Goods: Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth x Cloud FACE OFF

Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth X Could FACE OFFLiterally.

Imagine my BL-filter firing when I saw the condition of these boys when I opened up the delivery box.

Cloud and Sephiroth were staring at each other face to face the whole of their trip together from the store to me! XD

I’m sorry. This is such a dumb post ^^;;;

Beyond hope. This girl. *points at self*

In case you’re wondering, these figures are:
Play Arts Kingdom Hearts version (Boss mode I think)
Cloud and Sephiroth.

I didn’t complete the game but I rather liked the design of the couple when I saw the product photos. BL fangirls are suckers for one-winged bishonens. But it defies logic AND physics… How can you fly and maintain your balance with only one-wing? This is the stuff of fantasies.

I contemplated getting Halloween Sora to complete the set but decided against it in the end. Cloud and Sephy look better just the two of them together :P

Anyway, I couldn’t take a decently lighted photo cos of the packaging. From outside, Sephiroth’s hair and armour looks rather shiny. It’ll be interesting to see what the figures really look like after they’re unwrapped.

Better to pics to come later.

Been very caught up by work lately… :( But I promise to be back soon! Thanks for sticking around!

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth x Cloud FACE OFF”

  1. lol aww! You’ll beat it one day!

    Did she ever beat sephiroth in that game? I could never beat him to much trouble. X_x;

    1. Practice makes perfect right? *cries* I suck! *stares at swollen thumbs*

      Hmm, I’m not sure… that was a long time ago but I remember she mentioned that she completed the game and it wasn’t that hard. *dead*

  2. lol its not lame! I wasn’t to happy with kingdom hearts 2….it seem to drag and it had alot of similer/clich elements in it…OTL

    Kingdom hearts one was great it seemed original.^^

    1. Maybe Kingdom Hearts 2 was more for fan-service? :P I think KH1 was pretty cool ^^ but I really sucked at these games. Took me ages to take out the Heartless while my friend just kinda fell them easily with a few swoops. x_x Fighting bosses was worse. She was really good and I just watched in awe by the side lol~

  3. I’m glad your doing okay! ^o^

    lol! Omg lucky~!!! (The person who packaged it must be a fangirl! XD)

    I love the halloween Sora, that was my favorite town in the game. How far did you get in the game?

    1. Thanks dear! Need a vacation tho XP
      Hehe yep! One of the more fun deliveries I’ve received lol~
      I think halloween Sora’s design is cool too… I like the pumpkin hat! I only played the 1st game on my friend’s PS2 and I didn’t complete it either ^^;;; lame huh.

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