosplay was better and I was sexier XDDDDDDD.

    Of course! Maybe I show my dogtag to my girlfriends in the next event. I’m gonna be the best Rin there (or will be…) because I’m gonna be the ONLY Rin :K… xDDDDD.

  2. @ponytale – Lolololol it took me more time to get my dogtag, there were a few details that had to be fixed, but now I have it.

    And as I promised, the pictures… Lolol my cow notebook as a background! A close up. As I said it’s not perfect, but I love it anyway. Someday I’ll get Akira’s tag from Nitro+ (is the Ace, right? the jewel maker said that was a quite elaborate pattern). And for something different, my dogtag necklace was actually from Death Note. I saw that DN necklace almost a year ago, and totally fell in love. I’m not a pink color fan, but that heart it was just too cute to ignore and leave it behind, besides L is in the box <3. I get my anime stuff in conventions, since my incomes are not enough to allow myself an import (yet).

    I was thinking in uploading these on Facebook, but since I want to keep in secret my cosplay to avoid copies (last year a girl went as Raven, like me U-U, we kinda know each other, there's always the same people (mostly)) in the events; since the world is in Facebook, I don't want anyone stoling my idea… Or at least if they're gonna steal it, I want to be the best Rin in Cosplay Complex 2011 xDDDDDDDD.

    Niw, I was thinking in getting the boots, but I decided to get the necklace for the dogtag first; it's cheaper and I have time for the boots xP.

    1. @Asamisa: It looks great! Now you have your very own Rin dog tag XD Lol~ that’s a cute cow X3 Yeah if I’m not wrong, Akira’s tag is more elaborate.

      That’s a beautiful looking DN crest :) There’s pros and cons about buying online. When I buy online, I always overspend cos I don’t really feel the money flying away, but at conventions, somehow I can always control myself better :P

      Wow, I didn’t expect people to copy cosplays too :O Then maybe you should keep your cosplay secrets offline until the event is over and be the best Rin there :3

  3. @ponytale – Yeah, often little things takes you very far from where you start :). I hope that too xP, and if don’t, I always manage things to do what I want and what I have.

    Yay! My TnC tag is almost ready! I will get in in monday, I’ll be uploading some photos! It’s not perfect (the man showed it to me today), but it’s cool anyway ^^.

  4. @ponytale – Yeah, the main problem with buying cosplay is that it has the risk that doesn’t fits you. I bought a nice blouse by catalog once, and the smallest size fitted my mom, so she uses now. In the event I went last saturday, a guy was wearing Rin’s boots, just they were all black; I asked him where he founded them, and said he buyed them in Bogotá (the capital) >.>… Too far and too expensive. But you’re right, it’s better do it by yourself,or at least custom made, and it’s more satisfying, no doubt ^^.

    Well, I guess you’re right XD. Francesca Dani became model after a several awesome cosplay she did XDDD. Yeah, the wing is awesome xDDDDDDD. I envy NanjoKoji’s wigs, they all look painfully natural xDDDDDD.

    Absolutely! I love what I do, and I feel I’m improving my abillities, I’m confident enough now to compete this year (hope college won’t be a problem xP).

    1. @Asamisa: It’s amazing how far a hobby like cosplay can take you :) Hehe hope you’ll do well in college too and that the schedules don’t clash with the competitions. Gambatte ne!

  5. @ponytale – xP I keep a Konan’s (from Naruto) blouse from my cosplay, two years ago, so yes, I guess I’ll have no problems using Rin’s wear… Anyway, normal people wouldn’t notice that that waer belongs to someone else XDDDDD. About the boots, my mom told me that if don’t want that of the fire fighters boots, they need zippers to adjust to my legs; That’s no problem, with small zippers the problem is solved, and rin’s boots have these belts, so they can hide the zippers xP. Rin is cute, I love him XDDDDDD, and I don’t want to offense him and the cosplay gods with a regular work XDDDD.

    Yeah, NanjoKoji and Ravenic are quite popular on DA for their work, sure, they’re models XDD (or that’s what it says in their info). But their work is really awesome; I love NanjoKoji’s Riku and Sephiroth, and Ravenic’s Akira and Harry Potter. Yeah, they’re eye popping xD.

    Thanks, you’re sooo sweet! I’m going to think about the regionals (of course, you have to win the regionals to get to the nationals xD), because if my Rin cosplay is better than I expected, I’ll compete to get to the nationals. I dunno, but you gave me hope with this xDDD, I had more confidence with Alois the next year, and Kau after that, but now I feel that I can win with Rin XDDD.

    1. @Asamisa: Yeah and you’ll have a cool looking item too! ^^ They sell official boots for Rin online :P but I think it’s better to make your own cos you can be sure that they fit. It’s more satisfying this way right? hehe and I’m sure the cosplay gods will be pleased.

      Cosplayers are models in a way XD cos you’re photo subjects! Yeah her Sephiroth is incredible. Besides looking so beautiful as the character, the wing she had on looks absolutely magnificent.

      Yeah do it! I mean you never know where it’ll lead you to :) many professional cosplayers never thought their hobby would open so many doors for them. And most importantly, they love what they’re doing!

