Goods: Hakuouki Tea Candy Strap Gachapon Review & Giveaway (Takara Tomy)

Not too fond of testing my luck with gachapon machines orz;;

Title: Hakuouki Ochakashi Strap 薄桜鬼 お茶菓子ストラップ
Price: 200 Yen (w/tax per try)
Available: October 2011 (I think)
Maker: Takara Tomy
Description: There are 6 designs to collect. 土方歳三(京の銘菓 新撰組特製八つ橋)/斉藤一(雪うさぎの氷菓子寒天添え)/原田佐之助&永倉新八(のんべえ酒まんじゅう)/沖田総司(苦いのはちょっと嫌。あま~いらくがんと金平糖セット)/藤堂平助(塩漬け葉っぱも美味しい桜餅)/風間千景(ちぃ様婚礼祝かすていら)
Official site:

I found out about this set of cute Japanese tea candy straps a couple of months ago and really wanted them. They were not available at that time, so I didn’t try to hunt them down. I kinda of forgot about them until last week. I passed by a local toy store and saw the Gachapon machine… *_* I… I should have walked away orz;;

Many tries and ~$$$~ after, I managed to get all the boys except one. Saito Hajime’s item just refuses to drop (ToT) and I finally gave up.

After I got home, feeling bothered because I am missing one item, I did a quick search online and I found the full set on sale for about 1,080 Yen on Amazon Japan! *cries* Well, considering there are fees to import it but at least I can get the complete set… The “fun” and excitement of not knowing what to expect in gachapon orz…

Anyway, here’s the quick review of the Hakuouki boys who like me enough to drop lol~

I’m biased, so I’ll only review Harada Sanosuke’s capsule in a bit more detail than the rest.

Opened! :D

Usually these capsules contain an item and an information sheet each.

Close up of Harada Sanosuke and Nagakura Shinpachi’s strap. 原田佐之助&永倉新八 のんべえ酒まんじゅう Heavy Drinker Sake Manjuu.

Side view. Cute filling inside that reminds me of these Hetalia manjuu and Spray buns.

Back view. The straps measure about 10~15 cm long.

Next is Okita Souji’s strap. 沖田総司 苦いのはちょっと嫌。あま~いらくがんと金平糖セット Don’t really like bitter taste. Sweet~ hard candy and coloured sugar candy set.

The candy strap captures Okika’s cute teasing face :3

Back view. These candies taste very sweet and look exactly like the strap.

Hijikata Toshizou’s strap. 土方歳三 京の銘菓 新撰組特製八つ橋 Famous Kyoto brand specially made Shinsengumi Hatsu Hashi (“zig-zag bridge”, sweet with bean paste filling)

Side view. The real thing is quite yummy too.

Back view. Looks exactly like the sweet.

Todou Heisuke strap. 藤堂平助 塩漬け葉っぱも美味しい桜餅 Delicious Sakura rice cake with bean paste filling, wrapped with salt-preserved cherry leaf.

Side view.

Back view.

Kazama Chikage. 風間千景 ちぃ様婚礼祝かすていら Chi-sama Wedding Celebration Castella (sponge cake). Same flavour as these Hakuouki castella?

Side view. Looks like a book :D

All but the missing Saito Hajime’s strap :(

The information sheet. Saito Hajime strap. 斉藤一 雪うさぎの氷菓子寒天添え Snow Rabbit’s agar/gelatin served with sherbet.

Back view of the information sheet.

Since you’ve made it this far…

Here’s your chance to win a Kazama Chikage strap!

Instructions (Lucky Draw is CLOSED):

Leave me a comment at the bottom

Make sure you fill in your email address, so that I can contact you if you win. (^o^)/

Please be fair to others and enter only ONCE.

Closing date: end of 14 March 2012 (Japan’s White Day!)

I will randomly pick TWO winners at the end of the lucky draw.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your participation! There are so many entries, I wish I could give more away!

I used a random numbers iPhone app to pick the lucky winners and they are:

1) aikara (ai****_vic*****
2) rei (r****
3) Ericha (mid*****

Yep, there are 3 winners instead of 2. (^o^)/

I’ll email the three winners very soon for your address details. After you receive Kazama’s strap, please take a shot of how you use him and send it to me XD I would love to see it!

