Goods: I look SO Damn FABULOUS! Sega EX Grell figure (Kuroshitsuji)

Grell Sutcliff
Oh yes, look at my fabulously flowing hair…

Grell Sutcliff

and breathtaking good looks!

Grell Sutecliff BoxAlthough like Kuroshitsuji Sega EX Vol. 1, Sega EX figures Vol. 2 also features 2 Kuroshitsuji characters, Tutor Sebastian and Grell as a collectible set, I decided to go for only Grell in the end.

It is possible to get both for 2000 Yen (w/o shipping/tax) but I think Tutor Sebastian’s face doesn’t look good. I had to suppress the collector freak inside me not to succumb to the temptation of getting both just for the sake of completing the set *_*

Anyway, if you buy separately, the price of one Grell figure is 1500 Yen (w/o shipping/tax). It seems stupid not to get both for just 500 Yen more right? But I guess I still save a bit on shipping. No point wasting $$$ on something I don’t like as much.

So back to Sega EX’s Grell figure…

He is reeeaaally awesome looking. Standing as tall as Sebastian (20cm) from the previous release, the detail of the figure is fantastic and looks wonderful all around. So if you spot him anywhere on sale now, he is a definite must buy because I think Grell’s figure surpasses both Ciel and Sebastian’s from the previous release which you can see in this post.

This time the box packaging isn’t a colour print of the figures like before, but presented in a transparent plastic front cover. I think that looks much nicer and a lot more classy ^^

Let’s get on with Grell’s fabulousness with some more of his model shots. lol~

Beautiful pose, lovely hair… and big, black ribbon! I like!

Grell Sutcliff

Chainsaw details and side view

Grell Sutcliff

Grell: Oh Sebby~ how can you take your eyes off such a beauty like me? lol~

Grell Sutcliff

More chain-saw detail. Beautuful!

Grell Sutcliff

Grell: Now now, stop pretending… XD

Grell Sutcliff

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30 thoughts on “Goods: I look SO Damn FABULOUS! Sega EX Grell figure (Kuroshitsuji)”

  1. If you know for a fact, plz someone tell me if you know where i can buy this where its not out of stock….

  2. Where the hell can i buy this thing. There are no links to where I can purchase it and its kinda aggrivating…

  3. YES! Bakemonogatari figma is in the works now XD I’m excited about it.

    My goodness *_* the design and detail of those figures are amazing… I’m so glad I’m not a fanboy too ^^;;;

  4. Bakemonogatari figma~!?*_*
    i hope Senjougahara’s PVC is released later in the year same for the other ones. (speaking of it look who it is~ XD )
    as for the miku pvc “the world is min” it is a garage kit… ;A;

    Yea i saw the prices on old shining wind girl figures i can’t believe how expensive! I’m so glad im not a fan boy/one who collects girl/moe figures because i went searching an ran into a lot of awesomely sculpted girl figures. like these

    I really become a fan of vispos works. I can’t help but feel sorry for fanboys;

  5. I love big cheeked fish. XD
    poor fishes~;n;

    I got your email thank you so much for letting me know!! I can’t order at the site you gave me but i found it on amiami. The nendoriod is so cute!
    I am really thinking about getting the figma it looks so awesome~ ;A; (i also love the other character figma too when do you think she be available? The one with horns.)
    At first i want to but then stopped because i went into a figure overload.;;

    I saw the natsume figure~

    an then this *_*
    this is so gorgeous im not a fan of the series but wah i love the design concept.w-want;;;

    I also found this when i was browsing there site
    It’s from the game vinillaware makes (makers of odin sphere) I don’t think it will be released this year hopfully for my sake.;

    and then there is this…..

