Goods: I finally found Youji his miniature bath tub! (Sweet Pool x Sylvanian Families)

Okie, so that doesn’t feel like Sweet Pool at all lol~

Ever since Nitro+Chiral made Sweet Pool’s one-coin chibi Youji (and naked Y-Shirt Akira), I’ve been looking for a bathtub for Youji with this CG in mind… The quest turned out to be a lot harder than I thought!

Rement Miniatures doesn’t have any bathroom furniture sets if I’m not wrong. Goodsmile hasn’t made any playsets either. There are a number of bathroom miniature sets on sale online but many reasons stopped me from buying them. For example, I wasn’t sure of their size, they didn’t look that great, too expensive or don’t ship international…

Btw, there’s also a 1/12 size bathroom set that can be used for Figma by a Japanese brand but it is only available at Amiami Japan site (not the international one) and doesn’t ship international either. But I plan to get it one day when I have more extra cash. Looks good doesn’t it? Apparently made of ceramic which explains the more expensive price of 3,990 Yen.

I’ve also checked out Playmobil sets like this too at a toy store. It’s called the Victorian Bathroom Set (£11.74). Although it looked pretty good, I wasn’t sure if that silver piece on the bath tub could be removed.

In the end, I found the Sylvanian Families Country Bathroom Set (£16.99 ) that also has a sink and toilet too but I didn’t feel like spending so much especially when I wasn’t sure of the quality. However, the plus point it has versus the Playmobil set is that… Sylvanian Families sets are too darn cute!!!! I think I may want to buy their townhouses next OTL…

So I bought the smaller Bath & Shower Set (below) instead that cost about less than half of the complete set (£7.99). There’s more at the online store.

Ah… is that Youji? lol~ I guess not :3 Expect some bath time fun when I get round to take the pics! kekeke

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13 thoughts on “Goods: I finally found Youji his miniature bath tub! (Sweet Pool x Sylvanian Families)”

  1. Ah, finally found the pics. They were from a few months back. I just randomly took it;; (now that i think about it, it may be the same time i lost the mini “Solid”. *remembers i put it in the toilet too* ;_; )

    I would like to get me a mini set sometime for my chibis too. Have you seen the photo with the mini set on figurecollectors? The one with Sebby nendroid in it? It was a amazing mini set. I’d love to get my hands on that.o-o

    1. @sigma: That’s such a cute toilet! Love it! lol~ you put the kitty in there lol~ XD oh no… Maybe the solid is still inside the toilet? :O

      Which one is it? I’ve not seen the pic yet X3 Is it the official Square Enix Kuroshitsuji items trading set? If that’s the one, I have to admit it looks lovely but it’s much more expensive than usual Rement. That’s why I didn’t buy it in the end.

    1. @Jima: The bathtub is only slightly larger than a regular sized nendoroid. I used my Kaito to try for size but his cape/coat got in the way. So depending on the nendoroid’s design it would be a slightly tight fit. But you won’t be able to have two nendoroids in the tub for couple fun :D I think it might look nicer for Nendoroid petites.

  2. i can’t wait to see your pictures using this set! It’s really detailed an cute!;v;

    (all i managed to find was a eraser toilet for youji lol.)

    1. @sigma: HAHAHA XD do you have a pic? I took some photos already… they look so cute X3 I had a lot of fun making the bubbles lol~ but the photos didn’t turn out too good :( cos all close ups, so they aren’t very sharp. The quality of the miniatures are good. Quite worth the money I feel ^^

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