Goods: Let Ishida Akira turn you on every morning (Personalised Voice Alarm Clock)

What a killer move!

Title: Angel Alarm Clock homme Ishida Akira 「天使の目覚し時計 homme」 石田彰
Price: 9,240 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 20 December 2011 (Order before 4 November if you want to customise your name)
Important: This item is made-to-order only and Comi Comi (ships internationally) is accepting preorders till 14 November 2011. Search for keywords: 天使の目覚し時計 homme
Official site:

I think lots of IshiAki fangirls will kill to have this clock. Ishida Akira 石田彰 is next in line to voice the customised alarm clock after the first voice clock featuring Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川智之). Similarly, you can choose how you want him to call you by when he wakes you up. There’s a name list the company provides but if you can’t find your name, you can submit it if you order before 4 November 2011.

I’ll probably wait till I receive my Morimori clock before deciding if I should bleed another 9,240 Yen for a customised clock. It’s unlikely tho… cos although I like IshiAki, I’m not a super fan *dodges boulders* lol~

Take note: We have to write “___name___でお願いします” at the comments box when we check out, so that Comicomi know the name we want.

In this clock, Ishida Akira also voices 3 characters that you can pick to wake you up. There is one wake up voice for each season and a normal wake up voice pattern, so total of 15 voices to choose from as well as special voices like Oyasumi, etc.

Character bios! \(^0^)/

1) Young Commander/Commissioned offier 青年将校
Vital stats: 27 years old, 180 cm tall, weighs 71 kg (27歳 身長180cm。体重71kg)
Description: Someone who hates breaking the rules but sometimes will let it go. (規則からはずれたことをきらう。ただ、時々お目こぼしがあることも。)

2) Patisserie パティシエ
Vital stats: 24 years old, 173 cm tall, weighs 60kg (24歳 身長173cm。体重60kg)
Description: Always has a gentle smile on his face. The things he says can rival the sweetness of the pastries he makes. (柔らかな笑みを絶やさない。つくるお菓子に負けないくらい、甘い言葉を掛けてくれるかも。)

3) Musical Conductor 指揮者 (If I’m not wrong)
Vital stats: 33 years old, 178cm tall, weighs 62kg (33歳 身長178cm。体重62kg)
Description: A passionate conductor. There are times he would dash forward on his own. (情熱的な指揮者。それゆえ、一人で突っ走るところも。)

List of names you can choose for IshiAki to call you by (The list is different from Morimori’s):


Technical details:

1) Alarm 目覚し時計
– Can set up to 3 alarms.
– You can choose the voice you like or own music.
– 5 minute snooze.

2) Player. 2G memory
– Format: mp3・wma
– It can copy audio from your PC with USB cable.
– SD card usable
– Random play, sleep function.
– Sleep function between 10 to 60 minutes

3) Speaker
– Can be used as a speaker for PC and mobile phone with line-in cable.

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35 thoughts on “Goods: Let Ishida Akira turn you on every morning (Personalised Voice Alarm Clock)”

  1. @ponytale: ahhh ok, that’s what I thought it said, just wanted to make sure. Well, that surely saves me some time to save some money :) And yep, I want them to make sure the product comes out well so I’m fine with waiting. Thanks for clearing it up!

  2. heyy ponytale! So I finally got that e-mail about the morimori clock. I was wondering if you knew what the e-mail said? lol, I’m real bad at reading kanji ^^; But it looks like there was some sort of flaw so they are remaking it so the release is delayed? lol correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. @momo: yeah. the email said the makers found a serious flaw with the clock and it has to be re-manufactured. Hopefully they take their time to ensure everything is perfect and not rush to get it out *_* I don’t mind waiting a reasonable amount of time for a good product.

  3. @ponytale: ahh, so like, crybaby ukesss lol. -3-; Yahh I think he’d fit the more attack uke.

    Anyways, I’m excited to get morimori’s CLOCK! I hope it lives up to my expectations lol :D But…I’m not looking forward to paying for it…>___>;

    1. @momo: yeah, I think you’ll probably cringe when you hear some of the material IshiAki had been given… ^^;; but during his time, many BL manga/novel that were made into BLCDs had ukes who were weepy and girly and he probably did 80% of them. Just my impression though.

      Me too ~$$$~ Morimori….. D:

  4. So you can’t order the Morimori one anymore? I wish I would have known about it. I would have loved to buy the clock. :(

  5. …………..what. Oh god. If only I had money. IF ONLY. The hell. That ain’t fair. Ishida Akiraaaaaaa. Him and Yusa Kouji. My favorite not-so-young-anymore (everything around 40 onwards is old to me. |D) seiyuu. HNNNNNG D: So if Yusa ever records something liek this. i am so buying it. For now…I’ll see if I actually have money until them. if so. THAT BOX IS MIIIINE. My friends would call me crazy (I’d do, so, too.) The boy itself could be prettier. But oh well, the budget went into the voice recording, huh? xDDDD

    How does Japan always come up with (awesomely) crazy ideas like these? I was born in the wrong country…sorta. ~3~ Thanks for feeding us with these updates, I wouldn’t know half of the stuff if I didn’t occassionally stalk your blog…/D

    1. @Celestie: YUSAAAA!!! If he recorded it, I’ll definitely grab it too XDDD Hopefully its worth our while. I can’t wait to receive my Morimori clock. It’ll be a make or break whether I’ll buy any future clocks :P

      The pics are still in sample stage. The final images should be up soon.

