Goods: Final Fantasy Creatures Plushies Reissue

FINAL FANTASY Stuffed Doll Chocobo / Character GoodsFINAL FANTASY Stuffed Doll Moogle / Character GoodsFINAL FANTASY Stuffed Doll Tonberry / Character Goods

Finally, we’re going to see a reissue of our favourite Final Fantasy plushies

First released in 2004, it sure took them LONG to do so! Chocobo costs 1800 Yen. Moogle and Tonberry at 2000 Yen each

FINAL FANTASY Stuffed Doll Cactuar / Character Goods

My favourite is definitely Cactuar/Sabotender (2000 Yen)… I have a strange fondness for its hilarity :P

Approximately 17 cm (Chocobo) ~ 31cm (Cactuar) tall.

Pre-orders are open, so check em out at your fav figure stores ^^

Available on 25 May 2009.

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17 thoughts on “Goods: Final Fantasy Creatures Plushies Reissue”

  1. Same here. Curious but i’m a person who stick with ‘trusted perfume’ of my choice like CK or Kenzo.

    Those perfume contains pheromones perhaps LOL.

  2. Speaking of perfume… there’s Togainu perfume (Aroma of Blood) and Haru wo Daite ita perfume (Gigolo) out there in the market ^^ I’m curious but I don’t think I want to shell out the $ for them tho.

  3. Yeah you have a point. Anyway too much potion can be poison too XD
    Previously i thought it was a FF perfume…

    Im not familiar with Digimon but once attend to Digimon event.

  4. @Fuuga: Hmm… and maybe Moomba is difficult/expensive to make, that’s why he isn’t on the mass production list..

    @akiyama lol~ it depends on which series you saw first? I wasn’t into digimon so I didn’t know there were similar-looking characters.

    Hmm, since those potions in FF world are like medicine to restore HP/MP, raise dead and such, we can’t expect them to taste too nice, right? XD

  5. I dunno what’s the big deal about tht potion. surely tht thing is a sold out and the maker claimed tht the actual taste of the potion is like tht.

    perhaps moomba looks like a thing from digimon or pokemon XD
    when i fist take a peek at cactuar i thought the silly cactus come from digimon.

  6. lol so they did make a plush of it!…but your right its not so cute as the others OTL
    Square enix has no love for moomba i guess….;-;

  7. Nope. But a friend did and he invited some friends to enjoy the potion.
    We took a sip and BLEAH!!!
    Not potion but poison. Nasty…

    Cactuar is silly. Wish i can buy the plush and use it as bolster~
    I think we can find another cactus in Digimon.

    1. Lol~ They’re meant to be kept and not consumed? XD

      Great idea! Cactuar has legs and it’ll be nice to prop our legs on it while hugging it kekeke… can share one of its arms with partner oso.

      I don’t watch Digimon… lemme go check keke. lol~ ah it’s quite cute oso.

  8. yep..unlike tht kermit frog you got. XD

    Nothing from Square Enix is cheap LOL~
    The FF Potion, for example…it taste horrible and yet berry expensive.

  9. Same here, Cactuar is my fave.

    These plushies are expensive especially when buying it online from Square Enix website.
    There’s a handling fee for each items you’ve bought (500 Y or something) so go buy somewhere else XD

    1. Yeah, 20 bucks for a plush is quite expensive, isn’t it? And shipping is not cheap cos they’re usually odd sized >_< Gaaa~ I’ve not made the order yet. *breathe breathe*

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