Goods: Neon Genesis Evangelion RAH Shinji (Medicom)

Here we go again… Real Action Heroes Shinji Ikari シンジ (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, Shin Seiki Evangerion) another object of lust. LOL~ Produced in conjunction with the series remake Neon Genesis Evangelion : 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE.

Evangelion is special. Why? Cos it was one of the first Yaoi/BL I’ve come into contact with even though it wasn’t supposed to be BL. Weird huh. And I hadn’t even completed watching the whole series. I somehow couldn’t get into it but I’ll try again when I’m feeling more upbeat.

It goes waaaay back. My friend (a guy) was gushing to me about how amazing the series was. So I went to search for information online. (Google didn’t even exist then… yes it was THAT way back. The nineties!) And guess what… all I could find on the internet were images of fan-made Evangelion hard yaoi doujinshi and drawings (Oekaki) in Japanese websites… of Shinji x Kaworu (Kaoru), Kaworu x Shinji, Gendo x Shinji, etc, etc, etc *MEGA sweat drop for an innocent then* XD

Great. Lol~ I wasn’t into hard yaoi and neither was I such a BL fangirl at that time. I enjoyed a bit of fluffy shounen-ai that were quite common in shoujo manga but I was definitely not exposed to those explicit stuff. BL weren’t so easily available then either. I never told my friend about my surprise find but I was quite fascinated by those pics tho’ *sweat drop again* I never knew porn existed in Yaoi form. lol~ lol~ *sheepish smile* Yet another kiddo led astray by internet porn! lol~

Anyway, now that Medicom Toy has RAH for Shinji, Rei and Asuka… would they also release a RAH Kaworu to complete the coupling? I think it’s unlikely but we never know, since PVC statues of Kaworu are available.

RAH Shinji costs the same as Project BM! Zero at 17,640 Yen and they’re both modified from the “skinny body” type. Although his head sculpt looks spot on, I don’t think he can be stripped out of his plug suit (yes, I’m a perv XD but seriously, it is more fun if I can dress him up ^^)

Title: Real Action Heros-449 Rebuild of Evangelion: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. Shinnji Ikari
Price: 16,800 yen (w/o tax)
Available: August 2009

I think RAH Shinji probably will only be shipped with limited number of accessories too, so I’m not that thrilled about splurging on his figure. I love Lulu enough to do that but I don’t feel the same for Shinji. So yeah… into the wishlist he shall go :) although I’m still kinda tempted.

Update 2012: Kaworu RAH has since been released and they even made school uniform versions of the boys too :D

Title: Real Action Heroes 483 Rebuild of Evangelion: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. Kaoru Nagisa
Price: 16,800 yen (w/o tax)
Available: June 2010

Title: Real Action Heroes 483 Rebuild of Evangelion: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. Shinji Ikari School Uniform Ver.
Price: 16,800 yen (w/o tax)
Available: October 2012

Title: Real Action Heroes 483 Rebuild of Evangelion: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. Kaoru Nagisa School Uniform Ver.
Price: 16,800 yen (w/o tax)
Available: October 2012


Here’s an omake… Boy version Asuka and Rei! *nosebleeds*

Such cuties and a great match too. Can’t remember where I found the pic tho’

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36 thoughts on “Goods: Neon Genesis Evangelion RAH Shinji (Medicom)”

  1. Lets go, you cannot control yourself V. Goodbye, expect a visit from us in the near future when we are bored. Just be glad X didn’t get wind, he would have this page removed. But again, I am going to take my leave before rambunctious V here starts cursing at you guys and gets as bad as you fools, if not worse.
    And before I say too much again.
    Auf Wiedersehen, und genießen Sie Ihre persönliche Hölle.

  2. Dearest SI, don’t mention “you know what”
    But yes, you can’t get rid of us, we can only leave when we are bored playing games with you little mousies.
    Your so fucking hilarious too, level with me, did someone drop you on your head as a child? Thats so sad. Too bad X and IV are busy, they could have some fun too.

