Goods: Figma Megurine Luka is out!

Life is not fair! Here we have Figma Megurine Luka… but where is Kaito????? *pouts*

Damage: 2800 Yen but preorder prices are pretty good and you can save up to 20% off.
Available in October 2010

I’m going to order her like the sucker I am for the sake of ordering ^^;;; but she does look quite beautiful.

That’s a cute Elvis Presley mic pose and I like tuna too XD

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33 thoughts on “Goods: Figma Megurine Luka is out!”

  1. He does! Here’s a link to his page on the Volks’ website.

    The wig doesn’t really fit his face though. XD You can find a ton of better pictures by simply googling for ‘Volks Okita Souji’.

    That’s exactly what happened to me. orz I swore to get only one doll when I started. But after I got him… he started looking lonely so I got a smaller doll to keep him company. Then I figured he needs a lover so I bought another. …And another, etc. OTL

    1. @Luvi Such a cutie pie!!! But you’re right… maybe an older looking face would look more suitable with that long hair wig and Shinsengumi outfit :3 The pics found on google are sweet!

      Yep, I can visualise it in my head already XD It is just not possible to stop at one.

  2. Yeah, I missed my chance to get that Okita Souji doll they had two years back. T3T Now he costs a bomb. orz

    It only happened once. XD The surface area was really small and I stepped too hard on the pedal. :’D They can generally be sewn with a sewing machine, but you’ll have sew the harder or smaller areas by hand since they’re so tiny.

    Size 0 clothes: Agreed! The clothes sold nowadays seem to be getting smaller and smaller in size! X( I like my shirts big and comfy. ;3;

    Ah, that. It’s even worse when you see them bald, naked, and with patches of dirt on them. :'( I’ve seen many cases of neglect ever since I started the hobby 5 years ago.

    1. @Luvi: He must look lovely! :O I love the faces of their teenage dolls. I don’t dare to buy any tho cos knowing me, one doll will lead to the next and next and next…

      Phew~ once is enough! lol~ XD *pats finger*

      Mmm… maybe we’re being sentimental but that does sound really sad :(

  3. Well, it’s really well made. XD; The reason why it’s so expensive is because it’s a limited edition suit from Volks. orz

    Doll clothes are really fun to make! And, they’re small so you don’t have to spend too much money on fabric. :3 But it’s really painful when you accidentally sew the skin of your finger together with the fabric. OTL Because they’re so small.

    Figures are different from dolls, I suppose. I keep all my figures in their boxes too. o: But dolls, they are so human, you kind of feel bad isolating them in their boxes. XD

    1. @Luvi: no wonder :O anyway they sell out so fast too… those limited editions truly ARE limited *_*

      OMG… you sew your skin o_O;;; can they be sewn with a sewing machine? Or must they be made by hand? No wonder they cost so much… but definitely true on the fabric bit. Off-topic: I think it is a conspiracy in the fashion industry to force people into Size 0, so that at the end of the day they can save fabric lol~

      Hmm… that’s true… sometimes when I browse Mandarake Japan for used stuff and I see these BJDs stripped naked, bald and on sale, I feel a little sad for some reason :-\

  4. Yeah, they cost a lot more that the clothes we wear. The most expensive outfit I ever bought is a 4 piece suit costing around US$550 or so. @_@ Thankfully, I’ve since learnt how to make doll clothes myself so I don’t spend as much on them now.

    Yup yup! There are still some restrictions, but doll companies have been coming up with new bodies with better joints for articulation.

    Hahaha like toddlers, but with out the mess and noise! Perfect! :DD But, you’ll still get injured all the same. orz You have no idea how many times I’ve gotten kicked, pinched, headbutted, or scratched by these babies when I’m changing or posing them. OTL

    Maintenance wise, they’ll be on the same level as figures if you keep them in their boxes when you don’t need them, I suppose. :o

    1. @Luvi: woah… *_* the suit must look beautiful… costs the same for a human sized tailored suit OTL. The lack of money is the mother of invention/motivation/creativity (?) lol~ You enjoy making the doll clothes? Yeah, the sculpts and dolls will only better :3 They look fabulous.

      Hahaha… your cheeky little boys XD I don’t think I can give them the same level of attention if I had any :P *respect* 95% of my figures are in their boxes and closeted. No maintenance required. OTL;;

  5. She was… the last doll I bought, actually. XDD; But these dolls are normally sent around a month after they’re ordered so I spent that entire month buying clothes for her. :’D

    I used to have a picture with all of them in it, but my computer crashed and all my photos are gone. ;A; They’re not exactly NSFW. Just kinda, well. /Very/ suggestive. XD

    The dolls don’t really need any special maintenance. But their skin do turn slightly yellow if they’re exposed to sunlight. But I hate getting dust or dirt on my kids so I’ll clean them with one of those magic sponges every night before changing them into their pajamas. :3 Then there are the occasional trip to a face-up artist when their face-up starts to wear out, replacing of elastic when it gets too loose, and the washing of their wigs and clothes. orz

    Yeah, with a button that says something along the lines of ‘Push button to give Sephiroth a free peep show’. XD

    1. @Luvi: Uuu~ Lucky doll she is :D These doll clothes are so expensive right? I also went on a shopping spree online for doll clothes for my 1/6 action figures (Lelouch etc) and everytime I put those items in my shopping cart or bid for them at auctions, at the back of my head I was thinking to myself… sheesh, I don’t even spend so much on my own clothes and accessories sometimes =_=;;;

      Hard disk crashes are evil! DX BJDs are really quite perfect for suggestive poses lol~ cos the articulation is very good, right?

