Goods: Lovely Kuroshitsuji Dolls

Dal CielTaeyang Sebastian

Cute! Wow~ I like Taeyang Sebastian :O He also comes complete with forks and knives weapons lol~

Taeyang SebastianPullip Grell

These dolls are strictly targeted at fangirls :P Square Enix and Jun Planning definitely has a revenue-generating winner here ^^” Retailing at 13,650 Yen each, Dal Ciel, Taeyang Sebastian and Pullip Grell presented by Otome Club Dolls! I’ll update links if I find a shop carrying these items and ships internationally.

Besides Hobby Link, you can also try this store located in Singapore and compare the prices. ^^

I will NOT buy them tho’ x_x in case a Medicom Toy Real Action Heroes/ Project BM! Sebby and Ciel comes up. And you know… once you own your first Taeyang/Pullip/Dal, I think the new downward spiral of doll collecting begins. That’s fine if it is your main hobby but when you add that to figure collecting? O.M.G. NOooOooOoo… ~$$$~ *dies*

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11 thoughts on “Goods: Lovely Kuroshitsuji Dolls”

  1. I love plushies too but I’ve stopped buying them. Apart from a few on my bed, all my other plushies are vacuum-packed flat (squashed keke) in vacuum plastic bags to save space :P

    Hmm~ reggae in anime… I think the only one we discussed before would be Afro Samurai :P Others I’m not sure.

  2. @fuuga: anyway cant blame her…blame ourself for being suckers XD

    @ponytale: wooden doll (kokeshi) is okay but the geisha doll is quite a replica so her kimono is actually a real kimono in scaled size.
    her lips painted red..
    Of course i grow up and ended up ohkay with the doll, after all it’s juz a doll. but i think somehow it affect me for thinking doll-collecting is not so fascinating.
    I like plushies. Doesn’t come cheap but cheaper than a doll.

    i agree tht vistorian/gothic hold special appeal for Japanese audience.

    @BOTH: Okay this is out of topic, reggae is quite popular genre in Japan. does anybody ever crossed with manga/anime with reggae theme?

  3. @akiyama: oo~ yesh cutest doll ever with attachable, cute butterfly feelers too XD

    I also dun really appreciate those geisha dolls until much older. I was given a round head wooden Japanese doll tho but I’ve lost it :P It was quite cute.

    I’m bleeding together with the exchange rate ~$$$~ *shake head* and orders still have to be paid. Gaaah…

    @fuuga: Kirill is such a cutie! :D yep, DIM dolls are very droolsome~ and they always dress up their dolls very well for the photo shoots. As for me, I’ll choose a teenager boy doll from their DOI and DOT range.

    Emo Sebby XD hehehe I like that! I think you can buy red coloured eyes for the doll! Their special custom dolls are always sold out. I remember reading that customers sometimes have to wait more than 6 months for their dolls o_O I bought 2 smaller sized 1/6 doll heads and a body from Volks a couple of months back to experiment with face ups but I haven’t done anything yet.

    Kuroshitsuji is probably more popular than Nabari no Ou and I think the victorian/gothic theme has a special appeal to the Japanese audience. Makes merchandising easier too.

  4. I’ve had my eye on this one for some time…i dont know why;;

    I like all the kirill versions but i think my favorite is the recent one they sold out on (vampire version >v<;) It could play off a emo child sebastian XD;

    @ Akiyama ;A; Yes is very evil…..but im surprise they made so much merchandise out of this anime an not others like Nabari no ou…Yoite doll would be interesting to see too!XD

    I’m wondering what makes kuroshitsuji produce more stuff than other enix productions…fanbase?

  5. I think it’s related to my childhood..we have this geisha doll in a glass box (with wooden frame XD) it’s about 30 cm tall
    It’s vintage and i dunno why but when i was a little i sorta dislike the doll. plain white face as if real geisha and her white tiny fingers holding a fan. brrrr….

    well i’m all grown up now and i think im going to take pic of tht item. gonna make some article about it anyway……

    Yep, cutest doll in my life. (extra parts is butterfly wing XD)

    it’s becoming more exclusive hobby due to crisis.

  6. Ah~ akiyama, you’re not tempted! Good for you! XD But thing is… you already have the cutest doll ever (Chrisan xD), so you don’t need to buy one xD

    Anyway, I’ll exercise my feeble willpower/self-control and wait for something that reeeaaaally blows me away.

  7. @Fuuga – i’ve meant to say it for quite sometime but now you just stated it right. she kills us with her updates. XD

    Im not into doll-collecting. it might sounds weird but it doesn’t ‘move’ me at all.
    Even if it’s not an expensive hobby i still remain uninterested

    Square Enix is totally evil! XD

  8. @J: Thanks for the compliment xD Mmm I think Pullip dolls are very delicate and need a lot more care and maintenance than figurines. I’ve only seen the dolls on display but never handled one before. There’s always a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign around and the shop owner’s eyes watching your every move lol~ Given the price, I thought they should be of better quality tho’

    @Fuuga: xD glad you’re back! The awesome thing about Super Dolfie… you can make your own Sebby or Ciel! As long as your doll’s face is suitable that is… ^^ Which SD do you have your eye on? The price of each doll is *cough cough* steep indeed x_x so yeah I’ll stick to my current loves. I’m already living from paycheck to paycheck… adding a doll collection will break the camel’s (me ;P) back *dies*

  9. You kill me inside a little with every update but i love it! XD
    This dollies are really cute! I would like to invest in one but…i would really like to get super dollfie one day…; Kuroshitsuji dollfie they need to make lol.

    I think my main hobby would be artbook collecting + Figure collecting….if i add doll collecting i’d end up living in a cardboard box! XD

  10. True! I agree. It’s a nice blog you have! :D I like yaoi, saiyuki, and etc.

    I must say I owned a HELLO kitty pullip but it’s made out of horrible quality and expensive too ><. Luckily, I sold it to someone. You’re better off saving that money for vinyl figures and something else.

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