    A Bakamonotagari pvc!! It pawns so bad! an if you go to page 2 you will see the junjou romantica figures! Wah i fear of bleeding in my wallet in near future~ need to take a moment a think which one i really want to spend money on/save on.;_;
    (There is even going to be another “The world is mine” miku figure! Evil! X_X)

    1. Hahaha, I’m not sure if those fish were natural or artificially cultivated/bred XP but they are cute.

      You can also try ordering at which also opened for preorders. You may get free shipping (altho it is included in the price XP) I think they accept paypal too. I’m not sure when the other figma will be out… Deathmaster or something? XD

      I’m also trying not to go overboard with the figures. I still want to order Ciel and Sebby (Tea set version, rumoured September release), and Sengoku Basara nendoroid petit of Yukimura and Masamune!!! And and and Bakemonogatari figma x_x

      Natsume is so cute right? His pose reminds me of Konoe… not sure if we chatted about it already keke… I was hoping my local toy store might bring him in but Natsume is Amiami and animate exclusive. Sigh. I succumbed and ordered him *_* The other 2 PVCs are gorgeous! And Senjougahara’s PVC is lovely too! The way they setup her staplers around her figure is really brilliant! I think cos she is a girl figure, if you really like her, I think maybe you like to consider getting her now. Prices for her type of figures usually go up real high after the run goes out of print. Unlike the HaruKanaru bishonen ones *_*

      They’re making it impossible to save $ this year *dead*

  6. lol yea i give them cute simple names ^v^

    Wah those are not my artwork but i wish. The one with the horns is by a famous artist on DA. The other is from a super doujin artist i admire a lot. Her name is Abee from what i remember. She makes yummy reborn fan work is a must to check out~(her style in the way she makes her doujinshis with weird stories an gags reminds me of inugatas doujinshis.)

    Wah I miss watching pinky an brain~XD (if funny you say that because i call them mouse a lot of sometimes;)

    The fishes are so cute! lovely aquarium.(I remember seeing some kinda fish like the ones you have but what was weird about them was the smiles plastered on there face. It was like a bad case of reversed botox.0-0;;
    Strangly they were very cute though i couldn’t help but smile back. I want to get one someday it be a good cheer upper all id have to do is look at there face. XD;;;)
    Yea there a problem with keeping fish alive. I don’t know what my mom does when they die i think she throws them in garbage because there so small.TT_TT
    I do not like that at all…..i’d rather they at least go with water like flushing in the toilet.;_;

    ~”Ooo, your mum used to collect dolls! Hehehe maybe you can entice her to invest in a playmate for your boy kekeke XD ”
    Omg You are genius! lol XD
    When i get the doll i’ll try to take some pictures of the antique ones she owns.^v^

    1. Ah~ icic I thought they look like something you’ll draw :D I think your art looks great too!

      Hehehe reverse botox XD There’s every shape and size of fish to make anyone happy… My dad used to keep a variety of goldfish, including a funny looking one that has water eyebags/bubbles stuck to its head like this: O^-^O I found this web pic of a similar species we had: And interestingly, our fish burst one of its eye bubbles once (ouch) but when it heals, the eye bubbles are filled up again. We had a bigger tank in the past but unfortunately all of them have died… the one in the my photo was the last surviving one.

      Woo looking forward to the pics! XD

  7. Yea its like tweety bird comedy over here. XD

    Peaches (the spoiled model cat OTL;)
    Mocha (This is a photo from last year he was in a cat fight so his nose is all bruised/scratched ;_;)

    i have no pictures of the bird we don’t have good relationship. XD;;;
    What kind of fished your dad has? My mom had some but they all keep dying for some strange reason. Now the tank sits empty. ;_;

    Wah i love there display cases! Until i get one i’ll probebly have to leave him in his case are put him in my moms doll display. She used to collect dolls so shes kinda excited to see the dollfie too. (she said she want to steal it from me! XD)

    “After you get 1 Dolfie at that price, your resistance to buy the next Dolfie will be a lot less than before. And you start rationalising that well… my boy needs a playmate etc and before you know it, your collection grows bigger and bigger… lol~ I know I would want at least 2 *dies*”

    omg don’t say that, those are dangerous words for me! XDD

    Love the taisho era~ I always though those kind of outfits were from a outfit a postman/delivery man would wear. Now i know it’s actually a school uniform very stylish. XD
    Sakura Gari looks interesting i must read sometime.^^

