Goods: Let Kaname-sama wake you up every morning… (Vampire Knight Voice Alarm Clock)

Vampire Knight Kaname x Yuki

Ah~… wouldn’t that be nice? But be prepared to suffer insomnia if that were to happen…

The realisation of this wish comes in the form of Lala’s limited edition Vampire Knight alarm clock ヴァンパイア騎士 ボイスクロック (by Hino Matsuri 樋野まつり)

Vampire Knight Voice Clock

And thanks to it, I didn’t sleep properly for the past few days I had it… Why? Cos everytime I set the alarm… (I chose Kaname‘s voice) I just couldn’t fall alseep. And when I finally slept, it would be just a few hours before the alarm was set to ring. And I would wake up in frustration, turn it off, curse myself for the stupidity and then try to go back to sleep. Zzz~

When I told my friend about it, she said that the anticipation and excitement of being awakened by the alarm kept me up. Maybe she was right. Anyway, it’s the weekend now, so I switched it off again. But I’ll switch it on later cos I’m want to wake up tomorrow for an early dip in the swimming pool before the crowd comes in.

To be honest, this is not on my priority wish list. I’m not a fan… yet. And I only watched the first episode of the anime ^^;;; What I would really like to have is the Ouran clock and Kyou Kara Maou Conrad (v/o Morikawa Toshiyuki) voice clock (which is going like for more than US$200 bucks on auction. *dead*) But I figured I should succumb and get it now since I like most of the seiyuus and in case the price goes up astronomically.

This is my first voice clock and like the Ouran clock, it is only available as a mail-in request special organised by comic magazine LaLa (Hakusensha 白泉社). Deadline of the mail-in was 28 July 2008. The original price of the clock was 1500 Yen (doesn’t include postage). Please correct me if I’m wrong. By the time I received mine, I think I spent more than US$60 (*_*) There was also a small chip on the corner of the clock which made me question if it was a used item. It isn’t obvious since the clock body is black but still…

Okie, enough ranting, back to the alarm clock review.

Vampire Knight Voice Clock

The clock is about 16 cm in height, and the body is made of mainly metal. It has a sturdy feel and doesn’t feel cheap, so that’s nice. Set up is easy. Just pop the batteries into the back of the clock, set the time and alarm and play with the buttons. No instructions needed. A useful feature that would’ve been nice to have is be able to light up the clock face cos I can’t see the time in the dark.

I only understood some of the more obvious phrases and not sure of the exact translation of every character’s morning message, so please help me out if you can. ^^)/

The voices in the video are in this order: Cross Yuuki (Horie Yui), Kiryuu Zero (Miyano Mamoru), Kuran Kaname (Kishio Daisuke), Aidou Hanabusa (Fukuyama Jun), Kain Akatsuki (Suwabe Junichi), Ichijou Takuma (Chiba Susumu), Ichijou Takuma (Chiba Susumu), Shiki Senri (Hoshi Souichirou).

My favourite is Aidou. Junjun‘s panic mode never fails to bring a smile to my face lol~ but he is too loud as an alarm. I don’t like to be shocked into waking up. I think that’s bad for health xD

For the purpose of an alarm, I personally like Kaname and Kain‘s voices and messages the most. ^^

For more information about this manga/anime series created by mangaka Hino Matsuri, please visit official site:

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22 thoughts on “Goods: Let Kaname-sama wake you up every morning… (Vampire Knight Voice Alarm Clock)”

  1. Aidou is adorable. He IS always freaking out, too.
    Have you seen the bonus episode for the Vampire Knight anime on the DVD?
    If you would like to see Aidou relaly freaking out because Kaname is irritated at him.

    I will enjoy it! >.<

  2. Hi Kiyoritha! The clock takes the usual AA-sized batteries. The package comes with them. I’m now using the “Manganese” AA Battery by GP brand which is supposedly best for clocks, remote controls and low-voltage electronic items. :P

    I think Aidou is a crowd fav lol~ XD and thanks for your comments! I had fun making the video.

