Goods: Hadaka Shitsuji Toudou Aki, Maeda Tomoaki dakimakura hugging pillow covers (Madalabo)

Nosebleed? *coughcoughcough* XD I wonder this will get flagged on photobucket lol~ Please let me know if the pics fail to load :P

Title: Torakuji Ex (extreme) . Hadaka Shitsuji とらくじEx(エクストリーム)・裸執事
Price: 1,000 Yen or 500 Tora points per try.
Date available: 25 February 2012 while stocks last.
Stores: All Toranoana stores とらのあな

Possible prizes you can win:

A prize: Togomito illustrated dakimakura cover 2 types
A賞 倒神神倒先生描き下ろし特製抱き枕カバー(2種類)
Both are pretty hot, don’t you think :D

B Prize Special blanket 2 types B賞 特製ブランケット(2種類)
Very cute chibis in the first design! No comments about the second one lol~

C Prize Special Keyboard cover 2 types C賞 特製キーボードカバー(2種類)
What a distracting way to work! lol~

D Prize Togomito illustrated Special mug cup 5 Types
D賞 倒神神倒先生描き下ろし特製マグカップ(5種類)
These cups illustrations are rather cute :D

E Prize Togomito illustrated can badge 22 types
E賞 倒神神倒先生描き下ろし特製缶バッチ(22種類)
Very cute but imagine getting them each for 1,000 Yen orz;;

These items are only available in store, so you’ll need a proxy to get them and there are no guarantees that you will get what you want. I’ll pass ^^;; May consider if they pop up in auctions.

Anyway, also planned:
Event: Hadaka Shitsuji Illustration Exhibition 裸執事イラスト展
Date: 25 February 2012 to 4 March 2012
Weekdays: 12 pm – 8 pm, Weekends: 10 am – 8 pm
Venue: Comic Toranoana Akibahara store Event Booth コミックとらのあな秋葉原店 イベントスペース

Event features:
Exhibits duplicated illustrations of Hadaka Shitsuji by Madalabo (マーダー工房「裸執事」)
The illustrations used in advertisements, game CGs etc
Visitors must be aged 18 and above. Togomito is planned to attend an autograph session on 25, 26 February 2012 on 2-3pm. Exhibition exclusive goods is expected for sale.

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37 thoughts on “Goods: Hadaka Shitsuji Toudou Aki, Maeda Tomoaki dakimakura hugging pillow covers (Madalabo)”

  1. I’m in Tokyo and went to the Toranoana shop in Akihabara and tried the lottery. Got a set of can badges. The dakimakura covers were sold out. I was hoping to get the blanket with the erotic faces. I found out about the shop in Ikebukuro. My first try there was again the can badges *sigh*. I decided to go back again for my second try. I won the lottery for the dakimakura cover! Of course I chose Tomoaki ^^. Nothing is sold out yet there. I did play again and got the can badges for the 3rd time *again sigh*. I really want that blanket. It is expensive when I look at it in US dollars for 1 try especially getting the badges.

    1. @yudashin wow you’re still lucky! I’m so glad you managed to get the cover <3 it's definitely expensive if all your tries gave u the badges orz;;

      Please share your pix when u stuff it XD

    1. @Nyaa- The link is provided in the post… you didn’t see it? :O
      Click on the thumbnails to load the big images.

  2. Everyone seems to think that they’re high in the blanket 2nd picture. But it’s aiight cause I know its of their O faces ;) . All of the stuff look so good! I want the pillows/blankets… What/How would I be able to get a hold of a proxy to get any of these items for me?

    1. @Emily: You can try contacting a Japanese buying proxy who may be able to buy the stuff for you. But since its something like a lucky dip, there’s no guarantees that you’ll get what you want. Otherwise you can wait for them to appear on auctions and bid for them later.

  3. Military uniforms!~ <3
    Tomoaki looks sexy with that Do-S face of his XD And that boner made me LOL.

    Seriously..? 1000yen per badge? OTL The chibis are too cute TAT

    1. @Liru: yeah even if they’re darn big badges I’ll still have second thoughts about paying 1000 yen for one. Whats worse is that it’s a lucky dip so we can’t even choose what we want. I’m glad I’m not a big fan of this this or art style.

    1. @dangobokki: lol at your nickname. it’s on purpose right? But sasuga illustration done by a male creator. But I think it is only possible because it’s a doujin work. I can’t imagine the bigger players like Nitro+Chiral doing something like this :D

    2. yeah XD dango + toekbokki (korean rice cake snack)= Dangobokki,maybe i should have used my real name =P guy in the bikini and prize B caught me by surprise, it was interesting to see though (though not my cup of tea) , thanks for sharing ponytale, i love your site ^^b

    3. @Dangobokki: That’s a cute combi! But I thought the bokki mean something else tho ^^;; bokki-suru is referring to a boner (erect/stiffen) in Japanese orz;;;
      Thanks for your compliments! I’m glad you enjoy it XD

  4. Ahhhhh, I remember seeing this! For a while I was cursing the fact that I live so far away from a Toranoana… Then the more I looked at the pages, the less I wanted any of the things aside from the super cute can badges and the mugs! Ahah, and maybe that Tomo-chan one… hnng.

    1. @Puchi: yeah I think the chibi and mugs are cute and nice to have. But they really shouldn’t do the kuji way orz;; I’m not crazy enough to burn 1k on each.

      The dakimakura cover illustrations are too hot for me lol. Both of them have boners and the muscleman has a vibrator inserted inside him OMG don’t think I’ll ever find the chance to use it XD

  5. I- I love bara… But I’m not a fan of males with bras.

    Lol, I didn’t know they made male get ahegao XD

    1. @Mayon: I think he has a hot body but the bra… Lol~

      Yeah I didn’t notice it until you guys pointed it out. There’s a motorised vibrator inside muscleman too XD

  6. Not into muscle men, but the male protag (I forget his name) looks hot, lol but…that obvious *ahem* yeah…

    lol the chibis are cute and the rest, LOL WELL, I’m speechless (esp at that pic of them looking high, its like…yea)

    1. @momo: I didn’t even notice both the *ahem*s until you guys mentioned it :P Tomoaki’s normal sleeping pose is cute tho’

      Hahaha if I played the kuji I’ll go NoooooOooo if I got that blanket XD

    2. lol! i’m surprised you missed that! That was like…the 2nd thing I noticed. I’m like “O___O; is that what I think it is…..????!!” yes it is.

    3. @momo: Yeah I completely missed those.. *ahems* Later on after I read your comments, I noticed that. muscleman has a boner AND motorised vibrator too and that’s after I paid attention to the images lol… XD

  7. Aha, these are so great, although I’m going to be a prude here and just go for the last design, with the sleeping main in pjs.

    The mugs are REALLY awesome and kinda classy.

    B prize second design though… Makes me think of Scary Movie 1 with the “Wazzuuuuuuuuuuup” scenes.

    1. @Oru: yeah at least the sleeping pose is still useable xD As for the muscleman cover, I’ll need more than just courage to use it compared to the Mr R cover lol.

      But I’ll pass. May look for the mugs and badges on auctions if they’re at reasonable price.

  8. loooooooooooooool
    nanjya korrrraaa??? lmao

    im not into bara, so muscle type no thank you.
    the guy next to him is ok lol

    and B prize….
    i can’t stop laughing at their fking high up faces!
    sorry for the f word, but seriously, they look so high! rofl

    the chibi one is cute

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