Goods: Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive Statues


Yummy~ Look at the two beauties ^^

1) Kuroshitsuji 黒執事 STATIC ARTS
Sebastian Michaelis セバスチャン・ミカエリス

Damage: 7,140 (w/ tax)
: October 2008Type: PVC Statue, approximately 24 cm tallOne of the lovelier bishonen figures out there but seems like it is sold out already…Considering Sebastian’s popularity, I guess it is expected :P

CAUTION! Out-of-print. So do be careful of cheap, possibly bootlegs you see on ebay.

2) Kuroshitsuji 黒執事 STATIC ARTS
Ciel Phantomhive シエル・ファントムハイヴ
Damage: 7,770 Yen (w/ tax)
: November 2008Type: PVC StatueStill available at Animate store

I love the detail of Ciel’s outfit! And the sculpt captures his features perfectly. ^^

Absolutely beautiful~ *droolz*

CAUTION! Out-of-print. So do be careful of cheap, possibly bootlegs you see on ebay.

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22 thoughts on “Goods: Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive Statues”

  1. I died when they first came out x.x I admit I had to buy both of them. I officially have 5 Kuroshitsuji Figures, 3 Sebastians and 2 Ciels. I know what the next set on my list is too~

    1. Wow you have both of these beauties! They’re quite hard to acquire huh being Animate exclusive and all… oo so you’re a big Kuroshitsuji fan… do share some pics of what you have XD

  2. If they do, they’ll say that it is a re-issue. Sometimes it seems to be a restock but my guess is that it is due to orders being cancelled so the stock numbers are back up.

  3. *stares @ Sebastian statue* @_@ the statue kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson for some creepy reason T.T

    But I love the Ciel statue ^_^ I wanna have it!!!

    1. Must be the way Sebastian was adjusting his glove :P

      Ciel is sold out again… won’t be easy to get our hands on him either *_* Good luck!!!

  4. @akiyama: Indeed!!! It’s really nice to have the full set of CLAMP in 3D. They’re definitely one of the better made and well-designed chibi figures out there at a good price. If I hadn’t been a late bloomer in figure collecting and missed the first 3 vols, I would’ve tried to collect them all xD

    YOU GO GIRL! Supports all the way!!! *provides the spiritual cushion for the landing*

    @shinobu_k: How true!!! But I don’t mind it as much if the quality of the boys are good. The Kuroshitsuji Trading Arts series looks promising. I have the Final Fantasy Trading Arts Vol 2 figures and the quality is pretty good, hopefully this series of figures won’t disappoint as well ^^

    Is the Sanzo statue the one where he is holding the gun? How much did you pay for it? I thought he looked pretty good from the photos provided.

    Well, Grell -IS- hilarious xD He is like a cross between Watanuki and Zetsubo-sensei xD I love Junjun!

  5. I want them too TOT It’s nice to have a few boys because is always like 2305 girls per month/week/second and 2 boys or so xDD I’ve received a Sanzo one today but… He’s expensive and BAD finished. Really. Very bad finished. He looked so-so but those two… wow. I don’t think we’re going to be dissapointed with them. Maybe. *Sigh. Adds to favs* I think I’m going to confort myself with the Trading Arts set (and then I can have all of them and Grell *~*). Thanks for the pic :3

  6. Depends. sometimes i bought the whole box (10 pcs) sometimes the set ( 5 pcs) and never random.

    Im not CLAMP fan but those things are pretty cute all together and yea i create envious atmosphere among otakus by having the series. (almost complete)

    yea..but im a tought litte lady, i believe i BOUNCE BACK. (tht’s the spirit)

  7. Oh dear… is it cash flow issue caused by the global financial crisis x_x I hope things will turn out ok and hear good news from you soon! The new investor may just be round the corner. Is the online shop setup yet?

    The Clamp in 3D land vol.8 is the last of the series right? Do you usually buy the whole box of 10 or just the 5 figures set?

  8. well actually i just receive a news tht it might go bankrupt.

    im not exactly crying or anything…the only way to survive is find a new investor.
    my regret is this is happening by the end of year, i’ve been planning to save money in November (in related to your visit)

    Thankfully ‘Seijuuro’ statue is covered by my cousin.

    Well this is a risk from having own business..doesn’t mind i wont go trying again. im still young and i believe can picking up the pieces again.

    well have to postpone my clamp in 3D land vol. 8 *sigh*

  9. Gaaaah~ no worries… its Rational (Mind says: You’re spending too much!!!) vs Emotional (Heart says: But but but… I LIKE THE FIGURES!!! T-T) I’m emo lol~

    *Hugz* I believe we’re tougher than we think we are. I’m sure the business will take off! (^_^)b

  10. Hey chill out…even trading figures can be expensive.
    Who knows Figmas might be like tht.

    DVDs can also be valuable…as for manga, i’m not sure
    i haven’t found a ‘precious’ manga yet.

    yep, hopefully things will be better..otherwise i’ll commit suicide LOL not like tht, being a parent i feel i gotta be tough.
    I’m still making my way to be a billionaire, riding my mercedes and flying to Tokyo in first class of my own private jet.

  11. Yeah… I controlled myself and only bought one FF figure in the playasia sale ^^;;;

    That’s true… sometimes waiting helps especially when there’s a sale and the figure is still available kekeke xD

    Cash flow is usually the challenge at the beginning of any business ^^ I’m sure things will pick up soon!

    Agrees… we definitely need to have a proper budget if we were in Japan. Otherwise I think we have only figures to live on after we retire lol… that’s kinda scary =_= unless the figures appreciate in value and are worth a lot of $$$. Which in my choice of collection… kinda unlikely since figmas are kind of cheap compared to statues which have higher collectible value being works of art.

  12. Glad you find a strategy to manage your $$$

    NOw im on bread and water XD *broke* LOL

    I try to console myself that if i miss a certain figure, i can always get another interesting figure (by the time i have some $$$)
    there’s always something ‘hot’ and i simply cannot have everything.

    Credit Card made life easy but gotta stay alert too
    especially for me, company’s cash-flow ain’t good, still haven’t got paycheck
    GAH now i’m living thru my modest saving

    Maybe it’s a good thing im not residing in Japan, otherwise will have more trouble managing money.

  13. If I were you… I’ll probably do the same thing xD and its good you keep to a budget.

    I’ve now loaded up a permanent “post-it note” on my laptop desktop to remind me of the amount of cash I still have left in my bank (which is miniscule), my outstanding credit card bills and pre-order totals already made for the following months… not a pretty sight. It is incredible how well it puts reality into perspective. *sweat drop*

    It’s helping me control my spending somewhat x_x so that helps.

  14. watashi wa passu passu! I’ll pass…being sucker i decided to get Seijuuro.

    Unless they’re still available until March 2009 im gonna get one of them.

    Bleah!! Money means a LOT in figure-collecting

  15. So far I haven’t come across preorders except for within Japan. If I’m not wrong, they are Animate x Square Enix mail/store order exclusives… but your local figure store might bring a few in. Or you can try Japan Deputy Service to help you order them but they charge commission and service fee ^^

    I don’t usually collect statues cos no space to display anyway… *touches screen too* hehehe Anyway I prefer action figures cos I can pose them xD

  16. OMG~!!! why~!?*cries* they are both gorgeous! 80 something dollars…OTL. The ciel one is lovely but they dont due orders from the united states do they?TTATT
    Oh well pictures nice….*touches screen*

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