Goods: Get weird looks from your parents (Togainu no Chi smexy Akira)

AkiraGASP! Want a half-naked Akira on your bed?

First it is half-naked Youji (Sweet Pool) mousepad and now this! Yummy~ With Nitro+Chiral taking the lead, I think we’ll get to see more of these smexy goods targeted at BL fans in the future ^^ Pity it is not life-sized like those dakimakura (bolsters/hugging pillows) that are so popular among male otaku… but it’s a good start (I’ll probably regret wishing for more of these things *_*) Anyway…

A large cushion measuring 600mm x 450mm, this cushion will be available in December 2009! Preorder is open now at Animaxis (has ended) but closes 22 October 2009! OMG less than 2 days to make a decision (o_O)

Damage: 3,675 yen (w/tax)


Complaint… the back of the cushion features a disappointing fully-clothed Shiki. Hey you wanna make em sexy, you go all the way okay? And what happened to the menacing charisma? This Shiki illustration just don’t feel right. He should be posed from a “seme” angle, don’t you think?

But then again, maybe it is wise to have the “G”-side to hide the racy PG-side, so that you don’t get weird looks from unsuspecting parents who come into your room while you cuddle the cushion with <3 the half-naked Akira side facing you. LOL~ XD~ (Did you notice Akira’s illustration? No pants! Akira: I’m ready for you anytime, baby~ ^^;;;)

Oh welly… I would probably skip this drool-worthy cushion… *_* but…. GAAA… I dunno…

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34 thoughts on “Goods: Get weird looks from your parents (Togainu no Chi smexy Akira)”

  1. Hi,
    I need your help about something! I hope you know!
    Can you tell me the original Japanese name of Togainu no Chi Jumbo cushion (the one with military uniforms, Akira without his pants \(//∇//)\ )
    It’s impossible to find this cushion now, so I want to try my luck with Japan based sites.

  2. Gaah. Mega DROOOLLL ! I wants them so bad ! *w*
    They’re sold out everywhere except for ebay where the prizes are ridiculous. Wish Animaxis will restock some soon 8D

    1. Wow thanks for the pics! The pillow looks great! I’m glad you got it ^^ Akira sure looks yummy! XD But I guess I’ll only take the risk of getting wierd looks if they ever released full-sized bedsheets/dakimakura in the future.

      Thanks for the update about Animaxis. I’ve added the info in my page.

  3. You’re welcome~! -^__^- I’ll post a pic as soon as I got him, but the pillow isn’t shipped yet, so it might take some time…

    Haha, glad you enjoy the pics :3 I like making them, and my Togainu no chi figures are my most fav models :)

    Have a very nice Christmas both of you! <3

  4. Thanks for your update, imacatlover! I LOVE YOUR FIGURE PIX!!! XD Very creative and cute! Wah~ congrats for getting the cushion ^^ do share a pic when you receive it! <3

    Happy happy Christmas! XD

  5. They might restock!

    When the cushion was sold out, I contacted Animaxis and they told me they’d try to restock them on febuary ^__^ But only if they can still make the order, though, so look out when it’s febuary.

    Also, I’m so happy~! Animaxis told me someone had canceled theirs, and since I was one of the first ones to ask, they held it for me >///< I just paid, and I can't wait for it to arrive~ Also, I paid with paypal. It is possible to pay with paypal, but you need to contact them first when you do. They don't mind :3

    Hope this helps!

  6. wow that sounds awesome… hehehe Sebby! But given a choice, would you rather cosplay Sebby or Ciel? Can do a triple Ciel XD You all be taking part in the cosplay contest? Or just for fun?

  7. Well, my younger sis and her friends are going as Ciels(s). Her friend cosplaying Ciel iin a gown while my sis is doing Ciel wearing the black attire as seen in volume 6 of the manga.

    So.. I have to be Sebastian since I am taller than they are. And 2 Ciel(s) without a Sebastian would look weird. *_*

  8. This Akira… *need*
    But I’m sure it’s again a limited promotion, like the mousepad. These BL fanservices goods are never made to a big distribution in common specialized web stores… Fuck…

  9. It’s not RAH. It’s actually series two. Pre-painted and fixed posture. Medicom just recently released it this month. Yes, yes. Have to save up for Kuroshitsuji cosplay and Nitro Chiral one coin figures. x_x

    1. O~ icic… saw their pics online. The sculpts look good! XD Hmm the majority of my collection are cute items ^^;;; like nendoroid, one-coin and figma. Wah~ which character from Kuroshitsuji are you cosplaying? XD

  10. Nah. I think I’ll wait for it to be officially released. I’m broke after having spent SGD130 on metal gear solid Raiden and Snake this month. Plus another SGD60 for Konami Sweet Snake set. Saving up for AFA as well. Going to be really, really broke when nitro chiral releases the one coin figurine set. *_*

    1. @Felser: That’s true… oh~ You mean RAH Raiden and Snake for $130 total? That’s mega bargain price! But if it is $130 EACH then… I feel your pain however that’s to be expected of RAH action figures ^^ Hmm Konami Sweet Snake… those are cute! Nitro Chiral’s one-coin will be late Nov… so there’s still time to save XP

      @Sigma: Yeah… let’s wait and see if it pops up on ebay. One little gripe I have is that it is a full cushion. I would’ve been even more tempted to buy it if it was just a cushion cover. Cos after consideration, I decided I don’t want to pay so much to ship cotton (and air) to me x_x

  11. been so busy i find out things late.OTL

    its okay. I’ll wait for it to show up on ebay if im lucky. i had no time to think i was like “ahh akira/shiki!” ordered it at the checkout but then it came up with payment options an only visa an mastcard showed up. buu i use a American express. its probably better this way i need to save for Christmas shopping.
    but aww i love the pictures i wish it was a poster.;w;

  12. @Felser: After much consideration, I guess not this time… sigh I’ll wait for the full-size dakimakura (if it ever materialises *_*) and then get SEERIOUS wierd looks for it. I’m very broke right now with upcoming preorders looming (and that includes a recent December pre-order for a Yusa Kouji voice clock that set me back almost a hundred bucks x_x -dead-) How about you? Did you place an order? :D

    @Sigma: Try sending them an email and ask? XO

    1. Totally. If it was life-sized woah~ XD anyway I’ll pass on this one. Too cash-strapped for my own good (T-T) I’ll just drool from a distance. I hope I won’t regret this… *floats away*

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