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84 thoughts on “Goods: Hakuouki Tea Candy Strap Gachapon Review & Giveaway (Takara Tomy)”

  1. Oooo they had this at my place too!! Contrast to you I had too much saito ToT I got 5 of him at home haha. For me I had a hard time getting okita… Felt like he was teasing me;;; but I was lucky enough to collect all of them!!! Yeahhhh

  2. Omigosh these are totally adorable and yummy looking! ;3;
    OHOOHO so you like Hamada too?! ;3; when I played hakuoki, his story really touched my heart and it was really great! ;-; the best for me <3
    I like kazama too btw ;3 his story wasn't much of a story though orzzz but his seiyuu is so goood. His voice makes me drool <3
    Uwaa saito's XD I bet u already got the full set right now <3 good luck to the winners chosen!!!

    1. @Terry: I’m partly biased because I love Yusa Kouji, Harada’s seiyuu :3
      You’re right, I finally got a full set :D which reminds me I should update this post ^^)/ I may have another giveaway, so watch this space!

  3. Thanks for all your entries everyone! I’ve not picked the winners yet. So Good Luck to All of you! I’ll announce the results after come back from class (^_^)/

    1. @ Pony: :3 Thanks for doing these competitions! It’s always fun to have the chance to win a prize!! >w< <33333

  4. I don’t know how my post got regulated to a reply to someone else from back in February…;_; I’m a little sad and slightly apologetic for being lame with my commenting skills orz

    Aww, awesome pictures! (I found you randomly when I did a google search for the snow bunny Saitou CG! LoL)
    I just bought the Saitou strap today on eBay for like $19 after shipping *_* Bit pricey, but the bunny is sooo cute! (I’m sad you didn’t get it to drop). I’m totally jealous of your proximity to the gachapon machines. My LCS has some, but they never seem to stock it with anything but Nintendo, Naruto or One Piece.
    Ummm…since it’s still only 9:00pm where I am, did I squeeze in for the Kazama raffle? :3

  5. Did you just said… Locally? *w* May I know where are they located? I would love to try my luck too, lol. How much does it cost? :D They are all so cute, I am in love with them all. \o/
    But damn, Saito is an uber -sexy- rare boy, sad that you couldn’t get him, or you would have a complete set~ Me would definitely want to own him (and Okita)~ XD /bias, lol.

    (And ohh, I hope I am still allowed to try at your lucky draw? I would love to try my luck here at getting a new strap for my phone. lol.)

    Happy White Day in advance~

  6. Happy White Valentines Day !!! 祝福各位白色情人節快樂~ !!!

    Sad to say that Gachapon in Malaysia is quite outdated, mostly i will bought some from Japan while going back to hometown…

  7. entering cuz i totally love chikage and too bad about not getting hajimei’s i am going to try to get a one of his sometime

  8. \(^o^)/ Ah… Gachapon are the bane of my existence… I wasted so much loose yen on them! OTL …. Still! I’d like to take part in the contest, Kazama being my fave and all~! :3

    Good luck with all your Gacha quests! <3

  9. Adorable!
    Since beating Hakuouki on the PSP and watching the anime, your site have shown me a lot of merchandise for it and I truly appreciate it. Helps me see whats out there XD

  10. so adorableee! *___* I’ve seen an online gachapon to buy these but I wasn’t sure what they looked like.. now I know and I want them even more ;o;
    that’s too bad you couldn’t get saito! hopefully you get him one day :’D

  11. *A*
    Sooooo cuuuuute!!
    It’s so adorable I can’t even express it in words (>//////<)

    And they all look so yummy *¬*

    Hope that sometime near the future you will get Saito's one!! :D

  12. That was too bad that you didn’t get the last one~
    I would have been bankrupt if I would continue getting what I wanted, hahaha..

    I hope you’ll get it if you pass by it again, only one try and Hajime will come out C:

  13. A-adorable! All of them are simply drool worthy. I especially adore Kazama’s strap (because it looks so cute and the colors are nice), so I’m really hoping that I’ll win, but good luck to everyone who’s participating! (Oh, I also adore Harada’s strap. Manjuu~.

    …dango, dango, dango, dang- *shot* (All the sweets reminded me of dango.)

  14. Ironically, my friend and I kept getting Saito!! Although I do like Saito, I don’t really think I need so many of his keychains. My friend wanted Kazama though. I hope I can get this for her. :)

  15. Ah! It’s all sweets, for a second I thought it would be edible cause it looks tasty. My fav one is sanosuke and shinpachi one since they’re stuck together XD hopefully u can get saitou’s one someday!

