Goods: Kuroko’s Basketball Figures Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, Kise Ryouta, etc (Megahouse, Figuarts)

Kurokocchi is such a beauty!

He comes alive in the form of this awesome sculpt by Megahouse! His face!!! <333 This figure looks great in almost every angle! Love the dynamic pose and the definitions of his limbs. And that collar-bone is so sexy (*o*) So beautiful! I believe the other Kurobas boys will turn out great too! But I’m quite sure I’ll only be getting Kurokocchi’s figure since he is my fav :3 Well, unless the rest of the figures really blow me away with their awesomeness. Details about Kurokocchi’s figure release will be announced on 11 September 2013, 6pm Japan time.

Title: Kuroko’s Basketball Series Kuroko Tetsuya 1/8 scale figure 黒子のバスケフィギュアシリーズ 黒子のバスケ 黒子テツヤ
Price: 7,600 (w/o tax)
Date available: Late Jan 2014
Height: 175 mm

Always interesting to see prototypes of figures before the final paint version.

The Megahouse version is the only Kurokocchi figure I would love to have. Other Kurokocchi figure releases didn’t really impress me so far, although I have to admit they are much cheaper… orz;

The Figuarts Zero versions… 3,800 yen (w/o tax) each.

Btw, winner of my little Kuroko’s Basketball giveaway is announced. Check it out here :3

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22 thoughts on “Goods: Kuroko’s Basketball Figures Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, Kise Ryouta, etc (Megahouse, Figuarts)”

  1. I only just saw this but seems he went out of stock like almost instantly well money I saved I guess but if they release Kise I’ll have to be super fast *___*

    1. @13: yeah the speed which he disappeared sure was fast. Kuroko is my fave out of all of them so he was kinda a must-have. I hope I don’t like Kisa’s figure as much. Stressful to join the battle D:

  2. as you can see it was hell for all of us x_x
    and yeah! i did not expect this to happen at all! wth man! D:

    i didn’t manage to get him at amiami, but thanks to a friend, i now have a hold of one at hlj.
    but their discount is so shtty -.-
    so we were all aiming at either bij or nippon yasan. lucky, ny opened preorders and it lasted quite a while! about 1 or 2 hours. i don’t remember. but there was an error in naming… kuroko was now…
    [Sakura Wars – Variable Action Kobu (Oogami Custom)]!!!
    i didn’t even noticed when i ordered him xD aint nobody got time fo dat!
    but a couple of minutes later they corrected it, and most of us reordered it in order to avoid confusion. we dont want a robot D: we want kurokocchi >.<
    bij will not list him btw. cos there is way few limited stock.

    1. @Shirokaze: Glad you managed to get him in the end too! My local fig store has confirmed my PO so I should be safe (*o*) Lol~ Sakura Wars Kurokocchi! XD Special edition? Yeah, I’ll go crazy if they sent me a mecha girl instead of our shadow boy. But I’m quite sure they will reissue him tho. So hopefully those who missed him can get him too.

  3. Preorders for him were crazy!!! I managed to order mine from the Amiami re-stock at 18:30pm which was sold out in under a minute! HS’s international site totally crashed and he isn’t up yet on HLJ or BiJ! Really,really crazy!!!!

    1. It was really crazy, Pony! He did misdirect us! In the end I’ve managed to get one copy! So happy! It was a Kiseki no Preorder!

      We have to be prepared to Kagami war, hope they announce him soon!

    2. @planck-chan: Can’t wait to see the rest of the boys. Even if I decide not to buy them in the end, it’s still exciting to see the sculpts! I have to stop myself at Kurokocchi otherwise it’ll be tempting to end up buying the rest of the boys orz;;;

  4. Pony, I woke up 20 minutes before the PO opened, I was ready, saw him on Ami, hit Add to Cart button… waited… error 500, server is busy, hit F5, error 503… then, sold out. 2nd wave of Kuroko PO at 7pm Japan time, I was there again, hitting F5, pressing add to cart and again I got “sorry item is already sold out”. It lasted 2 min! Damn, I’m still stalking him, it’s a matter of time, lucky and $$$ now.

    1. @planck-chan: I didn’t know Kurobas was that popular *o* I hope you manage to get him! I’m also waiting for confirmation regarding my preorder from a local hobby store.

  5. I just see the GEM figure this AM (10:00 in US) and it is SOLD OUT already on AmiAmi and CDJapan! Hobbysearch English site seems to be down.. Ah, I must get it as the FA Zero figures didn’t impress me, but this one is perfect! So gorgeous.

    1. @Prettyvillain: Yeah, I didn’t expect it him to be so popular ^^;; I ordered him from a local hobby store. Hopefully I managed to secure him cos I’m still waiting for the confirmation.

  6. I’ve heard PO opens tonite! I can’t wait!! This MegaHouse Kuroko is simply perfect, cute, sexy, everything we dreamed! The other Kuroko are so boring, from Bandai and Banpresto, so get this MH is a must.

    Are you voting on MH contest about characters? Here the links and details, . I’m voting everyday, always in Takao and Midorima. I think it’s easier MH do Midorima, I bet the other Kurobas players will follow Kuroko, but not sure about Takao, and he’s my fave, I love him so much!! I need them both here!

    Also I want Kise. Have you seen his Banpresto prizes? The last one is so horrible, Kise’s neck seems like ET’s!! I’m not kidding, that is horrendous, and Kise is so bishie, so sexy, why they always portrait him so poorly? That’s why I’m waiting for a MH version of him, he’ll be truly hot if they keep this sculpting work shown on Kuroko!

    One more XDDD Koto is doing Prince of Tennis boys and they’re all gorgeous! Ryouma and Atobe are on preorder already, but today we could see Tezuka painted, and gosh, Buchou is perfect, really handsome! Gonna order all Tenipuri! The best on them are the dynamic poses, yummy legs and belly! *¬*

    1. @planck-chan: Thanks for sharing the poll! I’ll check it out :D

      All the kurobas banpresto figure prizes look hideous! I was so disappointed when I saw them. Fortunately we have other better figures coming from Megahouse.

      PoT figures look great! I was really tempted by Atobe when i saw the painted final. If I were a fan I would have definitely ordered him! I’m resisting due to money and space/storage issues orz;;

    2. I just order the Tezuka figure from Ami Ami. I almost bought the atobe but now I am on limited funds…I can only afford tezuka. Actually I told my self that I would only buy a new figure if it was Tezuka and guess what…It is Tezuka!!
      also it is from Kotobukiya…whom I love the figures that come from them!

      I love … I love … l love it!!!! He will go wonderfully with the rest of my Tezuka and PoT items!!!

      if you can’t tell I am really happy!!! <3

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