      Kekeke that’s cute! It’s like having 7 toddlers huh… + your friend’s boy? So during the day you’ll change them back in their day clothes? X3 Like gaa… what shall we wear to day? ^^ Hmm, no wonder people say that owning a BJD is like having your own kid and quite a commitment if you really want to take good care of them. There’s still a lot more maintenance involved than just owning figures.

      Now, I wouldn’t mind having a special Sephiroth display with that button. Lol~

  6. Oh, I had a HUGE collection of dresses for her. XD; She had half of the doll’s closet to herself. OTL But, well. It’s kinda difficult to get her to pose for pictures when all the pictures you’re taking involves some kind of guy on guy action. *cough*

    I don’t have a picture of the entire doll family, but I’ll put them up on my blog as and when I take pictures of them. If they’re not too obscene, that is. XD But 5 of them are quintuplets (yes, all the same mold :’D) so you probably wouldn’t get to see them all in a picture together. I have a guest around too! :3 My friend left him in my care while she’s studying abroad. |3

    Hahaha I think the storekeepers would freak if his eyes /did/ open. XD We all wore skirts that were slightly above knee level though.

    Huge, and BUTT NAKED. 8D 8D 8D I would’ve molested him then and there if he wasn’t in a box in the floor. ;3;

    1. @Luvi: Was she your first doll? :O

      *pfffft* guy on guy action… XDD I’m guilty of doing that too (see figure manga) no wonder she is so lonely lol~ Quintuplets would look interesting in a pic together BL or non-BL ^^ give it a try! Haha… if the pics are NSFW, maybe put spoiler tags to spare the innocent passerby. Can’t wait to see the pics XD Hmm do these dolls need special maintenance? Or you can just leave them be?

      They really should make a Sephiroth who can open his eyes for skirted individuals… freaky but awesome hahaha~

    1. @Luvi: Good for her :3 If I had lots of pretty dresses for the girl doll, I think I probably won’t neglect her… but 7 boys to fight for your attention amidst your games! Lol~ I guess it can’t be helped… Do you pics of them? XD

      Ah~ that statue!!! He is awesome looking. If I ever visit the SE store I will definitely be sure to wear a skirt lol~ Thanks for the tip X3 So his eyes did open? :D :D Long skirt? Short skirt?

      @sigma: Cool looking huh XD

  7. I wouldn’t say it’s a really big collection. I only have 7 boys in my doll family. XD I had a girl in the past, but she keeps getting neglected so I found her a better home. orz

    Here’s a link.
    You can also find him on the floor on the 4th level of the Square Enix store in Tokyo. :D So yes, if you’re wearing a skirt and he happens to open his eyes…………. 8D (My friends and I wore skirts on purpose the last time we were there. XDDDD;;

  8. I can’t wait to receive it i got a cheap price than what it’s was when it was first released.
    i have yet to hear back from the seller though…
    I haven’t had much luck with ordering from online sites these past two weeks either. Animaxis service is really great. if something is out of stock they let you know quick an you don’t have to pay first. With YesAsia it’s the opposite. It takes a long while to hear back from them they have a ton of items that are not in stock yet shows as in stock on there site. Me i think in the order of four things, ended up only having one in stock an ready to ship. I still don’t know yet they haven’t got back to me. Have you had this problem before?OTL

    lol aww no problem i has quite a few favorite songs from each vocaloid. I could spam your whole page up with it. (I won’t do that lol) XD
    I have yet to go through to see creators of each. don’t have much time either. It’s only when i hear something really unique and ear catching that i search more on the artist/inc.

    That sounds like a nice idea~^v^

    have you seen the video with Kazuakis artwork? It doesn’t say the real artist name but the style reminds of hers.

    1. @sigma: Hopefully you receive it real quick :D! Well, I usually try not to shop there unless absolutely necessary +_+ Their customer service really sucks. I’ve ordered a limited edition PS2 item from them for my cousin which is supposed to be in stock but I waited for weeks and weeks. When you start to wonder what is going on, you write in, then they take their time to tell you the item is out of stock and cancel your order. Sheesh, what if I saw it elsewhere, I could have bought it already! Anyway, They always list items as in-stock even though they don’t have stock, especially for rarer items like figures and limited editions. They probably only start looking for the item after you submit your order. But they are ok when the items are common and readily available like current CDs, DVDs etc. But their packaging is quite ok. On the other hand, packaging is getting from bad to worse nowadays although they are still better in terms of customer service and stock status information.

      The best online shops and sellers I’ve encountered so far are those located in Japan, in terms of customer service and packaging.