      /( *o*)/ Glad to share! I’m also glad you guys help to keep me updated when I’m busy too.

  6. Pay when released? December is quite full already too but hmmmm *thinking about this posibility*…. Ishiaki is one of my favs, but the seiyuu I’d love to have for sure is Namikawa Daisuke, awww Ulquiorra… *blushes*

    Maybe it’s better to wait and see for the next clock? sigh! There are too many sexy seiyuu !!! =_=

  7. @ponytale: I knooow -__- I hate that. OH WELL, I’m excited for my morimori to come in!

    btw, I don’t think I’ve ever heard IshiAki in BLCDs before o_o; then again, I don’t listen to many and I tend to go for my favorite seiyuus anyways.

    Haha, but I love IshiAki as Zura- I mean, Katsura~~

    1. @momo: Me too XDD Morimori <3

      Well, compared to the selection and quality of uke roles we have nowadays, I would recommend that you stay away from most IshiAki ukes except for a selected few. But that's my personal opinion. I can't stand weepy ukes and IshiAki had to do lots of those. OTL;;;

      IshiAki sounds better as ijiwaru type of seme or attack uke I feel.

  8. @ponytale: Eeeeeeeeh? Ishida is the Queen of BL?! I never knew. Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I know that he’s very popular among seiyuu fans and my resident seiyuu expert keeps on telling me he’s known for his soft uke voice. I’ve never listen to any of his uke roles, but I did hear him use his uke voice once. It gave me the chills (the kind in which you can’t can’t tell whether you’re turned on or off by it).

    1. @bt_tara: yep… when I heard about this piece of BL history (lol), I was still a BLCD newbie and it seems Morimori and IshiAki were paired together quite often then. But to be honest, the types of uke characters he were given at that time were mostly clueless / pathetic / weepy ones OTL 9 out of 10 were raped but fall in love with the seme. Not his fault to be given such roles but I couldn’t stand them. (Which was also probably one of the reasons he quit BL) But he sounded very good when he was given stronger / attack uke roles on very -rare- occasions.

  9. @ponytale: LOL. Aw…Hirakawa Daisuke? I like him but I’m not a big fan -3-;
    I wouldn’t really know who they would chose for next though @_@
    Oh gosh, yes yes! I want to see Kamiyan sooo bad (his uke voice
    or his Natsume voice or his oresama voice haha, so many decisions!)
    Only a hopeful thinking but I’m excited to see who they’ll chose
    for their 3rd one. I was surprised to see they had a 2nd clock
    made too! Must be selling well :> lol..i worry for myself too…
    my decemeber is so full -__-;

    Haha! I didn’t know that! I knew that Morimori is the King of BL
    but not IshiAki as his queen :D How ironic~ but a very nice fact!

    1. @momo: yeah the Japanese marketers are so sneaky :( Limited editions and so on. If we knew the full list of what’s coming up, then most likely we’ll be able to make wiser decisions and not end up overspending. Especially when you can’t cancel your orders! And they always time it in such a way that if you don’t order NOW you risk missing out. Consumer psychology. I feel sad for myself. OTL;; knowing how things work yet still fall for it so miserably.

      But that’s how the way things go… same for figures too.

  10. Oh right! I was just browsing the official webpage and noticed they decided to go with ‘-sama’ instead of ‘-san’ for Morimori’s butler character! :D :D :D

  11. Actually, now that I’ve taken some time to think about it… I’m really worried about how the clock would turn out. orz I hope the audio quality is good. Else I’m really gonna regret this order. >_<

  12. Urgh. By 4th November, really? I wouldn’t even have received Morimori’s clock by then! 8(
    …That, and I just dropped 800 bucks on PC upgrades yesterday. OTL

    …………Oh well. Just gonna have to spend a little lesser this coming Christmas. There’s no way I’m gonna pass up Ishida’s clock. ;__;

    1. @Luvi: It’s a must for fans… A MUST. That’s why I’m kinda glad I’m not a big fan cos I’m broke OTL;;; like I mentioned… I wonder who else is next in line and I fear for my retirement DX

    1. @AzureKitsune: Yeah, in a way I’m also very glad this is not a must-have for me ^^::: I look at the list of preorders I already I have, I feel like crying.

  13. Oh wow! Ishida Akira! Haha I like him but not a super fan too. -__-; being that he costs so much and its released in december…and the fact that I haven’t gotten Morimori’s yet, I probably have to pass on him.

    NOW, if it was another seiyuu I loved, I would have gotten him (despite the fact I’ll be broke in December).

    @__@ Awww I wonder who will be the 3rd in line! (kamiyan..YEAH? or even nakamura yuichi -3_)

    1. @momo: I have a gut feel that the next one would be Hirakawa Daisuke but I would LOVE to have Kamiyan. I really worry for my retirement OTL;;;

      Anyway I just noticed. Morimori is King of BL and IshiAki was his Queen when he still did BL XD

    1. @bt_tara: Morimori is the King of BL and Ishida Akira used to be his “Queen” before he quit BL lol~ I just realised the connection. But probably just my speculation.

      They’re both super popular seiyuus for many years now. I’m excited to see who’s next XD

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