Goods: Military Shiki x Akira Poster Calendar 2012 (Togainu no Chi)

Wide poster calendar of the boys in military uniform!

You know we’re nearing the end of 2011 when these calendar goods start to pop up in stores. Gosh… how time flies!!!

Title: Togainu no Chi 2012 Calendar 咎狗の血 2012年カレンダー
Price: 1,200 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: October 2011
Size: width 90 cm x height 51.5 cm
Description: Illustrated by Nitro+Chiral artist Yamada Uirou 山田外朗. Military Shiki and Akira 軍服シキ&アキラ. Both sides of the poster have been specially treated to make it durable.

Posters of this size are relatively rare… so ordered! ^^;;

Box packaging.

Huge calendar poster! Can’t wait to receive mine :D

Yummy close up!

Specially treated back portion that makes the calendar poster durable and reusable.

Screencaps from Nitro+Chiral broadcast:

Sold out at most stores but still available at CDJapan!

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Military Shiki x Akira Poster Calendar 2012 (Togainu no Chi)”

  1. So happy for you! I hope I’ll receive mine soon! I actually pre-ordered mine from the local shop & they couldnt answer my question.Thanks for clearing my doubt ^_^

  2. Hi ^_^
    Just a question.The link provided by you has a different imagine which is by the company x-try. Are they actually the same poster? Sorry,my english isn’t very good.

    1. @momo: it’s sold out at most stores when I found out about it. AGF having presale if you wanna have it faster than most of us XD. Still available at CDJapan.

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