Goods: Got wet? Let these handsome Hakuouki guys help…

And yes, they are all BIG and LONG…

and approximately 340 x 900 mm each! XD


Nah, actually they’re just Hakuouki: Zuisouroku sports towels. What were you thinking!? Stocks just in at Animaxis :3 And they come in 3 flavours, Hijikata Toshizo, Okita Souji and Saito Hajime. The most popular guys from the otome game. According to the product description, the front surface of this big towel is printed with the full-body image of each character, dressed in men’s kimono. Each character’s name is also printed at the top of the towel in Japanese. This would be nice to be displayed like a tapestry or even used to wipe your body… OooOoo :P mousou level up? LOL~

I’m too broke to get them (have other priorities sigh~) but if you love Hakuouki, they’re probably must-haves and the nearest equivalent to the Animate Japan limited hugging cushion/dakimakura.

Damage: 2,625 yen (w/tax)

Grab them at Animaxis now if you really want them cos ebay is already selling them at double the price!

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5 thoughts on “Goods: Got wet? Let these handsome Hakuouki guys help…”

  1. Oh, my! They’re already sold out, all 3! But I’m quite full of preorders… no money left for more goodies, this hobby life sometimes is cruel… but those guys are so hot, I’ve really wanted all the 3, but if I had to choose one, I’d pick Okita, my fave.

    1. @sigma: XD Thanks sweetie. Yeah, they’re real pretty :-\ I feel the pinch for not having the budget to get them. If they were Hiiro no Kakera ones, you’ll get them in a heartbeat?

      @planck-chan: Woah~ you’re right. They sure sold-out fast *_* I guess it’s expected cos their prices are quite reasonable. I would get all if I had the $$$ too… but if it was only one? Saito would be nice.

  2. lol i love your intro!
    Those are really pretty, i’d get one if i didn’t already spend almost the same price on a Harry potter towel at universals. OTL
    like you i am broke/have other priorities~

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