Goods: Figure Review Prop Plus Petit Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Vol.2 Box – Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive

Sebastian: It’s time to wake up, bocchan…

Title: Kuroshitsuji Petit Prop Plus Vol. 2 Box set of 10
プロッププラスプチ 黒執事 Vol.2 10個セット

Damage: 4,750 yen

Next up is Ciel Phantomhive (Normal version) in Season 2. This Ciel is so much cuter than the ones in Vol. 1. However, I’m wishing that I had bought that first set because now that I know that the heads are removable, I would love to put the new Ciel’s head onto the white sleep shirt version Ciel in Vol. 1.

Ciel’s charm is his tea cup, saucer and spoon set. I love his face and pose. His base is printed with the following words from Season 2 episode 2 where Elizabeth said that Ciel and Sebastian seems very friendly with each other:

だっ。。。!誰が執事なんかと。。。Da…! Dare ga Shitsuji nankato…
(Who says the butler and I… [are friendly with each other])

Cute tsundere-ish face :D Very nice chibi version of Ciel. I love the little details on his shoes.

Woo~ such a lovely bow as well as the strap of his eye patch :D Details are great.

Next, we have our demon butler in his huge top hat glory, Sebastian Michaelis. He kinda reminds me of famous hard rock electric guitarist Slash lol~

Sebby’s charm is a cute black kitty! What a perfect combination. :D He is the only chibi in the series who’s head cannot be removed. I wonder why? :( It can turn left and right though. I tried to pull his head out but it seems stuck.

On his base, he says the line from Season 2 episode 1:

お目覚めの時間ですよ o Mesame no Jikan desuyo (It’s time to wake up.)

Perfect chibi replica of the character design. Those tiny gloved hands are sweet :3

Side and back view. Oh yes and those shiny shoes too. The cat charm looks lovely!

Part 2 ends! More pics of other designs coming up! Stay tuned! ^^)/

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