Goods: Nendoroid Japanese Life Play Sets

Play Set APlay Set B

Similar to the first Nendoroid school life play set release back in December 2008, these two new Japanese-themed sets are really nice! ^^ They’re giving Rement and other established miniature makers a serious run for their money… at such quality and price too!

They’ll definitely get my $$$ for this :P Awesome because they not only can be used with Nendoroids, they’re perfect for Figma too ^^ Coming up in June 2009 for a reasonable 1890 Yen (w/ tax) each.

Play Set A and B

Set A: Japanese Dining RoomSet B: Japanese Guest Room
2 walls (sliding door and clay wall), a floor base (tatami type A), chest of drawers, bear sculpture, cushion, a rice bowl, a soup bowl, chopsticks, grilled fish (on a plate), joints to hold items and stickers (for the calender)2 walls (sliding screen and alcove wall), a floor base (tatami type B), pot, katana (with stand), metal basin, lantern, two plates with dango, a small teapot, a teacup with saucer, joints to hold items, and stickers (for the hanging scroll)
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6 thoughts on “Goods: Nendoroid Japanese Life Play Sets”

  1. hee hee hee…template room it is. the typical room is space-saving, don’t you think?
    Cushions are easily put away if you don’t need it and can move the small table easily if you want to roll out futon or something.

    Ah almost forgot about zetsubo nendoroid….lemme know how cute he is.

    Aiyah, the temptation not to play with RAH is strong, especially if you have more than 1.
    Perhaps you should switch your attention more to your nendoroids and the play set :D
    But gorgeous RAh such as naoto is hard to ignore so yeah….it’s complicated.

    1. Mmm… now that you mentioned it, it’s a very well thought-out room indeed :)
      Zetsubou sensei is cute!!! I collected him yesterday. I already have an idea for a 50k visits special shoot. But it’ll be take some work cos I plan to involve a couple of other characters as well as making use of the classroom play sets. It’ll be BL themed? Maybe keke ;) I’ll probably try to do it over the weekend.

      Yeah… that’s why owning 2 or more of the same RAH is my dream *sweatdrop* I have such low aspirations. Lol~ so that I have one safely in the box while I abuse the other one…

      An out-of-topic thingy, we brought the kiddies for their first swim at the pool! It was really fun kekeke… I’m still suffering from muscle aches from trying to walk/squat in the pool to supervise them tho’ :P

  2. yeah i think so. This sorta room is very common, in Doraemon for example.

    Waaa..i checked on the link, it certainly nice thou not significant. Those sets above are also cute (and affordable), i’m sure you can be happy with that

    Several RAH-collector i’ve known put their RAH inside a case (+lighting) and they don’t change the pose very often. Treat it almost like a statue.
    Since figma/nendoroid more affordable, it would be reasonable to make play sets for them instead of RAH.
    Try Shiki’s (military uniform ver.) chair for your RAH. hee hee….

    1. Icic… template room? kekeke yeah, I’m looking forward to the package when it ships XD My Zetsubou Sensei Nendoroid has arrived! Hopefully will have time to zip by the shop later to pick it up ^^

      I think that room set is probably expensive due to the wood used to make the furniture. Yeah, I shouldn’t play with my RAH too much. They’re not meant for rough handling =_= Shiki’s chair… Ah~why didn’t I think of that XD

  3. Set B remind me of NEDO booth on expo.
    Do you remember? The one which have model houses with series of buttons to press. XD
    and real-life japanese rooms with eco-wood (that smells…)

    Those sets are cuter than the classroom (but maybe that’s becoz i hate school) Muahahaha…

    1. Now that you mentioned it, yeah it does! XD So I guess that’s a really typical/common way of decorating a Japanese guest room?

      Agrees, I’ve always wanted to get a Japanese themed miniature room for the figures. It feels very cozy and way cuter than the classroom sets! ^^ Already pre-ordered them! Fortunately I didn’t buy the other version that cost 4800 Yen :P

      Pity both are not big enough for 1/6 RAH figures tho’ ^^

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