    1. Uwa~ all your pets are named after ice-cream flavours and dessert? XD Feels hungry already!

      Peaches is pretty! (love your artworks on the wall! <3) Oo I used to feed a neighbour's (stray?) cat who looks very similar to Oreo, black body and white paws. Cat fight huh… must be a riot with 3 cats around. All of them have very pretty faces (^///^) As for the hamsters… XD I always find it amusing to see the fluffy balls of fur running in their wheel ^^;;; Pinky and the Brain (tho they are white mice)? Lol~ My dad used to keep canary and other singing birds years ago. They're cute but real noisy *_* As for fish… he went through a variety, from Japanese Koi (carp), marine tropical fish, etc etc over the years. Now we're left with one goldfish and some guppies. I was trying to upload a pic but my connection to photobucket seems to be dead x_x Here it is. My mum refused to let him spend money on more expensive fish after the previous ones died ^^;;; All these years he never named them tho. And due to how easily they can just die (the fish), I don’t have the motivation to name them either. And like what we see on Finding Nemo, my dad really flushes the dead/dying ones down the toilet x_x used to bother me a lot when I was a kid but… time has healed me *sighs in resignation* lol~

      Ooo, your mum used to collect dolls! Hehehe maybe you can entice her to invest in a playmate for your boy kekeke XD

      "omg don’t say that, those are dangerous words for me! XDD"
      Hehe hang in there! XD

      "Love the taisho era~ I always though those kind of outfits were from a outfit a postman/delivery man would wear. Now i know it’s actually a school uniform very stylish. XD"
      Lol~ yeah the students wearing that uniform from that era looks kinda mysteriously attractive for some reason ^^

  8. Isn’t it cute i love the wing feature too. if it wasn’t for the paint service on the weapons i would have got the extra head but i decided not too. I can also attempt to make a outfit kinda like it. Badly made that is.XD; Maybe the clothes might show up on ebay one day ive seen it done for other limited dollfies.

    lol yea three cats, four hamsters an one bird is great combination. (XD;)
    I need a glass case wonder were i can find one cheap besides ebay. lol i can see you going all out on your dollfie.
    Omg i know ive seen on youtube people who have so many dollfie i think to myself how!? They must be rich are something. I think they got addicted to it.; @_@
    Wah i remember those fantasy dollfie they are awesome! I was tempted last year by one im glad i wasn’t to temped though expensive.XD
    You know what, I think places charge to much for a super dollfie if you get it just plan its around 400-500 alone. If you want the make-up wig clothes eyes inc it will cost more. X_X
    I think companies should include the outfits an everything just like the limited edition dolls.

    Omg i love the last dollfie you posted link too!*_* He reminds me of one of those historical japan dramas.;w;

    lol i don’t think it is that epic but it was controversial subject when the chapter hit. I ended up getting spoiled by it because it was posted everywere including tegaki drawing site! ;__;
    I think you might have hit that chapter though it was the one with the throw up scene. yea…;;;
    If there is a season two im sure that would definitely be included in there.

    1. HAHAHA your hamsters and bird (reminds me of Tweety) have an exciting time huh XD My dad keeps fish tho, so cats are out of the question too.

      I’ll probably get a display case from IKEA or something ^^ Their glass display cases are quite nice and reasonable price.

      I think the warrior outfit looks lovely too. Hopefully you can find the military one online at a good price! ^^ I think cos Dolfie is such an exclusive hobby, they can pretty much charge for everything and anything and fans who can afford it will still pay for it x_x but they are truly beautiful… Mmm I think it’s psychological. After you get 1 Dolfie at that price, your resistance to buy the next Dolfie will be a lot less than before. And you start rationalising that well… my boy needs a playmate etc and before you know it, your collection grows bigger and bigger… lol~ I know I would want at least 2 *dies*

      Yeah, that Volks teen doll’s outfit is lovely. His face reminds me of the young master in Sakura Gari manga. It should be Taisho-era or something:

      Ah~ I did a google search… it does look like BL fan-service XD

  9. lol aww~
    My camera sucks but i’ll try to take lots of pictures when ever i have time i don’t think i’ll be able to afford clothes for him anytime soon(are at all for the rest of the year).XD
    My only concern is finding a place to put him so he won’t break. I have three cats but two like to climb places an make a mess. Almost knocked down a few pvcs. ;w;

    I love many dollfie company brands mostly crobi but when i was organizing links an found a link to luts page that i havn’t visited in years i clicked into there homepage an died. i would always see so many beautiful dollfie but this one just screamed for me
    THE YOUTH IN DARK WARRIORS- BORY (Ver.1) (I really liked version 2’s outfit because i love military things/uniforms but i don’t like the fact his eyes are semi-closed ;_;)
    it is limited so i only had a few days to think really hard about it. I’m surprised i even pop on the page at a speical ordering time i usally always miss it an everything’s sold out. Sense my taxes are coming soon i’ll use some of it to pay for it. I saved up way over my goal for school last year an still saving so i don’t have much guilt in buying it.;

    What dollfies you like?^^

    XD you are not worst i havn’t even got pasted chapter 5 *shot* an that was from the raws like two years back. I never went back to reading it. I did however skipped to see the epic chapter with ceil an sebby i won’t spoil anything though.
    More Basara figs I can’t wait! Let me know when pics hit the interwebs~♥

    1. uwa~ what a cute boy! XD The price for the whole set is such a steal! :O Both outfits look great. AND THEY HAVE WINGS! So awesome! I’m seriously tempted… your boy has such a cute face!!!! <3

      Why not get the boy set with the military uniform then buy the additional head with opened eyes separately? You can then put that head on your military uniform boy, then sell the closed eye head later on ebay or something :O Since it's like limited edition, it will definitely be in demand.

      Wow… 3 cats XD sigh my mum doesn't like cats/dogs… so I can't have any. I'll buy a glass display case if I ever buy a dolfie. It'll protect him and he will also look fantastic displayed with his wings out… with beautiful lighting… like WOW again. *salivates* X9~~~ I don't dare to buy a dolfie… cos I know I will be really obsessive and end up buying more and more x_x I guess you don't have to feel too guilty about your boy. You did save up for him ^^

      I like the fantasy dolls too. I remember collecting this link when I was looking up dolfies and such: Their previous fantasy dolls are pretty awesome I also like Volk's teen dolls. But gosh… he is more than a thousand bucks! Love his face and school uniform. Such a crush.

      HAHAHA please spoil me with the epic chapter XD

      Yeah will share those BASARA figs when they come up. Hopefully they have Grell quality!

  10. Yes i’ll take lots of pictures an ah! you knew i got a boy! I’m to predictable fangirl~ XD

    undertaker wah i doubt they’ll make one on him. They might end up doing another ceil version~;w;
    Have you been keeping up with the manga? *is way behind*

    1. I would get a boy too if I ever buy a Dolfie XD and I would LOVE to dress him up and take lots of pictures too kekeke Did you get a Volks Dolfie? Or other brand?

      It’s possible they make the cross-dressing Ciel :P but who knows… we might get our wish. I haven’t been following the manga tho’ so I’m worse lol~ but I guess will read it eventually. Btw, they’re making Sengoku BASARA Sega EX figures as well but I’m waiting to see the pictures before I preorder.

  11. Grell is really awesome… *__* more that I could have hoped for! But Tutor!Sebastian REALLY does looks better IRL! He looks like an evil Kyouya or something xD At first I felt stupid for buying him, but now I’m really happy about it! At least his legs aren’t as long as the first Sebastian. That really bugged me. First Sebbie was like 60 percent leg xD

    As for Tutor!Sebastian’s face… I’ll let you be the judge of that. I my opinion, it not that bad, but some people still don’t like it after seeing it ^__^;; I think he’s kinda sexy…

    And an extra shot of him and Grell:

