Goods: More boy figures! Bleach Play Arts Kai (Hitsugaya Toushiro, Kurosaki Ichigo)

Not exactly new information but these figures are now available in most stores in US for $39.90 ~ $42. I don’t follow Bleach (too many episodes! so maybe one day…) but I thought it is pretty cool when I watched the first few episodes.

Sorry Rukia, boys pics only. X3

Kurosaki IchigoHitsugaya Toshiro

(Hitsugaya Toushiro -left, Kurosaki Ichigo -right)

What caught my eye is that these Bleach 1/12 scale action figures are also sold in Japanese Hobby stores for almost 40% more expensive than the US$39.90 selling price in US (7,000 Yen!!!) ^^ and collectors in Japan will only be able to get their hands on them in December 2010. Add a few thousand yen, you can buy an Azone version of the boys that come with their own doll bodies with removable clothes! (+extra hands parts, etc) However, I have to admit, the faces of the boys in the Play Arts Kai version look more handsome than their Azone counterparts.

The good thing about Square Enix Play Arts series is that they get reissued/restocked quite regularly (half a year to a year) so there’s no big rush to grab them. Especially when your budget is tight ^^;;; I could be wrong but so far that’s the trend I see of other Play Arts figures. However, if you’re an international buyer, you might want to take advantage of the USD exchange rate now and grab them off stores like Amazon US or other US based hobby stores while it is still low.

Are there Play Arts Kai Japan versions of these figures? Makes me wonder what the difference is.

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