  6. @ponytale – hey, that’s a good idea! My sister is gonna kill me if she see me using my cosplay like casual wear XDDDD, but that’s true, I can use them, maybe if just to stay in home, or in my aunt’s house XD. Yeah @-@, and my legs are soo skinny, I’m afraid that the boots looks like those of the fire fighters when I wear them @-@…

    Totally, it’s hard to start, but once you get used to all the work, it’s pretty awesome and you want to do another as soon as possible. Ohhh I wish I could do an awesome cosplay, like NanjoKoji and Ravenic on DeviantArt. Last year, the winner of the national cosplay contest was from this city, he cosplayed Iron Man… With a real armor, I think the guy made it with motorcycle parts, but his eyes glowed and was friggin’ awesome; I want to do something as good as that.

    Lolol, that’s true, when we really love and want something, we always find the way to make it work, against the bad conditions XD. And I’m gonna say that to myself the next year, when I cosplay as Alois xP, and maybe, for 2013, my most crazy idea so far… Cosplay Kau (yeah, I’m that crazy XD). Maybe the last one takes to the nationals xP.

    1. @Asamisa: lol~ but some look pretty nice and can pass off as casual wear :D kekeke Rin has skinny legs too XD He looks pretty cute! So don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll look fab too! I popped over to their deviantart sites… woah… :O eye-popping awesome! I’m looking forward to yours too X3 I hope you’ll win the competition! It’s good to be ambitious hehe

  7. @ponytale – That’s the good thing from GIFT >w<.

    Lololol well, it's not that my cosplay is that good, but yes, I started about 4 years ago. This year I'm gonna cosplay Rin from Togainu no Chi, and it's my most abitious proyect so far, I even went to a jewelry maker to make the dog tag, and the funny thing is that wasn't as expensive as I thought XD, even is going to be made in silver, so I will have a nice piece of jewelry (unique, because I haven't seen anyone with it, muahahaha!) after the cosplay event.

    Now I'm worried about the boots XDDDDD.

    An expensive hobby, but totally worth it xP. I'm surprised how can I afford all the cosplay thing + buying all kinds of merchandise + going to events, maybe it's the tauro's magic XDDD (according to one article I read, tauro's women don't have many economical problems and have luck with money… works for me XD, well, not always… still wanting a GIFT plushie XD)

    1. @Asamisa: Sounds awesome! :D I think Rin’s clothes can be worn as casual wear too? lol~ yeah his platform boots are quite a challenge aren’t they XDD

      Hmm.. from what you described, cosplaying does sound like a very fulfilling and enjoyable hobby… well, you never know. You can become so good you can do it professionally one day :3 And I guess when we love something, we’ll somehow always be able to make it work out!

  8. @ponytale – Lololol bad news for me, he don’t work with Gift. This middleman I know is more like… a middleman of a middleman XDDDD, so there’s things he can’t get. But I’m kinda happy, since he showed me on Ebay a Rin plushie, and I found a Black Root Shooter plushie from Gift, and international shipping is free! >w< Now I have to work really hard to get at least BRS xP.

    Maybe even harder, this year's cosplay is kicking my pocket XD.

    1. @Asamisa: Dun worry! We’ll be able to get our hands on them eventually. Items from GIFT don’t get sold out so quickly. Even if they do, they also get reissued relatively soon X3

      Wow you cosplay :D that’s awesome! But it’s another expensive hobby XDD

  9. TT3TT At least you can think on getting them, I can’t allow myself that, sucks being poor.

    they’re adorable! I like both versions… Maybe if I talk with this middleman…

  10. Ack, TnC PSP on sale 45% off? That’s what I get for pre-ordering T-T

    These plushies are so cuuuuuuuuuute, seeing as I only own the recent Y-shirt Akira I really want to pick these new versions up. I only wish they weren’t Gift exclusives ~_~ Middleman services are so expensive, I need to find a good one…

    1. @littlemonster: Me too… I also went (T-T) when I saw it. So tempted to order another one but I stopped myself.

      I wanna get the work clothes versions of Akira and Keisuke first if I can. So broke already OTL. The new versions of the normal are ok I guess… not priority cos I already have the original version which I like a lot. I also wish they aren’t Gift exclusives =_= sucks cos their online store doesn’t even accept credit cards.

  11. Even though they’re both adorable, I’m not gonna get them, March is too early, just received my military Aki plush end of jan… I’m looking for Keisuke, but please Gift, NOT FOR APRIL! I ain’t even asking him not to be exclusive, cos I know they all will be anyway. Or do you think even Keisuke is for march too?

    I agree with you, comparing the old version and the new, fell like something is missing, the new is way too cute maybe? Strange how we didn’t feel the same when the military and the slut version came out, maybe cos they were a total newness at that time, and now that we already know this face with the white spots in the eye, we fell like, oh, again ¬¬

    1. @planck-chan: Yeah I wasn’t expecting them to go on sale so soon too but I think online stores will start carrying them around April. I think Keisuke should be on early sale at that shop in March too. We probably just haven’t found the photo of his plushie :P Yeah, I guess Togainu plushies will be Gift exclusives. sigh.

      Akira Slut version is the best cos he also had those cute blushing cheeks! I think Military versions were wow cos of their uniforms :3 After all the ooh and ahh~ You’re right… these new versions of their normal wear are rather underwhelming :P

      Btw, Togainu PSP with petit is on 45% sale now at AmiAmi… you can consider getting him :)

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