Goods: Kotetsu’s fried rice set from Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Tiger and Bunny)

With love ♥

For those of you who haven’t already heard, an official cutlery and dish set is now available for order, thanks to the famous scene towards the end of the Tiger & Bunny anime.

Title: Kotetsu’s fried rice set from Barnaby Brooks Jr. 「虎徹のチャーハンセット from Barnaby Brooks Jr.」
Price: 3,675 Yen (w/tax)
Available: Late February 2012
Preorder period starts: 16 November 2011 till deadline TBA
Bandai store made-to-order link:
Set includes: fried rice plate measuring W190 x D190 ×H 37 mm, specially made spoon ( 176 mm), lunch mat (A4 size 210 x 297 mm).
Disclaimer: does not include the fried rice lol~

Yes, after spending a lovely Valentine’s Day making chocolate cakes, the couple will enjoy the fried rice that Barnaby makes ^^;;


“Fried rice” is a euphemism for “having sex” ♥♥♥ in Taiwan…

If I’m not wrong… lol~ but I don’t think the producers of the anime had that in mind when they wrote the script. Anyway, Kotetsu’s most confident dish is fried rice and if I remember correctly, he made it for Bunny in the anime in one of the episodes. :D

Ah~ Bunny is so lucky ♥ /*taken out of context*/

Simple oriental design,cute spoon and the killer fujoshi bait handwritten message at the bottom of the plate. To Kotetsu T. Kaburagi From Barnaby Brooks Jr. ♥

A4 sized lunch mat

The box package looks classy and elegant :D I’m so glad I’m not a big fan! DX

And for the fun of it, some folks entered the names of Kotetsu and Bunny-chan into the gag personality test below and guess what is in the heads of the couple? Full of H! Lol~ and for realism, Kotetsu-san also thought of money XD

Key in 虎徹さん (Kotetsu-san) and バニーちゃん (Bunny-chan) The test is located here:

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23 thoughts on “Goods: Kotetsu’s fried rice set from Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Tiger and Bunny)”

  1. @ponytale,

    No I don’t think that’s the usual price for a DISH.. Anime Mugs and dishes usually cost around 800 to 1200 yen.. And 3600 yen for a dish?! 5000yen for 2 posters? Sheesh. Normal bandai products are reasonably priced but they know how to milk fans on the “limited edition” label..

    1. @Urusaii you forgot the spoon lol xD and the lunch mat and the lovely box packaging! If u buy them separately it’s about that price.

      Yeah it’s expensive but cos I’ve seen the same thing done with Shizaya fanservice goods that’s why I’m not too surprised.

      Posters are reasonable tho cos of the size. It’s the proxy fees and exchange rates that make it worse.

  2. this actually dangerous for me..
    good thing i’m not a super-spender when it comes to anime merchandise..
    and i’m a t&b fan (つд`)

    this is so cute and fabulous!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    if i buy it, i’d just eat fried rice in it.. ≖‿≖

  3. I’m not a T&B fan, but I can’t have something that cute in my house. My mom can be really clumsy and has broken more than one plate and cup, and I have too many little cousins to let something delicate at plain sight.

    1. @ponytale and to make it worse my family wouldn’t understand why I make such a fuss about it XDd, its “just a dish”. Dear people, right now that dish costs more than all my little cousins’s lives xDDDDD, or at least I care more about it than for them.

      Yes, I am a monster.

    2. @ponytale sad thing is they don’t. They just would say I’ve spent a big chunk of my money into that piece of trash, and “if it would be a complete plates set, it would worth it”. In other words, if it’s mine, probably it hasn’t any significant value and if tossed away I’ll make a big fuss about it… And they do it anyway.

      Like those Condorito comics my brother collected 20+ years ago, and my mother decided they were “useless yellow rocks” (term in TVTropes for something apprently useless) and trashed them. Now that collection could easily cost 200+; it doesn’t seem like much, but me, being in bankrupty and wanting some DJs and stuffs from Japan… xD

    3. @Asamisa: It’s a pity that most parents don’t even try to understand their children’s interests. Those comics would have been a small pot of gold for other collectors *_*

    4. @ponytale yeah, they always think it’s just trash D:.

      Oh, they are! But they must be fertilizing the earth by now. What a waste of a piece of culture and money D:

  4. This is really adorable~! I showed it to my sister who is a huge T&B fan and she wants it really badly, haha~☆

    I’d feel really bad eating from such a lovely bit of merchandise, though~! So it’d be a waste to get it in the end… //sigh;;

    1. @Puchi: My only advice for her is to wait out for as long as the deadline is available and see what other fan service goods come out. Then decide if she has the budget to buy them.

      Bandai is going to have a field day and laugh all the way to the bank with these T$B merchandise.

      The plate is probably more for display ^^;; at that price, it’ll be hell to break anything!

    1. @momogoldfish: Hmm… these T$B goods are priced about the same as those Shizaya fan service goods, so I’m not too surprised by them. It’s just that we’re in hard times where the exchange rates really suck. And it adds so much to the burden of trying to collect them. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again. Thank goodness I’m not a big fan.

  5. You are paying for the Tiger&bunny Brand on the plate and spoon!

    It is really cute! but not for me :( wow they are really working the christmas season early.

    Ponytale: What does full of H mean? I can think of a lot things of what that could mean but I thought I would ask before I made an assumption.

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: They’re cashing in on the hype and giving fans what they want… fan service goods! We can expect more stuff to come.

      H is actually “ecchi” which in Japanese means doing naughty, sexual things XD

    2. @ponytale- that’s what I was thinking but I wanted to be sure. ;)

      Only other T&B item I would like is the plain clothed barnaby figure to go with mt Kotetsu figure I ordered.

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