      Hehe you can email me the vocaloid song links XD I can grab em and make them into mp3s/vids <3 That's a beautiful song... quite touching ^^ about self-discovery? The illustration to go with it! I think the illustrator is somebody called 2D? I read the notes in the youtube vid :3

  9. Hahaha yes! XD No point getting a doll that looks grumpy all the time to be Kaito. …And all my kids are the cool, dark, and mysterious kind. orz

    There is a doll sculptor who created a 120cm tall doll. o: And another one that was around 160cm was made for an art project. I got the idea to get a life-sized Sephiroth made after I saw images of that life-sized model of him online. >A< If I /were/ to get him, he'd be close to 2 meters. XD;;

    1. @Luvi: that’s true! Kaito is a bright bout of smiley sunshine lol~ :O ooo you have a big BJD collection? Now that I think of it, I remember I saw one in one of your pics.

      wow O_O I would love to see that Sephiroth… do you still have the link somewhere? Yea 2 metres! 1:1 scale <3

  10. @Ponytale: I have yet to see a bootleg figma.o_o
    I’ve been careful buying on ebay sense then. I find it better to buy from online sites to save the hassle. You know your getting the real thing while supporting the companies/mangakas/inc.

    The figure i brought was of Hagi and Saya from blood+.
    There my favorite pair from the series. It’s sad that Hagi only has half a body…but better than nothing. XD

    Hmm do you think they will make a figma of miki sometime in future? She isn’t the most popular but she has alot of decent music coming out by fans an also her character design is really nice an fun. I can’t say the same for Sensei an the little girl vocaloid.;; I have yet to hear a balanced song from them. If any i think Gumi will be next in line to become a figma sense alot of people like her. I havn’t heard much from her though. I’m more a Luka,Miku,Miki, and Kaito fan.XD
    Some of my favorite from them:

    Shinjou-P Is a awesome Kaito composer, I love how he/she works with his voice and the mood of Music to make a beautiful song~*v*

    Seiko-P is Definitely my fav composer for Luka voice.

    For miki (i hanv’t listen to there other songs so i wouldn’t know much about the creators style.)

    For miku there are so many awesome creators i can’t choose;;; I find myself listening to rolling girl a lot though. Love the video.XD

    I’m curious to see some of your favorite songs/Voca composers~ ^v^

    1. @Sigma: That’s a beautiful PVC ^^ looks rare too! Yeah would’ve been perfect if the guy wasn’t bust only.

      Uuu~ Beautiful songs! Thanks for the recommendations :D It’ll be really awesome if there’s some kind of a ranking like American Top 40s/Billboard/Oricon charts for all these volcalod songs :3 as well as a user recommended titles section… I would love to have the time to do something like that. [puts on to-do list] I don’t really have any fav composers to be honest cos I don’t spend a lot of time on youtube/niconico, so I love it when you recommend them to me XD

  11. There is! But those are pre-made models so it feels more like the BJD is cosplaying Kaito than a BJD based on Kaito himself. XD …You know, I’m even considering getting a life-sized BJD of Sephiroth or Kaito made. orz I’ve been saving for that for 3 years now, I think.

    1. @Luvi: hahaha… the face is important~ Must have the look! Life sized?!? There is life-sized BJD? Sephiroth? How tall is it? O_O That must cost thousands!

  12. True. :< But I have this awesome idea to fix that. 8D Imma look for one of those BJD designer/company/customizer and see if I could commission them to make one based on Kaito for me. *3* Just need to save up enough first. XD;

  13. I love how she looks an the gold touch is actually perfect. Shes my favorite vocaloid to listen to. Chances are low that i’ll be able to get her because October is full/over budget for me even if she isn’t that pricey.;_;

    they might release kaito nendoroid again if they ever release kaito figma. (is it like both him and meiko they never released?)
    i saw so many of them on ebay no doubt there all bootlegs.(will not make the same mistake twice) There also making bootlegs of the BRS pvc! Gotta be careful;;; I haven’t brought a figure on ebay sense my mishap with kuroshitsuji pvc’s (well until yesterday night XD;).

    1. @Luvi: gaaa icic… I didn’t know that. Then they really have to at least give us a Kaito figma :( It’s just too unfair that everybody else has their figma version and he doesn’t.

      @Sigma: I’ll not let Kaito nendoroid slip away this time if they ever reissue him lol~ Mmm I think Figma Luka would probably be available in bigger quantity. I’m sure you’ll be able to get her at a good price even after she’s released cos she is quite popular too :)

      Nowadays bootleggers are making figma too! *_* It’s scary to see so many of them on ebay.

      Lol~ which figure did you buy on ebay yesterday? :D

  14. Gakupo would be… pretty unlikely since he isn’t a part of Crypton’s Vocaloid family. o: That’s why you haven’t been seeing figures of Gakupo or Megupo together with the others. :<

  15. There should be more Kaito and Gakupo figurines!! D8
    But! Luka-tan looks really cute over here!! XDDD

    (Ps, I changed my blog to livejournal… D8)

    1. @Luvi: hahaha XDD I’m going to buy her like the sucker I am OTL. They kept news of her quite well… I didn’t see any preview prior to this announcements :) Hopefully they do a Kaito and Gackpoid too.

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