  3. Looks like V jumped too quick.
    Looks like I did too.
    As for voices in my head love, thats an immature little joke.
    You can personally just rot little girl, what my dearest V said was still ever so true, though our servers didn’t catch the misdirected link. Must be the repairs we are doing. to the programming. But I digress, the point it the people whose opinions don’t count is all of yours. Your beliefs on this subject are accepted as absolute ignorant crap in the anime community. And as for us of the Selaco, we just laugh at your ignorance. Your disliked, and have to huddle together for warmth in shelters of your own ignorance. I don’t pity you though, You inflicted it upon yourselves.

    The Selaco Institute has near limitless recourses, you ban one IP, we use another. You can ask V about that though, She stalks me, but she is a good one.

  4. @Selaco I:
    As much as I would love to continue this little discussion and give you the delusion that someone actually cares about what you say or is paying attention to you, I’m going to respect the wishes of Ponytale and stop now. Oh, and you might want to stop speaking to all those voices in your head. It’s bad for health. :D

    O HAI! o/ I don’t think there’s a need for a ban. More pageviews/clicks = more ad revenue for Ponytale, no? XD

  5. Stumbled upon this when curiosity got the better of me. And ew-
    There should be a way to ban people like this through IP address are something? OTL;

  6. first off, this browser i’m using can read Japanese characters, but it doesn’t copy then , so I am stuck to English sources. As for pompous, not really, but I do have a good self image.
    And I do work for charity organizations, what I do in my free time though is my business.
    Again, you are thinking in an ultra rigid perspective, just because I don’t desire sex doesn’t mean I can’t have it. It just means I don’t look for it, nor do I have any real desire or preference. But if my partner wants to procreate I can use chemicals to induce the desired effect.
    And the fact that you can’t sit down to a long paragraph doesn’t say too much about your intelligence. You pulled out what you though were the key points, but you missed those. Take time to read something and get the soul of the text, the flavor, the essence. By missing that you missed my point and have made a feeble argument. V and VII are laughing at you by the way.
    I am really just a partial troll, I put out points like this to make a point. In short I make examples out of you. But I also help others learn from your mistakes. What you call trolling, I call attempted mental stimulation of another individual. But I digress, I only found this while looking for a cheap RAH figure to purchase. I just got lucky to find such a fresh patch of delusion.

  7. @Selaco I:
    More than 10 instances of “I” in your short reply. Pompous much? lol

    Extensive research? Not extensive enough it seems. A simple search for “乙女ゲーム 主人子 名前変更可能” would lead you to this page where they have every single heroine listed from the various otome games out there along with details of their names, if it can be changed, voice actors (if any), bio, etc.

    There’s your proof right there. :D Or well. If you can’t read Japanese then here, have a translated version of the page:

    And just so you know, I’m more of a otome fan than a BL fan. You’re speaking to someone who has been playing otome games for over 10 years here. :D

    So… tell me. How do you have sex when you’re asexual? Or did you get the definition of yet another term wrong again?

    If you’re really an altruist, shouldn’t you be out helping all those charity organization, take an old lady across the road, or be writing petition letters to all the presidents in the world? Hmm?

    By the way, long paragraph is long so tl;dr. I simply screened it briefly to pull out the key points of what you’re trying to say. You should really try using proper line breaks, grammar and punctuation if you wish to be a successful troll who gets a response out of people. XD

  8. Actually, I clicked on 7 links. 1 of them might have been wikipedia. however point is I did extensive research, so unless you can prove otherwise I will have to assume you are making stuff up to support your point. It’s not the first time I have seen BL fans do this.
    And again, you are using the definition, however in action the results are vastly different. You are again trying to limit an idea to fit your own personal gain. A usual move for young children. And if a persons fantasy is based on ignorance, it cannot be condoned. Selaco are about altruism and balance. As for your second point, also invalid. If the writer didn’t pair those two together, who am I to re-imagine his or her work? All you are really doing is letting your latent homophobia basically sodomize the work that an individual put all his or her aspirations into.
    As for me, i’m not a homophobe, but I have not fantasized about two girls doing it. I’m actually asexual. I have no sexual desires. I only will have sex to reproduce. Not having those primitive urges allows me to see without clouded judgement. Sure, I put on the act of having these desires to look normal, but to me they are just silly frills that distract you from the fine quality of the fabric of truth. I do let some sleeping dogs lye, but when a Selaco sees absolute ignorance we have an obligation to set the record straight. It was just by chance I found this puddle of mud on the clean road of altruism. Consider yourselves lucky/unlucky.

