Goods: Gakuen Heaven 1/8 scale figure Endo Kazuki x Itou Keita (Spray)

What a surprise! And disappointment to find out that…

Title: Gakuen Heaven 1/8 scale figure Endo Kazuki x Itou Keita (学園ヘヴン 1/8 伊藤啓太 / 学園ヘヴン 1/8 遠藤和希)
Description: 1/8 size PVC complete figure with base.
Available: Cancelled (T-T)
Goods Info:
By Happinet ハピネット (

I was browsing Spray’s website today and chanced upon this set of figures listed on their goods page. I was excited until I read the details… The figure was cancelled in September 2008. The figure prototype was created by Kotobukiya which also made 1/10 figures for BL games, Togainu no Chi and Lamento Beyond the Void.

What a pity! The prototype looked pretty promising, right?

I wonder if Spray will consider making figures of their characters again? :-\ Who do you want made if they do?

Figure cancelled info:

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34 thoughts on “Goods: Gakuen Heaven 1/8 scale figure Endo Kazuki x Itou Keita (Spray)”

  1. What a pity. :(
    I really like Kotobukiyas male figures, although they are a bit small.
    (Luckily we will get bigger Shiki and Akiras) :)

  2. Forgot to add,another problem I had with gakuen heaven is the uniform.. That color is just plain ugly, just couldn’t bear staring at it.

  3. @ponytale
    Oh gosh don’t get me on an Ugajin hate ramble.
    The reason why I hate him so much is not because he didn’t stay kichiku. He is a cheap rip off of megane katsuya or a kichiku wannabe! He does such a BAD job at it!! His voice actor is BAD, that’s out of the question. He’s always touching his glasses TRYING to be kichiku! Arrgh I hate him so much. And at the end he turned into a tsundere?? Talking about a failure of the kichiku megane charas! First we had nakajima, then megane katsuya, both were awesome, then kiryuu (from steal!) dropped a little but not bad, and the chain broke at Ugajin!!! The legacy ends there T_T !!
    Gakuen heaven – I agree it could have been better but you know how fangirls are ignored.. I enjoyed it alot to be honest, it’s lighthearted and fun series to watch. The only problem I had is keita, his mannerism is too feminine and whine and cries like a girl.. And someone like him who relies on luck to get by life– and the luck of meeting all those great guys who encouraged him thru life and yet still act like a girly coward-
    Last thing i wanna do is just punch him the face.

    1. @urusaiii: yoshi yoshi… yeah it’s really disappointing when the scenario writers screw up potentially awesome characters.

      It’s been sometime since I last watched Gakuen Heaven so I can’t remember clearly about Keita now. He was kinda girly but didn’t leave as bad and pathetic an impression to me compared to Shuuichi.

  4. Ugajin is ranking 3rd on my most hated uke on my list!!
    Anyway, u can’t compare spray with nitro. For some reason people are really attracted to Nitro works since togainu no chi, and it’s more well known than megane. Gakuen heaven is still spray’s signature work, despite megane is actually more popular, probably because gakuen heaven is more well known and it has an anime. However, though i enjoy it, i feel that the anime kinda failed publicly coz no one talks about it anymore. I notice that when ppl talk about yaoi, they automatically link it to gravitation or loveless.. But in my opinion those are not my cup of tea at all…

    1. @Urusaiii: pffft… if only Ugajin stayed Kichiku huh…

      Nitro+Chiral’s Togainu no Chi defied the usual convention of BL games that are often set in school campus, brothels etc, and introduced gore and action. Who can forget the CG of Kurosuke dancing with Akira’s bloody *censored*? That’s probably one of the reasons why they really grabbed attention of BL gamers and became buzz-worthy when they exploded onto the scene.

      Gakuen Heaven anime was too much of a tease and generally meh. Not a lot of excitement generated. They should have done more with it… The ironic thing is, altho Togainu no Chi’s anime sucked… it got lots of people talking about it because of how bad it was lol~ bad publicity is still publicity I guess.

  5. @urusaii, Ponytale

    Ah I see! No wonder ^^” Thanks for the info.
    Sighs, Spray really deserves more. N+C has released so much merchandise unlike Spray. Kichiku Megane’s their top popular game, so it definitely deserves at least a figure or something right? By the way, I noticed that the Midou X Normal Katsuya’s volume is released!~ Definitely ordering it in Kinokuniya soon(and bear with the weird stare from the person at the counter).