    Enjoy the clock kekeke! \(^^)/

  3. What kind of batteries does the clock take?

    It’s so adorable. ^-^
    I just ordered mine off of ebay a few days ago, so I will be excited when I recieve it in a few days to a week. I love all of the voices, too. Shiki, Aidou, and Takama are my favorite voices in the clock. :)

    I’m sure I will get a suprise by waking up with one of the character’s voices.
    Thank you for the over view, by the way. I think it will make matters a littttle easier to understand. Hehe. ^^;

  4. @Fuuga: I already spoilt myself with the MoB ending ^^;; I can’t remember the exact details but… if you want I can tell you… There was also a mini-drama of it? I’m not sure.

    Hehehe and my imaginary sheep goes “Meeeh” as the ball of wool bounces over the fence XD Sure thing! Looking forward to it but no rush k…

    @akiyama: I wonder *rubs chin* but they wouldn’t do that right? XD

  5. LOL~

    i think the uke seiyuu have larger lung capacity. :D
    They probably have ‘moaning’ class on seiyuu academy XD

  6. @Akiyama I remember seeing queen of the damned i wasn’t to found of it i don’t remember why though.;;;

    @Ponytale omg yes i would love to see remake on MoB too.*_*
    I’m not sure if the translations are complete yet…
    i didn’t know the novel ended. Makes me really curious as to what happen to them now.;v;

    lol! i tired to image a sheep over a fence but it was so hard to do!
    Yea the miracle noton sheep series…was interesting XD
    When i get a chance i’ll try to upload them for you.

    “Sometimes I feel bad for the uke seiyuu who has to read so many lines from the script AND maintain his ecstatic moans during the H-scenes. I think he could hardly breathe already”

    lol yes!

  7. @imbeleth: i read LOTR because i’m not into movies.
    As HP thou i took no interest i’m aware of the movies thanks to cousin.

    And i’m sure there lots of people hating me for not liking Meyer’s novels :D
    just as the same when so many gets defensive when i said i don’t like VK.

    @fuuga: hoono no mirage is hard to find. the novel is even harder than the manga. *sigh*
    Do you also watch Queen of the Damned movie?

    1. @akiyama: Yeah I usually only set an alarm if I have an early meeting. Otherwise I just wake up naturally in time for work. I’ve not sent plushies for dry cleaning before. My mum had put them inside the netted laundry bag and used the washing machine xD They come out clean but I don’t recommend it for the more precious plushies tho’

      @imbeleth: I tried to read LotR but failed… short attention span *_* but I enjoyed The Hobbit tho. I’ll definitely pick it up again when life is at a slower pace.

      @Fuuga: Me too… I loved the MoB OVA too *_* The author is so cruel to the couple. Since Ai no Kusabi is getting a remake, it’ll be so awesome if they do that for the MoB series now that the novels are completed. The translations are not completed right? I only remember seeing bits and pieces of separate chapters online.

      Hehe… yeah surprisingly huh? But maybe I was already feeling tired that night. I also imagined the typical image of the fluffy white sheep jumping over the fence as the seiyuu counted them. XD Oh~ I never knew there’s a Miracle Noton version of the sheep series!

      You know, some semes tease/bully the uke so much I think it is just logical that they respond that way. It doesn’t bother me if they moan a lot (loud & noisy/subtle & quiet) as long as it is done well and is suitable for the scenario.

      Sometimes I feel bad for the uke seiyuu who has to read so many lines from the script AND maintain his ecstatic moans during the H-scenes. I think he could hardly breathe already ^^;;; Salutes them hardworking ukes. otsukare~

      Interview with the vampire books are great! I enjoyed the 1st HP movie but haven’t found the time to read the books.

      @Diyana: yep! It’s worth it if you’re a VK fan or seiyuu-phile ^^

  8. M-mirage of blaze alram clock!! XoX
    I miss that anime so much i remember when i was so into it that i went looking for translations of the manga/novel. I really love the story between those two characters. Naoe!*nosebleed* Hes side of the story would always kill me inside.;v;
    I loved the OVAs the best though you can see more the relationship of them in the series. Much love to this pairing~

    so those cds do kinda work. 0o0
    hmm ive only listen to the miracle noton ones.
    At times they had to much moaning lol. I think the cds i enjoyed the best was Hibiki’s and Akiras brother because there seiyuus voices are soothing.

