Goods: Mikado Ryugamine DRRR!! Durarara!! Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)

Ryugamine Mikado 竜ヶ峰帝人 (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki 豊永利行)

Info from wiki (Beware of SPOILERS!): A first year high school boy who moved to Ikebukuro with the encouragement of his best friend, Kida Masaomi . He moved in order to search for unusual beings and adventure. His greatest fear is having a normal life. Mikado tries hard to change his image but so far he has not had any luck, although he does get up enough courage to become the Class Representative along with Sonohara Anri. Mikado has had moments where he speaks his mind, and Masaomi claims to admire this about him. He is the only remaining creator of the infamous Dollars. He seems to be infatuated with Anri, but has never found a chance to tell her. Whenever he is close to confessing, she leaves. Mikado often gets advice from Izaya, particularly in relation to the Dollars and his need to seek out a life that isn’t ordinary. His online chat screenname is “Tanaka Taro” (田中太郎, Tanaka Taro).

Title: Durarara!! Trading Voice Mascot
「デュラララ!!」 トレーディング音声入りマスコット 6個セット (フィギュア)
Price: 4,200 yen (Box of 6 figures)
Available: November 2010

I think this figure captures Mikado’s character perfectly, his facial expression especially.

Front view and base.

The figure itself is about 6 cm tall. The base is about 1 cm. The figure cannot stand on its own without help. Notice the two holes on the base? That’s where you insert the figure. You press the button on the left to play his voice. His seiyuu is Toyonaga Toshiyuki 豊永利行.

Back view of the figure and his base. Notice the little on/off switch on the bottom left. Batteries included.

Front and back view. The paint work is not bad and most importantly the face looks good.

Angle views. But some parts like the hands are not so well done but still acceptable.

Side views. His head is not removable so it is pretty much a straightforward figure with a voice base feature, similar to i-voice figures like the Code Geass ones I have of Suzaku and Lelouch.

Angle views. He looks so earnestly cute from this angle too.

This is the small scenery card for Mikado.

Two lines from the anime:
「えー、√3点 (えー、ルート3点)」 “Eh? Square root of 3” and
「僕は数に頼る!!」 “I rely on the numbers!”

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