Goods: Kazama Chikage 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)

Kazama Chikage 風間千景 coloured prototype revealed!

Title: Hakuouki Kazama Chikage 1/10 figure 薄桜鬼 風間千景 リアルフィギュア 1/10塗装済完成品 (Movic)
Damage: 7,140 (w/tax)
Size: 1/10 scale so should be around 18 cm / 7 inches or so, depending on their pose.
Movic Japan Exclusive

Hakuouki (薄桜鬼) figures look similar to the Harutoki (遙かなる時空の中で) figures which were also made by Kotobukiya.

Like a BOSS. The illustration looks so much better. I’m disappointed.

Angle and close up. Hmm… the mouth seems a little wide.

His sitting position looks stiff compared to the illustration. Might be the angle the photo is taken.

Side by side comparison of the unpainted figure. The sculpted face doesn’t capture the elegance and proud expression in the original illustration but this is just the prototype so we’ll have to wait and see. Otherwise the “Like a BOSS” sitting pose looks good.

Military Shiki (Togainu no Chi)?

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58 thoughts on “Goods: Kazama Chikage 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)”

  1. It’s already up for pre-order in places like Tokyo Hunter and Big in Japan, but it’s really expensive and doesn’t look that good =/
    I’ll pass him and buy some good quality girl figure instead.

  2. whoever does the face sculpt for the hakuoki series….movic needs to find a new sculptor…so far, the only figure with tolerable face sculpts are harada and okita. saito’s and hijikata’s face scupts were pretty off. i was soooo looking forward to the kazama figure (major sucker for super dominant semes :D ) but the prototype fell so…soooo far away from the illustration. and the price tag…OH $%W#$#$#@…!

    1. @iced_wine: That means we can save our money on this one :( I was so willing to let them have it until I saw the final prototype too. Still kind of wishlisted but not a must-have now. I’ll be ordering Harada for now.

  3. As someone who loves the military Shiki AND owns it…

    I would not spend money on this. The sculpts look too damn much alike, the chair, the whole crossing leg… ehehe, no : |

    From all the figures of this series, definitely my least favorite. It almost looks like a mod version.

    1. @Oru: It’s such a pity… they didn’t capture his aura at all… I was looking forward to him too. Agree with you about the “modding” :(((
      Guess I’ll save my money this time. I’ll definitely be ordering Harada though.

  4. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I WANT! lol, Kazama’s ONLY my favorite out of all the guys… with Hijikata/Okita/Harada/Saitou all at second place. (Yes… I do NOT know how that works.) Sadly, I’ve only seen the first season of the anime and that totally made me fall for Kazama. Can’t wait to play the PSP game in English on the 15th tho! <3 Kazama-sama~ I'm saving you for last! <3 <3

    1. @dollssoulkirie: Lol~ I usually go for the guys I like first when playing these BL/otome games unless they’re characters that needs to be unlocked. Do give us an update if the English version when you play it!

  5. @ponytale

    I do think hijikata isn’t very well made, he was very cheap at auctions, only 3500yen! As for the rasetsu versions, perhaps they are special versions but I don’t find any of them attractive :-(

    1. @Urusaiii: I didn’t like the sculpt of Hijikata’s face nor his pose. The overall effect turned out quite meh… Rasetsu Saito looks very good tho. I think he is the only one that looks good with the white hair and red eyes.

  6. Ponytale,
    U aren’t? But that’s practically the whole set. U must have hijikata, okita and saito though. Only toudou is missing! Thats close!

    1. @Urusaiii: I don’t like Hijikata’s sculpt very much, so I didn’t buy his figure.

      I have Okita (Normal) and Saito (Normal and Rasetsu) I’m planning to get Harada and Kazama. I’ll buy Heisuke ONLY if I have extra $$$. *_*

  7. Oooo.. I’ll buy this one. Way better than harada. Toudou looks good too but I’m not a fan of his sadly. But I feel so sorry the whole line up is broken up without harada and toudou.. What should I dooooo >_<?! Anyone here have any hakuoki figures but NOT planning to collect the entire set?

  8. Military uniforms are always so hot. Especially on ‘sadists’. XDD
    I loved the design for this one~ This one has more details than the others, so I’m guessing the final design will stand out the most. How I wish I could buy this~
    But the price tag omg, you can buy a BL game with that! OTL

    I believe Kazama and Shiki should meet each other. Like yeah.

    1. @Liru: Both Shiki and Kazama are oresama types lol~ it’ll be quite a sight if they meet XD

      I agree with your thoughts about the price tag (;_;) many of us are crying tears of blood thanks to the price.

    2. I don’t think it’s bunny.. bandai is already making all the bunny figures.. and megahouse will also be making more full scaled Tiger & Bunny figures.. I really hope it’s Katsuya.
      Kichiku Megane is more successful than Sweet Pool so I would really be surprised if this turned out to be Tetsuo….