    I love harry potter~ ‘//v//’)/

    “Interview with a vampire” was great an my all time fav. I had never read the books though.

  9. Akiyama… it was lotr THEN harry potter. =P LotR is a good classic, you should try it. I find HP ok, good fantasy flick for me. Meyer is pretty much nonsense to me. Nothing beats Anne Rice when it comes to vampires. So VK is… not interesting.

    Ponytale, don’t read Meyer. Its so… the writing style is so redundantly floral. So pretentious. And the storyline oh so predictable and reused. Try LoTR! I’m biased though! Just so you know. =P

  10. I bought one of those anti-electromagnetic radiation sticker from Australia. :D

    My comp is oredi out of the bedroom months ago, yesh i have two desks now ho ho ho
    and i think it helps me sleep lot better without tht thing around me.
    anyway since becoming a mom i don’t rely much on wake up alarm. The alarm was on when i need to wake up earlier for something.

    Have you ever send plushie for a dry clean?

  11. Nope. Don’t planned to read her books.
    I’m pretty much annoyed by the wannabe’s who started to read her books just because it’s a trend. At first it was harry potter and LOTR and now everybody is all about handsome vampire on Meyer’s book.
    I watch the trailer and not too impressed. Just a modest ‘okay lah’ i think i would enjoy ‘Interview with the vampire’ more than Twilight.

    I use my cellphone alarm function so i’m not really thinking of using any voice clock.
    Nothing beats the application…it’s a very unique one.

    It would be awkward for me to use bedsheets from anime/manga characters. Imagine my hubby feels sleeping with VK bedsheets LOL~
    Especially with that Kaname pose… :D
    Anyway my bed is king-sized so that bedsheets won’t do good.

    rather have cactuar, don’t you think?

    1. Hehehe… especially for BL fan, Interview is definitely THE choice.

      Well, if scientific rumours are to be trusted, we shouldn’t put electronic devices near us when we sleep. Who knows what those electro magnetic waves are doing to us, esp. cell phones, computers. Traditional clocks are still the best! But don’t take my word for it XP

      Hahaha XD but using the VK bedsheet as a dakimakura as shown in the photo sure is high on the moe factor… such sexy pose *nosebleed*

      LOL~ Human sized cactuar bolster/plushie would be so awesome! XD You can wrap your legs around it and rest your neck on its arm.

  12. This is the link to the Kaname bedsheet:
    There’re 2 versions Zero & Kaname. Must post the coupon from Lala magazine to buy. The guys have all those girl character bedsheets for years, its about we get our own boy bedsheets! Lol~

    Ah~ then maybe you can hunt for Dgrayman voice clock. I just found out recently that there’s a Kanda version. The funny thing is for the few episodes of Dgrayman that I happen to catch on TV, I’ve never watched one with Kanda in it where he talks more than a few words ^^;;; But so far the Sakupyon in the application is still the best! *big heart*

    Me too… if I’m in my teens I probably would have loved VK. I was seriously into vampires then, with my obsession with Anne Rice vampires and all~ I think that fueled my interest in homoerotic (BL) vamps haha

    I watched the recent Twilight movie. It is a pretty little thing which you can feel the loving direction from the way the camera lingered on the fated couple (the director is also a woman I heard) But I was quite bored by the lack of action. I think fans would love it tho’. I’m not planning to read the books. Have you read them?

  13. bedsheets? whoa…how much that would cost?
    Impressive from merchandising point of view.

    I wish for SakuPyon voice in my alarm clock. (Just like your application)
    But perhaps it’s not such a good idea because your mom will suspect someone else in your bedroom.
    I would enjoy VK if i’m way younger. :D
    Anyway, all this vampire fever is also fueled by Stephanie Meyes novels (i think), but i can’t help comparing her to Anne Rice.