    Off-topic: Ugajin’s wallpapers are finally available for download. There’s also another update on the Manga too ^^. If I’m not wrong, Tateishi-sensei had suggested an original ending for the manga. Read it in the blog so… -Yeah I’ve been stalking Omerta alot lately-

    I’ve listened to the Tokuten CDs and it was hilarious! When I listened to the ‘Who’s the sushi-maker?’, the part where Tachibana said the title in the beginning reminded me of Gunji’s voice. I’m still wondering who’s the seiyuu for Tachibana… -sigh-

    1. @Liru: I think maybe Spray wants to be careful with what they put out to ensure that they don’t make any unnecessary losses. Running a business isn’t easy! And a popular game doesn’t necessarily mean the same in terms of sales and $$$… Reality bites but hopefully they do well enough to consider making figures again :)

      I grabbed Ugajin’s wallies! Thanks! XDD I’ll try get the manga when it’s released too!

      Incredible right… even till now, nobody knows who Tachibana’s seiyuu is…. OTL;;;

  6. @liru

    Spray didn’t cancel any goods. I think they are only selling the portion of goods that the customers ordered but canceled in the end.

  7. @shirokaze
    You are psychic! Yes my #1 is shuichi. Not that hard to guess lol.
    I hate his personality, his mannerism and everything about him. And he’s similar to keita except shuichi takes it to another level and do girly, silly things that makes me wanna smack him if he was real.
    I only watch the series coz BL anime are so limited. It is better than the BL stuff from the 80s..


  8. I’ve noticed about it a few months back too. And recently SPRAY has cancelled some Kichiku Megane merchandise. If I’m not wrong, it was a file or something. You can find out more at their blog. I’d love to see Nakajima and Kaoru’s figure. XD

    By the way, I saw that they are selling Kichiku Megane fortune cookies this year for the 10th(?) anniversary. The cover looks awesome!

    1. @Liru: Yeah urusaiii is right. Spray didn’t cancel any merchandise recently. The 10th Anniversary Kichiku Megane and various Comiket merchandise were actually put up on sale again because of customers who cancelled orders. They were all snapped up again now.

      Those Kichiku Megane fortune cookies are Toranoana web store exclusives :D

  9. lolololol Urusaii xDDDD

    i also thought this was a result of the survey!!!!! xD
    poor keita, i didnt know people hated him so much xD

    who is your number one most hated uke?
    ^ interesting topic right there xD

    the only one that comes to mind for me right now is Shuichi from Gravitation e.e
    ugh… i dont like that series at all lol

  10. When I saw this without clicking “continue reading”, I was like “OH MY F- GAWWWWD!!! Is this for real or is this for real??? They are not making THIS based on the result from the survey righhhht???” Then I continued reading, and I was like “Thank GAWWWWD!!!”

    This cancellation doesn’t bother me much. I was probably clapping hands on this one coz I hate Keita’s guts >_< Keita is one of the most annoying uke, ranking #2 on my most-hated-uke list. I prefer Nakajima by himself. He's one hell of a megane character (after megane Katsuya, haha)

  11. Whoa, I was almost excited when I saw this but then I saw the cancelled sign! The prototype looks very nice though! That’s too bad they cancelled it! >:

    I’m thinking they would reconsider though seeing how their are more and more males and how people actually DO buy males :)

    Ahh but I’m not an Endou fan…I’d rather have Niwa Tetsuya! :D

    1. @momo: Me too… I felt the same way when I saw it on the goods list. I was like, no way! Did I miss out this figure??? Then I saw… cancelled OTL;;;

      Oh yes~ The King is smex!

    1. @Mayon: Yep, Nakajima is too HOT. That kichiku lol~ and yeah, it’s a pity cos this set of figures look pretty nice and it’s boy x boy too. Probably the first?

  12. This made me sad! What a pity, since 2008? That’s horrible! ;__; Shirokaze said well, as we’re seeing so many male figures being released and with great acceptance of female public, how about they reconsider this and give us a beautiful Gakuen Heaven line? Is there any contact info that we can use with suggestions?

    1. @planck-chan: Maybe the market wasn’t that ready for BL figures at that time. But not to say they won’t make it in the future now that it’s obvious that there are BL figure collectors like us.

      I’m not sure who to contact about this issue… they have a contact us page here

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