Goods: Figure Review Prop Plus Petit Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Vol.2 Box – Tutor Sebastian Michaelis, Komadori Ciel Phantomhive

Sebastian: My, my… Aren’t you looking like a lady…

Title: Kuroshitsuji Petit Prop Plus Vol. 2 Box set of 10
プロッププラスプチ 黒執事 Vol.2 10個セット

Damage: 4,750 yen

Here we have Komadori Ciel Phantomhive where he dresses up as a lady to infiltrate a party in order to investigate a case in Season one.

駒鳥 Komadori is Japanese for Robin, a bird. Ciel who was kinda force to disguise himself as Madam Red’s niece said this:

なんで僕が「姪っ子」なんだ! Nande boku ga meikko nanda!
(Why am I a “niece”?)

Who would have thought Ciel would turn out looking like such a sweetie pie. He is the only chibi that can stand by his own without the base or careful placement. Thanks to the flat base of his skirt.

Very pretty details there, lace, ribbons, rose, hat and all. Mega-huge hold at his back for plugging into the stand.

And then there’s Tutor Sebastian Michaelis who looks yummy here.

His charm is the masquerade mask. Very stylish. I love his face :) On his base, he says:

では参りましょうかお嬢様 dewa mairimasho ojousama (So, shall we go, my lady)

I like the red eyes and his expression.

Side and back view. Yep, shiny shoes still.

Part 3 ends!

I was very tempted to squeeze Agni in here but I guess I should put him in another post along with other information about Prop Plus Petit figures.

Next up: Agni and relative size comparisons of these chibis with Kotobukiya’s one-coin chibis and Nendoroid petit! :)

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