Goods: Level-E Prince Baka Ouji Nendoroid (Goodsmile Company)

Surprise surprise!

Title: Level-E Nendoroid Prince レベルE ねんどろいど 王子
Price: 3,500 Yen (w/tax)
Available: August 2011
Description: 10cm tall with base and accessories.

This character is from a funny sci-fi anime based on manga by Togashi Yoshihiro (富樫義博). I managed to finish watching the anime and it was quite silly with a number of unexpected gags poking fun at stereotypical alien plotlines and also reminds me of Men-in-Black series of movies at some points. It was very entertaining but a definite surprise when I saw the announcement for this nendoroid.

The price is a little steep but I guess I’ll still try to get my hands on this fella. Well, some Star Driver nendoroids would have been nice too.

Would have been more epic if they included a face or accessory like his puppet lol~

Plot (from wiki):
Earth has been populated by thousands of aliens from all over the galaxy. While all the other aliens are aware of their presence, it is a secret only from the Earthlings. Baka, the prince of the planet Dogra, crash lands on Earth and loses his memory. He forcibly moves in with Tsutsui Yukitata, a first year high school student who had just moved out on his own. The normal life he once knew is quickly pulled away as he becomes the target of the prince’s torment.

About the character: Prince Voiced by: Namikawa Daisuke 浪川大輔 (Italy in Hetalia :D)
First prince of the planet Dogura. He has an exceptionally high IQ and has little interest other than using it to torment those around him for his own amusement. His real name is Baka Ki El Dogra (バカ=キ=エル・ドグラ), but everybody refers to him solely as Prince or Prince Baka (a play with words since baka-ōji (バカ王子) can mean both “Prince Baka” and “stupid prince”).

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Level-E Prince Baka Ouji Nendoroid (Goodsmile Company)”

    1. @clancat30: now that you mentioned it, he sure does! :D maybe can do a little modding to make him even more France-like lol like a rose or something xD

  1. Haha, aww. I totally would’ve instantly gotten a Baka Ouji if he came with a Kraft to bully. Those faces are just too perfect! XD This is so tempting!

    1. @riya: I think many of us are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that they make Kraft… tho the probability is almost nil. But you never know.

  2. @ponytale you’re right! I was gonna say the chair reminds me of Bakuman (or something like Ciel but a less fancy chair). He’s still cuteee but…lol, I think his price should be a little less for what he comes with ^^

  3. @ponytale lol! I’ll probably end up marathoning it too~ Shall start after school is over :D

    And I agree, they totally could have done more with him. Especially his many interesting facial expressions that they had in the anime. Or some other props besides the chair lol~

    1. @momo: gaaa… which reminds me. That chair is from Bakuman Morita nendoroid OTL and the book from Bungaku Shoujo nendoroid ^^;;

  4. Yes, I’m so excited about this one! <3 Prince Baka is great, and it was definitely a lovely surprise to see him getting his own Nendoroid~

    I would also love to see some Star Driver Nendoroids as well <3 Yeahh some galactic bishounens to add to my collection~

  5. This was so unexpected, I’m a big fan of Togashi works, and the anime of Level E was very funny! He’s totally bishounen, and a great character, even trolling people like crazy! XD It was an instant preoder, love his OMG face! [Now I want a Kraft nendo, it’ll be an awesome pair (fujoshi imagination is all)]

  6. I pre-ordered him! lol, couldn’t resist since he’s a male Nendoroid and he’s kind of cute. I’ve seen bits and parts of the anime but I have yet to fully watch it. Might do so in the summer :D

    And yeah, I think he’s a little expensive considering he doesn’t really have much accessories besides the chair :)

    1. @momo: Me too! Sigma recommended the anime to me and when I finally found the time to catch it, I marathon-ed the whole thing XD It was silly but entertaining.

      Yeah and they recycled Nendoroid Sebastian’s design for the cat pose :P They could have done so much more cos Baka Ouji has many silly looks and costumes in the anime.

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