      I remember in a wonder fest some years ago, they had shown a prototype of that Youji figure to be released.. do any of you remember? The one that looks like he’s on a potty with his meat lumps.. >_< But whatever happened, the figure was never released.

    3. @Ponytale

      I think it’s all about money-making for them. TnC and Lamento were insanely popular in Japan and overseas so there was incentives to make more figures.. but Sweet Pool was not that popular in Japan.. so I really hope it’s katsuya.

      According to the link provided by Izas, the mystery should have been revealed at comiket.. any clues people?

      Thanks for the link to Youji. Didn’t realize you had a post about it!

      PS: When I saw the prototype (Gray) of the Kazama figure, I thought it looked good. When I saw the finished product, I was disappointed.. yup, the mouth is very off. Ugh.

    4. @urusaiii: That’s true. I’ll be equally happy if it was Katsuya too :D

      It seems that nobody took any shots of the display? Either that or they decided to hold it till the next fair.
      Yeah… Kazama was kinda disappointing :-\ But I guess I may still order him if I had extra cash. On my to-get list for Hakuouki guys in order of priority: Harada, Heisuke/Shinpachi, Kazama. If they make a good Sannan-san, then I might move him up to 2nd place.

    1. @sigma: I’ve being waiting for ages for something more than the one-coins from these boys U_U not to talk about Hiiro 2 OTL. Now the one-coins are getting a re-release may 2012 be our year? *_*

      And there’s still the surprise from Koto for the Comiket… who will be from? Sweet Pool? Kichiku Megane? Can’t wait to know it!!! >_<

    2. @izas: Judging from the colour scheme, Sweet Pool is more likely :D I would love to have Youji. I’ll be really surprised if Katsuya pops up. It’ll be cool tho.

    3. Wow, i wonder who the mystery figure is?o-o
      Does it say it will be from bl game?
      I see yellow~hair? …Gian? @_@ lol
      Who else has pale hair?

  9. Wah~ He looks really good. Though I have to agree that the face doesn’t look that great right now, but hopefully it’ll be better after painting. ^^

  10. Kazama is truly a hot man, and this boss pose is wonderful! But as always it’s just a distant dream those Hakuouki figures.

    Like ppl said here, I’m too excited about Kurama and Hiei now, my first shipped couple ever, I love Yu Yu Hakusho so much and this pair that hurts! Thanks again, Kotobukiya! <3

    1. @planck-chan: I’ll try to get him *o* Hate these exclusives too.

      Yeah! Kuruma and Hiei! Its such a wonderful announcement isn’t it? Kotobukiya is putting their survey to good use!

  11. I like this figure so much! I was waiting for him and I think he looks amazing! Ugh, its too bad, he’ll be super expensive and he’s a 1/10th….I’ll have to consider if I want him or not -3-; So many pre-orders already~~

    1. @momo: Yeah that’s why I try to refrain from preordering anything too early now that more male figures are coming out unless I know they will sell out. There just isn’t enough money to buy everything.

      Sad life of an otaku fujoshi who collects figures *group hug us*

    1. @Shirokaze: Yeah exclusives suck! *_* I think anyone who likes Military Shiki will like this too :P

      Our wish for more bishie figures have come true at our own peril OTL;;

  12. omg!! this definitly has to be my favorite at of them all. Not dynamic but wow.XD
    Yea first thing i thought of when i saw it was shiki military vers~ XD

    hope you had Good Holidays!

    1. @sigma: Yes, he is THE BOSS. Must have, really :D

      Happy Thanksgiving sweetie! (belated) Hope you had a fab time with your family and friends too *HUGGGS*


    I cannot be objective with Kazamita *3*, come with mami, my little oxygenated shiki-ti kufufufufu. I can't stop bleeding lately oh my, and the boys that are still to come from other series… need to make money (and room) for so many ikemen somehow!!

    1. @izas: Lol~ XD You have so much love for him!!! I’m sure he will turn out awesome :D I’ll most probably buy it too.

      I need to make more $ and room as well *_*

    2. @ponytale: yeah -_- I usually prefer black haired boys, but he is so Shiki alike for me… He must come home at any cost >: (sorry Harada, you’ll have to wait, sigh!)

      I only wish they would have made them in 1:8 instead of 1:10….oh well… TnC began with 1:10 figures as well, ne?

      Hope Togainu 1:8 figures sell well so they may release Lamento and other series in that scale too… ^_^

    3. @izas: Irresistible huh lol~ I want both Harada and Kazama!

      Could be the cost of licensing as well… each 1/10 Hakuouki guy costs the same as one 1/8 Togainu guy! *_*

      Yeah, hopefully we’ll see beautiful 1/8 Lamento boys. I love cat boys XD

    1. @Anonymous: Yu Yu Hakusho is a surprise since it is an old series but it is probably one of the most requested :) Kotobokiya did a survey recently and that’s probably the result :D

      I don’t watch one piece but their figures are amazing indeed.

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