Goods: Hakuouki one-coin chibi figures (Kotobukiya)

A quick post for the folks who love this game series. These mega-cuteness chibis are up for preorder now! ^^

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜)
Full set of 9 chibis (no secret)

Damage: 5400 Yen (w/tax)
Available: April 2010

Seems expensive right? But Kotobukiya’s figures always have superb quality. Sculpted based on Kazuki Yone‘s illustrations, the detail given to these chibi figures are pretty impressive. Each figure also comes with a small illustrated character card. So watch out for them!

I’ll add more preorder sites when available. Also available here. Btw, an anime will be made for this popular series too, so I do expect the chibis to be snapped up… For now check out more chibi images!

This guy is Harada Sanosuke right? If I’m not wrong cos I didn’t play the game ^^;; Voiced by Yusa Kouji <3

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Hakuouki one-coin chibi figures (Kotobukiya)”

  1. i think they are doing a re-issue for this set, due to be out in may~but for some reason only hobby search and yesasia are offering the pre-order…anyway, looking forward to getting one since i missed my chance last time :D

    1. @Kira: I replied your question actually :3 see here

      If you want to preorder the whole set of chibis, you can try some local anime stores, for example myotakushop

      Japan-based stores include:,,, etc

  2. I already booked the set ! For Plushies of Togainu No Shi I got them through some Ebay seller and they costed me like 150$ for 2 + EMS shipping. They were Akira + Shiki. Now I am considering others but not for that price though.

    By the way saw that you ´ve got your New Nitro Chiral Set Akira in see through version. Mine was in white and blue shirt !

    Thanks for the news about Hakuoki as Anime. I am looking forwards to it. See you back in AF !

    1. I think I’ll buy that eventually… just wanna feel a bit better if I can clear some of my credit card bills first *dies* x_x

      I ended up buying another Chiral forest box :X I’ve got both versions Akira now! Luckily it wasn’t a duplicate (that’s why the buying has to stop gaaaah~) I can’t believe how much $ I’ve spent on BL-related items last year! *shudders at the stack of receipts collected in 2009* I guess I have to be a lot more selective this year.

      Looking forward to Hakuoki anime ^^ (And Starry Sky anime too!)

  3. Yes i agree pre-ordering is the worst.;_;
    It’s like you totally forget about it an then on the month you splurge you find a surprise email in your inbox requesting for money on a item you pre-ordered months back. This happened to me i was like “Ah~!!” because i had brought/spent to much that month.XD;


    yea the figures look kinda weird for some reason i guess the design.;
    I’ve always wanted to play Dynasty Warriors.

    I’m having a hard time deciding…i dropped the elve figure, Now i have to decide between these cute chibis are the togainu plushes…..omg. TTATT

    1. And sometimes its like, okie, I should wait first and then it becomes sold out during pre-orders and you can’t find it at a reasonable price anywhere else even after it is released *cries* x_x but I’ve learnt to deal with that. Cos the figure I missed will surface somehow so if it is meant to be… I guess I’ll be able to own it someday XP

      Dynasty Warriors is fun~ good stress buster lol~

  4. Ahhhhh! Pre-oroder already wah~!;_;
    *has to wait until after Christmas*
    But i love these there so cute! An yay Yusa! i hope the same seiyuus are for the anime.*v*

    1. Yeah I haven’t ordered either *_*Anyway the pre-order period is still early, so its okie. I think pre-ordering is evil ^^;;; unless they give you an option to cancel without penalty later. There were many times I made impulse pre-orders but fortunately I could cancel some of them.

      They have to use the same seiyuus or Hakuouki game fans would probably go ballistic XD

      The sculptors realised the chibi illustrations so well. Sometimes the illustrations/sculpts make you feel like something is missing… For example the Dynasty Warriors (Shin Sangouku Musou) chibis produced by another company. ( and ( They just don’t attract me enough to make me want to bleed my wallet ^^;; Much as I like that game, I didn’t get the chibis in the end. They also have their own Sengoku BASARA chibis too (

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