Goods: Kiss Me Cushion Starry☆Sky (dakimakura, bishonen hugging pillow)

Update 2 Mar 2013: Good news! Animate Japan has restocked these cuties in March. They’re available again so order away if you missed them when they were first released in 2011.

What’s the next best thing to a hugging cushion? Well, a KISSing cushion of course… for many blissful days and nights with your favourite Starry☆Sky boys.

Title: Starry☆Sky Kiss Face Cushions of all 12 boys. Maybe the 13th boy will be an exclusive ^^;;
1) Capricorn Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 01 土萌羊
2) Aquarius Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 02 天羽翼
3) Pisces Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 03 七海哉太
4) Aries Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 04 不知火一樹
5) Taurus Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 05 金久保誉
6) Gemini Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 06 水嶋郁
7) Cancer Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 07 東月錫也
8) Leo Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 08 陽日直獅
9) Virgo Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 09 青空颯斗
10) Libra Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 10 星月琥太郎
11) Scorpio Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 11 宮地龍之介
12) Sagittarius Starry☆Sky キス顔クッション 12 木ノ瀬梓
Price: 2,940 Yen each
Available: Mid July 2011 (It’s already end July. I wonder if that’s a typo)
Reissued: March 2013 (sold out)
Animate/Movic Japan exclusive it seems.

The latest fujoshi/otome mousou delusion aid to complement all your Starry Sky drama cds, illustrated by Kazuaki-sensei カズアキ :D

Which is your favourite?

Honeybee is all out to suck their fans dry. But at least they try to give us something different unlike the Hakuouki franchise which keeps recycling old artwork. A new series of Hakuouki cushions are up for order too but all using old artwork.

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28 thoughts on “Goods: Kiss Me Cushion Starry☆Sky (dakimakura, bishonen hugging pillow)”

  1. Ah, no Shiki?! He almost always gets left out. Perhaps I will splurge on Kinose-kun or Miyaji-kun before they sell out again but I guess I had better decide soon.

    1. @ Ponytale

      Oh okay. Hmm. It’s pretty hard to say since maybe later on there will be more anime merchandise that will be on sale.

  2. sumimasennnn~~ im veryy new to all this stuffs. BUT BUT.. I REALLLY LOVE TO READ ALL UR AWESOME POSTS! & IT HAS BEEN MY DREAM TO BUY ALL OF THESE AWESOME BISHIE DAKIMAKURA & PILLOWS (O////A////O) things that i could bring to my bed XD LOL
    SOOOO can you guide me on how i could buy all these AMAZING STUFFS.. GOMEN NASAI IF IM ASKING TOO MUCH TT3TT

    1. @Kazu-chama: Thanks for your compliments ^^ Most of these goods are Animate Japan store exclusives. They don’t ship internationally so you need a Japanese shopping service to buy them for you. Try There are a lot of other online buyers but I usually use this :)

  3. I don’t mind if you do a post on it! I don’t really have a page, though~!

    It’s a little embarrassing to sleep on the cushion itself though, aha~ ////;;

  4. キタ━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━ッ!!
    My Kanata chuu-cushion has arrived! <33 I'm so happy~~~ ; 3 ; It seems like they sold out of most of the other boys, so I was pretty lucky that my favourite boy isn't one of the more popular ones! Suzuya sold out in a flash… The only ones left are Hayato, Naoshi-sensei, Tsubasa, Kazuki and Kanata.
    Kanata in a box! I didn't get a photo of the unboxing 'cuz I got a bit excited~;; It was pretty funny actually… My sister came to me and asked what I ordered so I showed her, and she smacked me with the kiss-side. xD;;
    The front side, it came vacuum-sealed like most of these kinds of things, aha~
    Kiss-side! Kanata's face is so sweet, but it's funny to see it all wrinkled from the vacuum-packaging!
    The cushion itself is actually a little smaller than I thought it would be… DS Lite placed there for size reference! It's about 2×2 DS Lites, while I thought it'd be…bigger, haha;;… Oh well. The material's kinda nice at least! It's a little silky and feels nice to put my head on!
    Here's the other side, which will probably be the one that's facing up most of the time, haha;;… It seems to be a little wrinkled from shipping, but it should smooth out soon!

    Well…as much as I'd love to go give my new kiss-cushion a test run by taking a nice, long nap, I've got to get ready for work! ;__;" Gotta make more money to buy more Kanata merchandise–! ; u ;

    1. @Puchi: Uwa! Thanks for sharing the pics <33 Kanata's chuu~ face looks so cute XD Now I kinda regret not getting Mizushima's cushion… :-\

      Is it ok I do a post on them? :O I'll add a link to your page?

  5. I must pass too, sigh, I like 5 out the 12 boys and that would be too much extra money, not counting the proxy service U.U … I prefer to wait and see if the rest of the boys get a figure version apart from Azusa, and after seing the last Altair prototypes, that would be sweet *_*

    1. @izas: I’m sure all boys will get their figures made. It’s really popular after all but then again still better to keep our fingers crossed that Azusa PVC sells well, just in case.

      I’ll have to see how big the cushions are before deciding too. 3000+++ yen isn’t cheap :-/

  6. @ponytale

    LOL safe side! But still, I have the second version of TnC and i put him on the Shiki side, but everytime someone picks it up, they look at the Akira side and are like O.o ‘why’s he naked?’ haha.

    Iku! lol I think all the boys are cuuute.

    GOSH. I’m so BROKE already! I have so many figures on for pre-order and with the release of new items on top of that -___-;

    1. @Shirokaze lol yeah then I have to give some lame excuse for it XD

      Think I might get Iku’s cushion too OTL if it doesn’t get sold out before that. Other priorities like figures await :-/

  7. I definitely need Kinose Azusa on my bed. The one they call God know who rude my nights are this summer. Amen.

  8. Ohh my wallet… and dignity…

    Why do I want this so badly!?;; Have I sunk this far into the abyss?! ; A ;” It was just a matter of time before they came out with something like this… Maybe if it sells enough, there’ll be a release of official, full-sized dakimakuras…?

    Too bad I’m broke this month, with Catherine and Luckydog1: Giancarlo’s Lucky Happy Life coming out. “OTL

    1. @Puchi: Hahahaha XD yeah… I also felt the same way as you did when I bought my first sexy Akira pillow OTL;;; Trust me, after the first one, you’ll have the stomach for the next ^^;;; (not sure if that’s a good thing lol)

      There is one official dakimakura but not of the main boys. With these kissy ones out, it is highly possible they’ll do them in the future… considering BlackButterfly also making brisk sales… how can Honeybee the money sucker not attempt it? ^^;;;

      I’ve got Lucky Happy Life and various figures on order too… seriously broke too. DX

  9. LOL. Idk if that would be awkward to have…but…I’m kinda wanting one.

    My favorite is Miyaji! But I like Yoh, Suzuya, Kazuki & Tsubasa too. But…It’s kind of hard to see all their faces though…that sample watermark!! >:

    I wonder what size the pillows are >: Cause…as much as I want one, lol, Idk if I want to go through the whole proxy mess for it :( Just cost so much~

    1. @momo: lol~ yea XD There’s a safe side to hide the kissy kissy side XDD Awkward pillows for weird looks XDD

      Yes. Sample watermark is EVIL. I’ll update the size when its available. Should be at least 35cm?

      My fav boy is Iku but all the other boys also look so cute :3

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