Goods: Keisuke & Akira After School figure set (Comiket 80, Togainu no Chi)

Remember the grey-coloured prototype of shy, open-eyed Keisuke chibi?

Just when we thought Kotobukiya changed their minds and decided to release him as the closed-eyed version in Chiral Gakuen First Limit, the opened-eye version of sweetie pie with a dark-side in Togainu no Chi 咎狗の血 will be part of a limited edition set to be released during Comiket 80 in August 2011!

And just to make us feel better, they gave Akira blue headphones instead of the planned pink and silver OTL;;

Title:Keisuke & Akira After school set (ケイスケ&アキラ~放課後せっと~)
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: August 2011 (Comiket 80 コミックマーケット80)
Kotobukiya’s booth no: 145

Update 17 Nov 2011: Preorders opened at (Ships internationally) at a reasonable price (Doesn’t include the handkerchief)
Available in December 2011

Description: ワンコイングランデフィギュアコレクシヨン One coin Grande Figure Collection. The set will come with a lunch mat (left) size 30 x 30cm.

Must get! (>_<) I’ll update this post when I have more time to write about Comiket 80.

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29 thoughts on “Goods: Keisuke & Akira After School figure set (Comiket 80, Togainu no Chi)”

  1. I got the set at a German convention today :D So it seems that there are still plenty left. Also was a bad girl and got the new Akira (full clothes) and will maybe get the damaged one tomorrow….

    1. @Sug: That’s great! Did you get them from Kotobukiya booth? :D Both versions of Akira look fab! Definitely nice to have <3

    2. Hey!

      I got them from Figuya, which is a German shop for Japanese figures. I think they probably get their stock from Kotobukiya/ from an import company who buys from Kotobukiya.
      Now I bought both Akiras, but Shiki will come in in 16 days (pre-ordered him ^^;) – Kotobukiya probably has to restock or sth? I checked the boxes and figures with photos from the Kotobukiya ones and they looked the same (and mine also had the silver Nitro “seal of approval” on them), so they’re legit I think.
      Two other stands had Akira regular too, but they wanted 10€ more for him (whereas 75€ is okay, as 71€ would be 7100Yen, and I save shipping and custom fees which I would have had to pay, if I ordered them in the US or in Japan)- but all said that Shiki will be available next month.
      I’m such a bad fangirl, because I spent way too much money – even though I didn’t want to buy them when they were announced are released, because of the expensiveness OTL But well, if I buy one, my collector spirit forces me to buy all of them before I regret it ( I have to rearrange my room to make some room for them ^^;) – and I was frustrated = need for shopping.

      Did you get our first contest submission, by the way? :3

    3. @Sug: it’s difficult to resist especially when they’re supposed to be a pair or more orz;;;

      Like, it took quite a lot of willpower for me to skip Izaya and only order Shizuo’s Altair figure D: cos I didn’t like Izaya’s sculpt sigh. Maybe when he is on sale than I’ll consider again orz;;;

      Figuya should be legit I think :D

      Anyway if you really like the figures, it’s better to get them now before their prices double or triple when they go out of print :)

    4. Kotobukiya does not have their own booth at any German convention – nor do any other Japaense companies. I guess the only times when there are Japanese companies with an own booth is during the both book fairs.

  2. just wondering if you are selling or offer services to sell the togainu no chi school uniform figures?

    1. @cindia: I’m hoping to get my hands on them through a Japanese proxy buyer when they’re available. I don’t actually sell them myself unfortunately ^^

  3. I only REALLY wanted Rai from the first limit so I kind of held back… but I saw pictures for the second limit today and omg Konoe’s face. Just too cute for words, I think I might break my wallet and buy the second limit @__@, cant take chances on buying them seperately because Konoe sells out so fast;; They come out in December!! So excited.

  4. i have to pass on this one
    i’m not even a keisuke fan lol
    i would love the blue headphone akira tho <3

    1. @Shirokaze: They’re really smart cos they’re banking on the 100% of fans who like Akira to buy this set… so nevermind if they don’t like Keisuke lol XD

  5. This would be an incredible “must get” for me but… I’ve having economical issues so I’m trying to arrange what I can get and what I can’t.

    So unfortunately… this is farewell, my adorable little Keisuke. May Akira bless that little adorable head sculpt of yours ; h ;

  6. Haha. Aw. Cute. Keisuke with opened eyes is adorable :3. But, this isn’t a really must get for me, so I’ll see whether I’ll get it or not~ FUNDS!

    1. @momo: I’m sucker for limited editions OTL;;; so besides totally loving Keisuke’s cute face and Akira’s blue headphones, its an added incentive to get D:

  7. Yes, I understood. I mean, will be gives other limited figures/items to other series by this comiket 80?

    1. @Nabi: o icic… I’ve not seen other limited items yet but I’m sure more news about them will be out as the event draws near. I’ll post about them if I see em ^^

  8. Keisuke is very cute with his eyes opened, but Akira is the same, to me the headphones are good no matter it’s blue, silver or pink. So the only reason I’d get this set is Keisuke. Last year I got the beige military set, but dunno if I can afford another exclusivity, so I won’t dream about it too much T^T

    But 2nd Chiral Gakuen set is out for preorder, and I love the white version of Shiki’s uniform, it’s a pity we can only have one version. Pink hood for Gunji is nice too.

    1. @planck-chan: yep… good thing they announced early so we can prepare ourselves for em. I think there is a chance they may be released on Animate Japan very much later like the beige military one-coins but there’s no guarantee.

      I don’t mind about the colours for 2nd set, so I’m ok with either. In fact, I rather prefer the normal colour ^^;; but let’s see how it goes. I’ve ordered two of 1st set and one of 2nd for now. Anyway we can trade if we have extras :3

  9. Sorry for the twice posts, but I have a question. Will it gives other figures and rar items(limited items too?

    1. @Nabi: this is different version from the chiral set. So in this sense you can consider it rare. There are only 2 figures in this set. Keisuke with the different head and Akira with the blue colour headphones. The event only set comes with extra freebie lunch mat.

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