  14. Yea, those things are out there! Supply = demand lol~ But they’re in general relatively rare. So far I’ve seen voice clocks featuring male seiyuus from Vitamin-X, Saiyuki, Di Gi Carat, Ouran, KKM, Dgrayman on auction before. Starting bid prices are a range from 1k Yen to 25k Yen

    I’ve seen on mandarake (long sold-out) Mirage of Blaze voice clocks. Takaya and Naoe has one clock each!!!! But those are like SUPERMEGARAREGODMODE items… and so expensive now if you’re lucky to see it on sale even…lol~

    Kekeke.. I couldn’t contain my giggles while recording the video XD Aidou was hilarious. Chiba Susumu’s genki wake-up message was cute too! I like it but I prefer a softer voice for my alarm ^^

    Well, I didn’t like the overall vibe of the 1st episode and it didn’t hold my interest for long. The setting and characterisation seemed quite pretentious to me ^^;;; Emo in all the wrong places but one of my friends liked it and she loves Kaname too. But then again, vampires are pretenders in a human world *_* so maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh in judging it from the 1st episode.

    Let’s hear those moaning BL alarms go! XD XD XD to the horror of housemates and parents XD XD XD

    I listened to the one with Yoshino Hiroyuki and Kamiya Hiroshi last night. I chuckled at Yoshino’s funny comments at 50-sheep intervals but I think I probably fell asleep after Kamiyan counted till about 250~300 sheep? Not too sure hehe but his voice was really soothing ^^ I wanted to relax but wasn’t expecting to really fall asleep :P

  15. You serious they have voice alarm clocks now!?XD
    it looks very cute and i love the seiyuus for it~ But like you id have a heart attack if something so loud woke me up.
    id love to be woken up by chiba suzumu!
    (i hear giggle after aiduos voice in the video XD)

    i agree with akiyama on VK. Its fandom killed it for me and if it wasn’t for kaname i wouldnt be intersted in the series much.(Watching most of season one did put me to sleep most of the time. I’d be lieing if i said i didnt fall alseep with episode 1 in the frist few mins.;;
    I love the manga artist though her maru puri was super cute~*hearts*)

    “BL voice clocks… it’ll be SO embarrassing… (*v^) my mind can’t help thinking dirty thoughts about moaning alarms HAHAHAHAHA~ Oh welly, when there’s demand, there’ll be supply, so either we have to be patient or write in to request for it”

    LOL! *cough* i would love to own a bl alarm clock! *cough* *hides*~

    oh that reminds me of something. Those drama cds the oyasumi that are meant to put you to sleep, have you heard/listened to them? If you have, have you ever actually fallen alseep? I’ve been dieing to know if anyone has actually ever fallen alseep to it because i know i havn’t…XD

  16. “anticipation and excitement of being awakened by the alarm kept me up”

    Hahahahahaha!!! This is funny. I’m not VK fan so maybe this doesn’t moe much, HOWEVER. Does that thing really wake you up? Sounds a little soft. This is so cute though…haha…

    1. OHAYoOOooOoo…. insomnia no longer XD

      @akiyama: yeah, neither am I a fan ^^ cos after watching the first episode, I just didn’t buy the premise of VK’s setting. I think we had a discussion on that :D and look at how far the reach of the franchise has spread… They also have bedsheets too! Kaz has bought them and they’re quite tempting buys *_*

      BL voice clocks… it’ll be SO embarrassing… (*v^) my mind can’t help thinking dirty thoughts about moaning alarms HAHAHAHAHA~ Oh welly, when there’s demand, there’ll be supply, so either we have to be patient or write in to request for it XD

      @imbeleth: Hehehe the volume was really loud. I had a shock when I played it the first time, so I taped down the speaker area to mute it slightly. The voices of the seiyuus were quite moe for me although I’m not a VK fan ^^
      As for being an effective alarm clock, I think the sheer ear-splitting volume of the clock (before being taped down) should be able to wake anybody up. Personally, I don’t like to be shocked awake (I’m a monster if you force me to… my mum can attest to that! Lol~) so I prefer a softer alarm and being gently coaxed into waking up. That’s why I prefer Kaname and Kain’s voice. kekeke.

  17. VK is not my fave and emm….i think Yuki is annoying and typical.
    (and she ain’t hot too)
    I bought VK manga of chuang yi english version and i’m not impressed. The anime and manga are making a big hit and VK merchandises are sold out anywhere but if it wasn’t for Kaname character..this story is dead.

    well this clock surely makes fan go crazy. Imagine your morning alarm by a vampire XD
    somehow this thing makes me wish for hotter voice clock from famous BL.

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