  9. @Selaco I:
    Oh really? Have you even played a single otome game yourself, hmm? If you did, then you should probably know that all games allow you to name the female lead after yourself. Effectively making it seem like you’re the one dating the guys. Again, get your facts right before even bothering to argue about something you’re not sure about. :) This is what happens when people simply Google a term they don’t know and try to use it in their favor. I bet you clicked on that link to Wikipedia didn’t you? :D

    Again, homophobes ate people who hates straight people. Just because BL fans like to pair guys together, it doesn’t mean that they are against straight pairings. It doesn’t mean that they’re in denial or something. It’s all part of the person’s fantasy.

    Let me put it this way. Say you’re watching a series and think it would be nice if one of the female characters pair up with say… the male lead. But it never happens! D8 So, to satisfy yourself, you write a fiction about them being together. Or draw something. Or stuff. It’s as simple as that. It’s all fantasy. We /know/ it’s not real. There’s no need to get so worked up over it.

    And if you’re really not a homophobe, don’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about two girls getting it on. It simply appeals to guys somehow. All the guys I’ve spoke to says it’s sexy or something. Well, it’s pretty much the same thing for us girls. :3

  10. Hah, I laugh at you. First of all Otome is pairing girls with men, that says nothing for your cause. All it says is while you can pair boys with boys you can’t do the same for yourselves.
    As for homophobes, they usually question the sexuality of males that don’t fit their idea of proper behavior for a man, so again homophobe fits. If you are going to pair a effeminate man with another man under the assumption that he is gay because his is effeminate, then you fit the operation definition of homophobe.
    And this Selaco is mister. All of us Selaco excel in different fields of though, my fields of expertise are psychology and sociology. So you are outclassed.
    On topic chirldren, after examination of the school uniform female versions, I have come to the conclusion that Mediacom didn’t produce male versions since they can be undressed, after all they would then have to decide whether or not to make them anatomically correct. It’s a shame really, the plugsuit versions are not as articulated as the uniform brand. Its a shame, I would get one myself but its just to expensive for my tastes to get something that isn’t that workable. I might buy some after the prices go down.
    BTW, a page from the experts. Try not to play off your fantasies as fact, it will save you plenty of humiliation.

  11. @Selaco I:
    Because this is utterly amusing and also because I’m kind of bored. XD

    Get your terms right before you even speak about logic, missy. Or mister.

    Homophobe: a person who fears or hates homosexuals and homosexuality.
    I do believe the term you were looking for is heterophobe. If such a term even exists.
    Unfortunately for you though, most BL fans are also equally interested in the otome genre. Which effectively cancels out what you call “an inability to accept straight effeminate males”.

    So the only homophobe around here is you, Selaco I! :D

  12. You can’t beat the logic of the selaco little girl. I would just lie back and not resist if I were you, there are 9 more where I came from.

  13. Oh, and trying to nix my address because you disagree with my ideology is immature. Here are the facts little girl. (or boy, could be either one.)

    1. Shinji is attracted to women.

    1. He was able to synch with Asuka.
    2. He was attracted to Asuka and Misato. (I.E. thermal expansion in episode 10.)
    3. He was interested in Rei.
    4. He fapped over Asuka’s comatose body in the hospital in EoE. (nasty, but proof that he was straight.)
    5. He shared the kiss with Misato before she died.

    2. Shinji was not sexually attracted to Kaworu. Kaworu was an ideal to Shinji, he wanted to be confident and sure of himself like Kaworu. Kaworu was like a big brother that Shinji never had. There was no sex and there was no sexual attraction. They were best friends and nothing more. What annoys me is not when my favorite characters are paired with boys, what annoys me is when closeted homophobes do it because they can’t accept that an effeminate male is straight. It isn’t just Kaworu either you paired him with, you tried with Toji, Kensuke, Kaji, the male bridge staff, and even his own father. So its not only homophobes, but perverts as well.