    Lol, do you think so? Grell’s hair was the first thing I gawked about. Maybe the sculptor likes his androgynous appearance x’D My mom was there when I opened him, and she was like: “Thats one strage libary girl… .__.;;” I think Grell would see it as an compliment xD

    Anyways, do you also have trouble with getting Grell to hold his chainsaw? Mines not really holding it. It just kinda stays up because of the base and his fingers, but it falls off pretty easily…

  12. This figure is so HOT i want it to go with my bootleg sebby *shot*!XD
    I wonder if they will make one for the Undertaker? *-*

    (But i can’t buy anything for a long…long… while sense i got a….dollfie awofujawfw~ OTL;)

    1. @Sigma: WOW… Congrats for getting your first boy!!! Please share his pix! XD No wonder you’ve been working so hard! *gives yummy cookies*

      I would love to have Undertaker too but after such a high standard Grell, I would be disappointed if they can’t do a good job from now on.

      @imacatlover: beautiful isn’t he? XD I’ve seen your pics~ Love the Tutor x Ciel one hahaha~ phew luckily Tutor Sebby looks pretty good! But I’m ok with not getting him cos I already have Butler Sebby ^^;;; Lol 60% leg!!! Well said! Certain angles look yummy indeed and he does remind us of Kyouya huh…. YAY MEGANE! XD Yeah, Grell would see it as a compliment! He thinks he is a girl XD

      Hmm, I wondered about Grell’s chainsaw too when I saw the official display pic. Cos if you noticed, I put mine with the ornate design facing in but the display pic shows it facing out. According to the box instructions it’s supposed to face in tho.

      I tried both ways and think the face-inwards placement and angle of the chainsaw is “technically” correct if Grell was going to lift it up in a second with his left hand, hold the top handle with his right hand and unleash mayhem. If you put it with the design facing out, the top handle would be facing the wrong direction (down). It is also squashed by Grell’s coat behind too and that’s probably one of the reasons the chainsaw isn’t staying put. What do you think?

  13. Wise words, ponytale! I’ve made some craziness with a bonus salary I’d received early this year but now it’s time to be cautious! But he’s really stunning, one day he’ll be mine XD

  14. I was thinking, should I buy this figure? But now, seeing those pics, I’m really tempt to purchase Grell and Sebby… Oh my wallet, it’s ruined since you’ve entered this figure collection world… I’m not working at moment, I still have some savings from my previous job, but now my only income is from my undergraduate research, something like US$170. Hard University life in Brazil, even UR is underpaid.

    1. @imacatlover: Yes, isn’t Grell lovely! <3 I didn't buy Tutor Sebastian, so I'm looking forward to your pics when he arrives ^^ I was still quite happy with Butler Sebby after he arrived, but after getting Grell, I agree with you… they really didn't maximize the potential of making both Sebby figures fabulous like Grell. Grell was created with so much love~ Maybe the sculptor's specialty is girls with flowing hair, so Grell benefitted from his/her expertise lol~

      @joysatrandom: Sorry for the late reply… I fell sick the past week :( (still having a headache) I got mine from HLJ but both are sold out there now. I did a post about preorders a while back tho :O Try mandarake (they update their stocks daily at 12am Japan time). It's probably your best bet for securing a set now! Hopefully you can get yours locally too.

      This Sebby is different from the previous release. It’s Tutor Sebastian version ^^

      @planck-chan: Gaa~ me too, my wallet is weeping everyday since I discovered figure collecting (T_T) but don’t force yourself now… I mean we can’t eat these figures when we’re hungry, you know? lol~ I believe we’ll still be able to get the figures we like when we have $$$ :) Hang in there! If it is meant to be, Grell will pop up again when you’re financially ok to get him!

  15. *______* OMG, I can’t wait for mine to come~! He looks totally awesome! I was thinking they would post really nice previews of the figures, and end up giving worse quality (Like last Sebastian, Ciel was OK though…), but Grell looks indeed fabulous __>;; Anyways, thank you for the pictures of Grell~! Now I have something to look out for, when I come home from school every day. He and Sebbie should arrive next week~ *‿*

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