  16. It looks good enough to eat, but it’s too cute >x< I'd love to own one, it makes me sad that japan is so far away from missouri D:

  17. After playing the game newly released in English, I fell in love with this. I can’t say that I didn’t like the anime, however the game was so much better (as are most anime adaptations).

    Anyways, it seems a bit frustrating that you didn’t get Saito, but I feel that Okita is guy of the year, all years anyways.

  18. So cute! I haven’t tried gachapon in so long because I have terrible luck getting the ones I really want. ewe;; It’s too bad you weren’t able to get Hajime’s. ;< ..I guess I'll try my luck here;;;

  19. i tried the machine that puts out chibi versions of the characters =P i keep getting hijikata-san…l love him…but seriously….i dont want anymore of him TT^TT Saito-san refuses to come out too =__=+

  20. I totally understand the urge to keep playing those gachapon machines! It happens frequently to me as well… ><;; The worst is when there's a particular character that I really really want, and I end up getting so many spares (of other characters) at the end… -o-;;

    Have to admit it though, this hakuouki strap set is really cute! XDDD

  21. I must have Hakuouki key chains they look delicous *q* and sexy and Kazama <3 <3 sexy ~ thank you for review they keychains i really appreciate it alot :D

  22. They’re so cute~
    I don’t have any chance with gachapon machine, the more I try the least the one I’m aiming for comes out lol

  23. how nice to at least have a store with those stuff around to buy =w=
    so niiceee D;
    and it must really suck to find them later in amazon x.x

    anyways, even tho i want chibi kazama, i like!!!! *-*
    dont count me in x.x
    you know the story Q.Q

  24. I’ve never been fond of trying my luck with things like gachapon but they’re so cute I doubt I would be able to resist either~

  25. (゜▼゜*)Gosh, these are so adorable.
    Are they actual sweets? They look so real. Makes me hungry. Haha.
    Best of luck to everyone~

  26. Aww, cute shinsengumi boys and sweets! >.< Super combo for me. Hope I can scavenge the net and be able to find these.

    Bursted out laughing when I saw Kazama's was castella.
    During Otomate 2011 Party there was a part where the Hakuouki cast ate the Hakuouki castella and Kazama's VA said castella so sensually. It was hot and hilarious. XD

  27. I have Chikage’s and Saitou’s right now (Saitou’s will be part of a birthday present) so assuming I am one of the lucky winners, by luck will end right there and I’ll get a double. Of course the chance of me winning anything lately, or overall in my life is nonexistent but I can at least try /shot

    Yeah, yeah,. but I just can’t resist, they are so cute~

  28. These are really cute! They also make me hungry for sweets, haha.
    At least you got most of them – my luck is really bad with gashapon machines, since I usually get the characters I like least OTL

    1. I know how it feels. Just came back from Osaka myself and was telling myself. “K, i will try just 2 Gatcha for the Rillakuma i wanted.” In end, got 1 i OK-liked. The other was so-so. Then i got tempted and tried one more. Guess what. Repeat the so-so one. Lol. In ends, i was frenzied and on a mission. Bought like 3 more Gatchas and got in total, 1 i really really liked, the Ok-liked one earlier, one more also OK-liked and the So-so, repeated 3 times for me. Haiz. But you gotta give it to the Japs for Marketing Creativity.

  29. Those straps look delicious, I love Okita’s and Kazama’s!! They’re so adorable (but I’m biased haha)

    Gonna try my luck :D

  30. Those are supppper cute!!! I wish I could get the whole set. I especially like that they are sweets and they have their cute little faces :D

    Haha, I love/hate gashapons too. They can be fun and then, they can be annoying when the ones you want don’t drop -_-!

    Thank you for the review :)

  31. Desserts~ you know how to make me forget my stressed feeling~ kyahahaha, I remember I want to collecting ice cream phone strap from this gashapon machine. Cheh, where did I put it? OMG! I hope I doesn’t lose… TT*TT. The manjyuu and kompetai phone strap are cute! (¯¬¯). The traditional cake sure is make me feel hungry.

  32. I love your reviews, it makes me want to work harder, to have money, to buy all those goodies ((o(>_<)o)) !!! These straps are so cute, I'd love to see the strap of Hajime, but that's too bad that you can't get it (^^;)

  33. wow! at least you are lucky enough to have all of them except for saito hajime…hahaha im forever unlucky with gachapon orz it’s always the one that i dont want that will drop…hahaha.. gosh, those straps are so cute!!

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