  14. I’m not calling names, just making an accurate observation.
    But don’t take my word for it, here is what the experts on this matter say. [url][/url]
    Yes, Shinji is my favorite character, but the only reason I call you homophobes is because you seem to have a hard time accepting that an effeminate male is a heterosexual, lets look at the facts though.

    1. Shinji was obsessed with Rei.
    2. He was able to synchronize with Asuka.
    3. He masturbated over a comatose Asuka. (nasty but it shows he is attracted to women.)
    4. He shared that last kiss with Misato.

    Now here is the zinger, the reason I say homophobe. Why is it that when an effeminate male shares a moment of pure comradery with another male you are so quick to say they are gay or had sex? Kaworu was Shinji’s ideal, someone he wanted to be like, not be with. He looked up to Kaworu like the brother he never had. Thats all there was, no sexual desire, no romance, just someone finding a brother figure they never had but could have used. Yeah, i’m a realist, thats why I find your comments annoying. Its not namecalling, but a description of your actions. I hope you can take indirect criticism well.
    If anyone knows how to contact Mediacom i’m sure they take customer advice. Or they might make things on commission.

  15. Hey, if the name fits. You can’t accept an effeminate male is straight? Then your secretly a homophobe.
    I too hope they release school uniform Shinji. I would then probably buy that and school uniform Asuka, OPT.

    1. @Selaco I: Ah~ I see. I understand it is annoying to non-BL fans when fujoshis pair their fav characters with another guy. Anyway please refrain from the name calling ;) We don’t even know each other personally.

  16. Shinji Ikari wasn’t gay you homophobes. Stop Shipping based on your delusions and start following Eva cannon.
    On a separate note I am hyped about the RAH series. I’m going to get a couple when I find them cheap.

    1. @Selaco I: Homophobes? ^^;;

      Well, the plug suit versions look good but I also hope they release the school uniform versions of the eva boys like they did for the girls.

  17. waaah can’t wait.

    well come to think of it, she looks independent so self-photos might be lot better.

    I like ascii art but not good with it.

  18. LOL~ now it look a bit like Totoro.
    Are you into ASCII art? i’ve seen a pic of Japan ex-prime minister Fukuda in ASCII art ver. impressive.

    Dun worry. i’ll wait he he he….

    1. Yeah I thought so too kekeke xD I like ascii art and find ascii artists amazing! I only know the basic rose and a few stick-man art lol.

      I tried to put Chun-Li and Naoto together in a rabu-rabu scene… but somehow they just don’t go together o_o sorry dear… but I took some pretty pics of the girl by herself tho’ I’ll put them up when I do a review of her figure ^^

  19. ./\_/\.
    / ^^ \
    ——— And now pudding has ears! XD

    I hope to do the shoot soon but there’re tonnes of work to complete. Hmm, maybe will do that as a way to de-stress kekeke.

    Ah~ Naoto and Chun-Li pair… Lemme see what I can cook up from there ^^

  20. @Fuuga: get enuff sleep. otherwise you have dark circles like me. I have panda eyes.
    (i think L also misses lots of sleep)

    @ponytale: yep, giga is cannibal XD. Seeing pudding tht big makes me feel stuffed already.
    I look forward for her picture along with naoto (jealous…)

  21. @akiyama: you know, I watched the animation again and just realised how strange it is cos the pudding ate itself LOL~
    Ah~ icic… then I should drink more water too… XD
    Mmm I can’t remember how much nu-bra costs but apparently it is very good. My friend swears by it cos it looks and feels natural. And it is washable and reusable!

    @fuuga: no worries! XD *pat pat* Have a cookie!

  22. Somebody kindly rip the song from the commercial so i can use it for my cellphone. imagine LOL~
    Oh yeah tht kinda bra. expensive i think….

    i usually drink lot of water during work in front of computer. i tend to get thirsty sitting for hours there so tht probably the cause of dropping weight.
    That doesn’t mean i crave to be slimmer.

  23. @Fuuga: Glad you caught the GIGA-fever :P. you might wanna check out the TV commercial for giga pudding at youtube.
    Sorry dun have the link.
    If you happen to eat Giga Pudding make sure you finish it otherwise Giga Pudding will destroy your city LOL~ suppose to write ‘ponytale’ instead of ‘ponytail’ kekeke~

    1. @akiyama: no worries dear, I’m also caught up with work but I don’t think I’ve lost any weight tho. :P I usually get hungry when I’m stressed! *dies* Envious of u lol~ but please take care okie!

      I LOVE THE GIGA PUDDING!!! I wanna go eat some now!!! xD~ And save the world lol~ Ah~ fresh, home-made pasta’s good too yum~

      I have some ideas for Chun-Li’s photo shoot but have yet to do them *_* Yea, it is as if she was wearing Nu-bra, you know? The silicone paste-on bra “for realistic lift and support” kekeke… Hmm, there isn’t any YnM figures at all huh… oh yea, found a blog of a resin enthusiast creating his/her own figure! So cool!

      @fuuga: ^^

  24. I’ll drop longer comment for Chun Li later (currently busy with deadline. really busy in fact and i’ve lose some weight from massive eating in Lunar New year)

    She’s beautiful indeed saw it on a store display…drool!
    I’m surprised tht her upper body is soft part. But tht makes it more realistic and nice huh?
    it’ll be nice if male RAH have those feature too..khu khu khu. Watch your butt boys!
    In reality Chun Li thigh will looks like a female peddler. Can probably get a side job in Asakusa other than kick butts… :D

    Ah very different you and me. I don’t like Shinji’s face.
    Uh i know it’s been a long time but i wish for Kazutaka Muraki RAH.
    Would be nice if can have RAH from the YnM.

    Some fun links for you
    (donmai the product juz enjoy the song..cute!)
    (similar to tht soba machine, but this is pasta)

    1. Yeap, me too… so cute those boy versions XD

      uwa~ try not to use pointy brackets like these < and > (i’m using html special characters &#60 ; and &#62 ; to represent them) cos maybe they tried to be funky and caused you to lose your comments *_*

  25. Looks skinny and even skinnier thanks to his plug suit and shape of his face.

    Thou he’s got the same body type as Lulu, he’s not as beautiful or as cute as Lulu.
    Looks like a girl trapped inside a surfboard body type LOL~

    His plug suit is bit plain compared to Asuka’s red plug suit.

    I think you cannot change his outfit. he has to stick with his plug suit.
    Other than probable possibility of meager accessory you surely won’t have much fun in giving him new outfit.

    1. Shinji’s figure looks skinny but I think Lulu figure is taller, although they’re both supposed to be 30cm tall. I wonder how the final product will look like.

      I’ve not unwrapped my Zero Lulu… still too precious (and expensive) *_* but I read elsewhere that his hands were painted black (gloves) so unless you also own the school boy Lulu that you can switch normal hands with, he’ll be stuck with the black ones. This seems to be the case with Shinji too. His suit looks like it is sewn permanently onto his body, as well as the shoulder/arm joints. I think it is highly unlikely we can remove it without ripping it apart. Not to mention the shoes. They look like they’re part of his suit too.

      Same issue with Chun-Li. I collected her last weekend… real pretty! I should have looked more closely cos her boots being part of her feet/legs means I probably can’t dress her for fun either. When I remove her boots, the whole thing comes off! Which leaves her without the lower part of her legs. And… wow, her upper body is soft! *pokes her soft breasts, tummy and hips* :O Wow~ so different from the male figures which are all hard plastic. Not fair! I wanna pinch Lulu’s butt HAHAHA XD But then again, maybe the boys will last longer because of that. The girl’s figure looks a lot more delicate cos of the soft material. And she wears a push-up paste-on bra for breast enhancement. It gave her an upgrade of at least 2 cups lol… I’m quite amused by that :) I should do a proper review when I have time. Her legs are really awesome tho’ but if we have that in real life terms, all those muscles would get us the bad nickname of “thunder/elephant thighs” ^^;;; Chun Li RAH definitely looks better clothed in her fighting gear.

      Sometimes I think I’m defeating the purpose of collecting these figures. They’re meant to be displayed as is, not used as barbie/ken dolls *sweatdrop* =_=

      I like Shinji’s face tho ^^ girly but kekeke it is still quite a good replica of the character.

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